Hi, I my name is Michael Jordan. No, not that Michael Jordan, of course. Michael is my first name, Jordan is my middle
name, and yes, I was named after the greatest basketball player of all time. This was an idea my dad had since he was like
eighteen, which was years before he even got married and even longer before he knew he’d
have a son. My dad has always been a HUGE sports fan. He had never really played any sports. I mean, as a kid, he had a basketball hoop
in the front yard, but it didn’t really go further than that – even during high
school or at the college level. But as he grew up he became a huge fan. And it’s not just about the NBA. Sure, basketball is his favorite sport, but
he’s also into hockey, tennis, baseball, football, soccer… and I’m not even sure
I managed to remember all of them! Some kind of game is on literally every single
minute when my dad’s home. I mean he’s got a job and stuff – in fact
he works as an art teacher and he’s a really good painter. This makes his love for sports a paradox for
most people who get to know him. He has never lived in a major sports city,
so the teams he follows are all over the country. He’s been a Chicago Bulls fan since he grew
up seeing Michael Jordan play, as for hockey, he loves the LA Kings… that’s the stuff
I remember for sure, and I’m kinda confused about the rest. My dad had always hoped his first child would
be a boy. And it was not just about the name. You see, after college my dad had to move
to another town, so he left all his friends behind, and they had been the only people
he could discuss the Bulls’ games with and stuff like that. Yes, of course there are plenty of sports
fans online, but you can’t watch a game with people you meet on the internet. So, anyway, my dad found himself in a situation,
where literally no one around shared his interests. And that was tough for him. I mean, even people who were also kinda interested
in basketball, hockey, or football could only make small talk, but my dad needed more. These were people who’d watch the Superbowl
or who knew which team LeBron was playing for, but my dad needed a real soulmate. Then he met my Mom, who turned out to be his
soulmate in everything BUT sports, they got married, and when my dad found out he was
having a son, he already had a plan. And he was determined to stick to it. As I was growing up, I was exposed to sports
as much as possible. I even had a Bulls onesie and a Wayne Gretzky
poster on my wall since I was a couple of months old. Dad travels to see big games live several
times a year, and when I turned three he started to take me with him. I mean he would have done it earlier, if it
was not for my Mom. She was okay with sports when they met, but
over the years she’s gotten so tired of them. Now every time my dad puts on a game she leaves
the room and puts on music. And that’s kinda sad, because they end up
spending less time together. So, awkward moments started to occur when
I became old enough to understand what was going on around me. And it didn’t take long for me to realize
that I was completely uninterested in any of the sports he was obsessed with. I mean it was always fun playing them, but
I just didn’t get what was so exciting about being a fan! But my dad never gave up. It had been years and years, and he still
kept trying. Sometimes he’d change his tactics, and ease
up on the pressure, hoping I’d just spontaneously want to watch a game with him. But that never happened. I liked spending time with him, but why did
everything have to be about sports? For example, I have been playing drums for
5 years already, and every time there’s a concert I’d like to go to that’s not too
far from us – I would love to go with my dad! But half of the time, there’s some really
important game that he can’t miss the same night. And if we go… Well, once we went to the concert of a really
good jazz drummer. The show was awesome, but my dad was so bored
and was constantly checking scores online. That was… heartbreaking. It got really bad once when I was playing
at a school concert myself…. and, yeah, this was the same night as the Kings’ game,
and they were in the play-offs. There was an early game, and Dad had it all
figured. He was planning to watch the game, then drive
really fast to my school and arrive right on time, just before I got on stage. But hockey games always last longer because
of overtime, and if the score is tied the overtime can basically last until one of the
teams scores. And, yes, that particular game took longer
than expected, dad stayed home watching as long as he could, hoping the match would finish… Long story short, he arrived late, once I
was already off stage. I guess that was the moment when he figured
out that something had to change. He realized that this was becoming a problem. Of course, being a sports fan is a lot of
fun, but nothing’s good when it goes too far. For my Dad it was already something like an
addiction. And you know… I think he’s changing. He’s started to spend more time with me and
mom, and he even missed some really important games, which was quite a sacrifice for him. And I really appreciate that. So a couple of times a month when I see him
watching a game on TV, I sit down with him, to give him company. I’ve almost learned the all teams! Is there anything your parents love that you
don’t understand? Leave it in the comments! And subscribe to the channel for more videos.

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100 thoughts on “My Dad Is Obsessed With Sports And Doesn’t Care About Me”

  1. Is there anything your parents love that you don’t understand? Let us know in the comments! And subscribe to the channel for more videos.

  2. My dad is obsessed with drinking and playing world of Warcraft. I haven't seen him in over a year because him and my mom got a divorce and he moved over an hours drive away and never calls, texts, emails, or writes. After I turned 18 he stopped caring about me, and then my sister turned 18. When I was getting a divorce of my own at 22 and I had no car, money, or food. I asked him to help me out and bring me some food, I said that even ramen noodles would help me out. He said he would be over in an hour or so. After 5 hours I called him and asked him where he was, he was with my mom and they were talking. After 2 more hours he showed up to my apartment with no food in his hands and said he wouldn't be able to get me any food, or help me at all. I am disabled and I wasn't working at the time. After that I called his parents and asked if they could help me. I got the same answer that I would need to help myself but that they wouldn't help me at all.
    It's been 3 years now and I haven't seen or talked with my grandparents. And I am finally getting a job.

  3. My dad's obsession with sports 2 but it doesn't mean he doesn't spend time with me she doesn't watch sports that often Ashley important games which are like

  4. My dad loves dragonball z at first I did not like it but then I saw the show and holy smokes I loved it I even have games

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  6. My dad’s family says math runs through their blood. I’m good at math, but my dad is a guy who does math for FUN

  7. When did your father saw a psychiatrist? He have very unhealthy obsession with sports. But marriage and family isn’t for him either.

  8. This sounds so similar to what my best friend would tell me about. Its just that her dad has been obsessed with soccer. Growing up she would always always here the soccer games. It was very very rare that their dad actually played with them or took them to the park. Her memories of her dad is mostly just him just watching soccer. The only person that took them out when they had some time was their mother. Now every time she sees, hears about soccer she gets instantly so bored. She gets irritated so quick, but I kind of get her a little. Kids need some fun to enjoy their childhood. Not be stuck at home all the time hearing the game.

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  10. There's one thing that my I don't understand is my mom when she sings and sings and sings and sing forever

  11. My dad and my brother watch sports. Me and my brother and really good at sports and I love playing them, but I hate watching sports. I mainly watch basketball with my dad so he can give me pointers for my next game, but that’s it for me. My brother on the other hand literally cries when our team loses

  12. Oh hell you finally not more Michaels and Shawn Michaels so if you want to but also more my gosh more important than anything so don't tell your dad

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