What’s up mudders? And hello nonprofits! Did you know you can turn your mud run event into a fundraiser? Ohhhhh! That was her. She did that sound. Hi, I’m Kristy with Sneakers4Funds and I’m Eric hello. Our team works with the top mud run events across country. All of them! Mostly. Just like Mud Ninja, Rugged Maniac, Tough Mudder, Muck Fest and the Kids Obstacle Challenge. We work with them all! All of them! And we help nonprofits and organizations to raise money during and after these mud run events, but how we do it? Through a collection of your muddy sneakers. Yeah, so what are some things you can use those muddy sneakers to help impact a change? Well, here’s a couple things that we got there are problems right now. Climate and poverty. According the Actions Against Hunger, here’s some statistics. Globally, 766 million people live in extreme poverty. 328 million children live in extreme poverty. In the U.S. alone, 600 million pairs of shoes end up in landfills alone. And it can take up to 80 years for a pair of sneakers to decompose fully and during that time, they release harmful chemicals into the environment. But, there’s a way that you can help some of these things and change them with those muddy sneakers. So if you’re a nonprofit you might not even know what is a mud run. And if you’re a mudder you already know so here’s we’re gonna talk about. Essentially, a mud run is a trail or obstacle course that participants run on for fun or competitively. And during it, you get all muddy. Down and dirty, hashtag mudder, hashtag mudder. During these races, they do all kinds of challenges like climbing rope walls and climbing through tunnels and getting muddy on all of them. It’s muddy ropes and muddy tunnels and muddy muddy muddy muddy muddy muddy muddy. Basically, it’s muddy. But how do you turn this awesome event into a fundraiser? Well, it’s really easy actually. You just ask those participants to turn in and donate those muddy, nasty, awesome sneakers to Sneakers4Funds and then we cut you a check to your organization based on the weight of those shoes that you’ve collected. It’s real easy. What’re you gonna do with muddy shoes anyway? Clean them? Give them to us! But then how do those sneakers help people in poverty and the environment? So, we actually take the sneakers that are donated from the mud run events and we ship them to micro-enterprises in developing countries. We clean them, ship them out, and then those people use them to start businesses in these countries. It helps out the children, the shoes don’t have to decompose, they’re repurposed and everybody gets to win. So win-win. Win-win. You get to run a mud run, they get new sneakers that are cleaned off and it helps the environment because stuff isn’t decomposing and going in the air. It’s a win- win. Win win win. So, whether you’re a mudder or you’re just a group that’s looking to raise some money, give Sneakers4Funds a call today at (407) 930-2979 and let us help you raise money. And get to mudding! and if you’re a mud runner or you know, someone who’s looking to raise money make sure you give us a like share and subscribe. Do it! See you guys next time. Bye. We work with the and wait work why keep doing I’m sorry Am I going first yeah you said hey, hey ya know in an essence a mud run Hey butter naan Roberts

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