Okay team Mutt & Stuff, welcome to the basketball arena! I wonder if the Globetrotters are here yet? And now put your hands together for the Harlem Globetrotters! Let’s hear it for Big Easy Lofton! Ant Atkinson Sweet J Moose Weekes Thunder Law Well, maybe they’re not as good as people say they are. I hope… Welcome to the big game. I’m joined here by my mouse commentator, Noodles. Glad to be here Calvin any last thoughts on what team Mutt & Stuff needs to do to win this game? Yes, they need to score more points than the Globetrotters And that’s another 2 points by the Globetrotters Hey guys what’s going on? Oh nothing good Calvin, we can’t make a single basket. I think it’s time for a nose to nose Calvin’s right guys, Basketball supposed to be fun. So play hard, have a good time- No matter what the score is, just like the Globetrotters do Let’s play some ball We did it! Pixe, your turn Zippy takes the ball downcourt – drives it towards the basket and… Scores Team Mutt & Stuff wins the game! Thanks for joining us today, I’ll see you back at Mutt & Stuff! To see more Mutt & Stuff videos, hit the subscribe button below

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Dennis Veasley

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