Let’s play! There is a good tune! It was the edge And the edge of the table I beat Miikka with a bongo! Maybe I should start playing with this one This is a masterpiece by me and Emil What a beat! It’s not the fastest racket but it’s
it’s a nice-sounding racket! This is the only instrument I know how to play! This is quite fun actually! Oh! Didn’t see you there! Such a relaxing sound. This should be fun! It’s like ASMR Ping Pong ASMR Okay, this is mine and Emil’s song Like a bedtime song! Yeah! Do you recognize this song? Yeah, it’s the one… It’s the one called… “Don’t forget subscribe to Pongfinity” Indeed! Don’t forget to subscribe! Yes, that’s the one. Musical smashes Is that an actual song? I don’t know! New way to play guitar! This is how every guitar player should practise! Sorry Amost! Next up: a cowbell I really like this cowbell Wow Wow Okay the cowbell serve Come on! Drop! Hello bell! I like the sound Let’s try these out! Okay I have no idea how to play this
thing but maybe I can play with this thing Couldn’t get the short one Miikka and Otto The world-famous duo Would you guys listen to mine and Otto’s music? Sounds good. Okay let’s try and lift this thing up This thing is bigger than me! This is so heavy! Otto, you come and do this challenge! So safe! Otto is giving me forehand footwork! Sorry, too short Nice save That’s a good exercise It’s quite easy to play with it But it’s a bit heavy Remember to subscribe to Pongfinity We had so much fun filming this episode today Big thanks to the band members of Tuure Kilpeläinen ja Kaihon Karavaani For borrowing us these amazing instruments! It sounds like a song actually! Miikka even looks like he knows what he is doing! I would give you money if you would
be on the street playing this! Thanks! Remember to subscribe to our channel here And watch our previous episodes there Until next time!

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Musical Ping Pong”

  1. Challege for pongfinity : Can you play Handball please cause Handball is my favorite sport.

    I love pongfinity and you ?

  2. Man, i'm loving this channel, i'm 12 yers old and i really love table tenis, it's my favorite sport, and they make table tenis mor Fun when they play. I'm from Brazil and i'd like to play like U, i'm a subscriber now and good job for you all guys !!


  3. So I saw your giant Ping Pong videos, and that reminded me of something my friend and I used to do that we called Tennis-Pong. We would play ping pong, but would make it as a tennis court, with the ping pong table representing the net section of a tennis court, with the table being the service boxes, and designated a segment of the floor to be the no-man's-land part of the court. Then we would stand behind the designated baseline, a fair few feet out from the table itself, and tennis serve a ping pong ball with our paddles into the diagonal box on the table itself, and otherwise, essentially play tennis with our designated court.

    Thought I'd throw that out there. Maybe would be an interesting thing to try, either with a single table, or with your giant ping pong table.

  4. Play ping pong like musical chairs where you play it normally but when the music stops, whoever’s side the ball is on loses. Also make it so whoever is playing the music is blindfolded

  5. I am the number one fan of you !!!! You are the best!!!! I challenge you to turn the three of you around the table in 30 seconds, passing the ball from one place to another without failing to exchange kitchen things every time you change sides!

  6. Hey Pongfinity, can you do a video on table tennis equipment, which things you recommend for people who want to start table tennis and also intermediate or advanced players?

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