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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “MUST SEE! 4 Basketball SEPARATION MOVES To Create Space Against ANYBODY!!”

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  2. Respect you guys made me improve so much in the past year I was a beginner who was told that I will never join the ball team but I will this year

  3. ILB Is the most helpful and informative basketball channel on YouTube. Y'all have helped me soooooo much with my basketball skills. Thanks a ton guys😉👌

  4. This channel helped me a lot, thank you all specially the coaches, keep it up. I'm ready for the next lesson

  5. I love when Coach Dante is the trainer in the videos. He has great drills and he is very detailed. Great work Dante!

  6. For next video… could you do which skills/qualities are most important to have to make the high school basketball team?

  7. I doubt that someone will read this but if you do….I have a goal to reach and I just want to be noticed for the music I make, I would appreciate any types of criticism/feedback, I promise nobody would be disappointed and that I would be the one you'd be happy to listen to. Thanks everyone and have a blessed day🙏🏽🙌🏽! Thanks!!

  8. The “Lunge Step” is stupid,if you passed the “tough defender”,why would you stop and shoot,when you could just finish strong at the rim???

  9. I love this channel,probably there is a future nba player watching videos from this great channel nd getting better.Respect,Coach Rock

  10. God bless the whole team. I'm doing this tomorrow by God's grace. Thank you coaches. Much love from Ghana 🇬🇭 ✊🏿

  11. Hey, for some reason I can’t make a lay up because I over think it I either throw the call up too hard or too light.Can you possibly help me on this?

  12. I have an idea for a series for you it’s called “how to basketball” and the point of it is to teach people how to do basic basketball moves at the highest level. I already have a lot of video ideas for you
    How To Basketball: The Crossover
    How To Basketball: The Stepback
    How To Basketball: The PumpFake
    How To Basketball: The Pick Fade-Away
    How To Basketball: The Catch And Shoot
    How To Basketball: The Between The Legs Dribble
    How To Basketball: The Behind The Back
    How To Basketball: The Spin Move

  13. It’s a privilege to have a trainer or be on a team and practice everyday. I practice on my friends back yard and just listen to this kinda of videos. And I hate people that don’t practice when they have a trainer who trains they eveyday

  14. These are the most simple videos with no explanation at all. They don’t teach you the move or nothing. All they do is show you the move in slow motion. This is one of the worst I’ve seen.

  15. coach i love yo content i been using the between the leg move but at times they call me for a foul i dont know why smh . Thank yall for the training

  16. I picked up the sport of basketball a month ago with no prior experience but my wife has been playing since she was 12. She embarrassed me in some 1 v 1 so I went out and bought a basketball and have been dribbling in the house and hitting open gym when I can. I'm 27 and and technically obese so I probably have little chance of being the next Jordan but I watch these videos anyway to get inspired and they've helped me improve. Any tips for a total beginner?

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