What’s good Marauders? Hope you’re having a sensational morning! My name is Jordan. My name is Luis. Welcome to Monache’s MTV! You know anything about colorguard? No. // Well now you will. Pansy Parkinson let out a high-pitched giggle. Several other people were smirking. Harry took a deep breath and continued calmly and all his insides were boiling. // Are you for real? It’s the book of the month, bro! Hey bro there was this fine honey I saw at the store bro You should have been there bro! Well, uh, here’s this video. Are you serious right now? We just had this conversation, like what? 2 weeks ago? You think I’m playing with you, boy? Look, woman! I’m tired and cranky! Can you blame me? I think not! Is it wrong to look at other women? // Yes! Do you know that girl? // No! Do you know that guy? // I don’t think so. You better not or I’m gonna break his arm. Don’t tell me what to do! // Excuse me? // Did I stutter? Hello darkness, my old friend. You’re lying! Psychopath! Hey bro, you know what’s better than girls singles tennis? // What? Girls doubles tennis! Roll it. Stay classy Monache!

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Dennis Veasley

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