Egzod – Paper Crowns Here we go. It’s been quite a long time after they first walked on court, that’s normal for Rafa. Ready now. That’s a typical Dustin Brown point. (Laughter) You gotta love that! – Was that a second serve? – That was a second serve, I’m sure! (Laughter) How do you prepare for someone like this? That’s a nice touch there from Nadal. That’s good hands again! Well that’s a beautiful game… From Rafa Nadal, picking up… Well Rafa- guess he saw Roger’s match. Ooh! That’s ridiculous. What was that? What was his- That’s gotta be at least a hundred. Maybe harder than he served it! Dead in. (Laughter) I think that’s… (Laughter) Woah! Each player’s played two spectacular return games! Harder, please? (Hit) Out! (Catch) He writes right handed and catches pretty well right handed too! Well that was a magnificent passing shot from Nadal… Oh! Mark that one down for shot of the day! He can execute any shot! The long arm of the law, once again. He’s two points from niffing this first set! Ooh… Rafa Nadal whacked his leg there trying to get the ball… And he’s hurt himself a little bit. But, what really hurts is this first set! He’ll have to try to go at him. He’s gotta start using that lob. He could use a break now. He’s not as big of a server as you know, the Isner’s, the Karlo- Won a couple five setters. You know, before they went… Ooh… That’s… Probably the right call, to go right at him. Vintage Nadal there, off the back foot. Oh, he hit that back! It’s just… You know he’s gonna make it! Ooh, watch out. You gotta go the other way. And be quick. No! Set to Nadal! Nadal wins 6-3. Rafa’s got very good touch as well. No future there! (Laughter) There it is again. That’s the way he started the match and that’s the way he’s going to play it… And that would be the way he’ll end it. We’ve got about fifty lines of stats and numbers and percentages… What we don’t have is a half volley cross court dropshot winner. And loser. Nadal happy that serve was out. Well, same result! If that had gone over, I think we… We would all have been totally amazed. That’s a shot you don’t see very often. (Laughter) You do on park courts. (Chuckle) Certainly aren’t used to seeing him double fault twice in a row. Oh, I don’t believe it! I think that came off the throat- the frame! Not at all intimidated by where he is. …Or he sure wouldn’t be a hundred and two in the world. In qualifying here. Woah… That again, was a second serve. It was on his racket, he missed it. Great hold after a great… (Sneeze from the crowd) Bless you. (Laughter) Couldn’t he get a first serve for that? (Laughter) In the zone, is Dustin Brown. That wasn’t up was it? – Interesting… – No, Nadal saying come one, that’s not up! He had to put the ball away… Serve and volley points won one out of one, Nadal. Brown, forty-three of sixty-five! Oh! He has won the point. And he’s saved break points.. (Laughter) I think Brown thought his serve was out. See him stop moving forward but… Well, he’s earning it! He deserved it, he really did! It’s only two sets to one. He’s gotta win one of the next two. He’s gonna go and take a little break. This guy’s from another world! Him and Monfils, eh? Athletes or what? You have no chance now, in this game. Oh my. Do you know what? He just… Actually, maybe not here. Wimbledon, last three, four years. Ooh… You what’s amazing? We’ve seen that like, eight times. Nadal could change the position where he’s returning… Oh, he’s left it! He could’ve played it. It’s in! Woah! The forehand whip! Just wide. The win of his career! Dustin Brown… Rafa Nadal, out! of the championships! First Thursday, second round! Inspiration!

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100 thoughts on “Most Unorthodox Tennis Match Ever (50FPS)”

  1. the guy literally rushed to the net after every first ball he hits. How freakin high do you have to be to come up with that game plan

  2. the commentators were pathetic during this match giggling like children when nadal was in the worst form of his career. brown is known for winning one match that shows alot about him hes a nobody never won fuck all. a

  3. The problem with playing this way is Brown needs to pull off these all or nothing shots every single time he plays. He can't afford to have an off day because he doesn't have a plan B. He was seeing every ball like a beach ball that day. It's just not sustainable over an entire tournament. Which is why you never see Brown competing at the business end of any major tournaments or Masters series events.

  4. to see Raffa win Dustin Brown l hope they play know
    Raffa is on top form he mast
    take revenge I hope he will very
    Soon vamos Raffa.

  5. Nadal: por favor lets have at least a 5 shot rally!
    Brown: how about I hit a drop shot winner on your serve?

  6. The most WOWs I've said in such a small time frame in my entire life, and I barely use that "word".
    Great work from Nadal to adapt to the style of Brown's game as soon as he noticed the tendency, yet amazing work from Brown to make the adjustment in his style to make it even harder for Nadal to respond.

  7. Tennis is tennis. There shouldn't be one way to play it. It's great to see different styles. Makes things more interesting.

  8. Well, Nadal can´t say he was surprised. They played the year before in Halle (also grass) and Brown rolled over: 6/4, 6/1.

  9. His drop shots are unique. I have never seen a player playing drop shots like this and with so much accuracy.

  10. It's not all about power hitting coming from biceps. But his timing is also unique.
    While returning Nadal's service, on occasions he plays the ball so early to use the pace of the ball and create unplayable angles. His many unplayable returns to Nadal's service are NOT because of his hard hitting but because of his perfect timing to play the ball. People who understands cricket well, would understand what I am talking about.

  11. Junk ballers took me awhile to find the word. It’s so fuqing annoying I always lose to them I can’t imagine how annoyed Nadal felt lol Nadal just gave up

  12. Those hard returns after Nadal's serves … and it happened so often … insane Dustin! Hopp Deutschland! 🙂

  13. dude wait for the ball to bounce Nadal got nothing on you you can take him out if you wait for the ball to hit the ground yuck

  14. I am watching this 3 weeks after Nadal vs krygios Wimbledon 2019 match. Krygios said he would have shamshed Nadal in the chest. It would have been great if KRYGIOS and brown played this 2015 match. They both don't care about opponent's body getting hurt.

  15. he is a good player but won't last if he goes on like this… his real test was with Novak and he found his place in that

  16. Brown still hasn’t won an ATP tournament but at least he can retire knowing he successfully trolled one of the greatests in a wimbledon court

  17. I always come back to watch these highlights every time i am depressed. The way the dreadlord plays tennis is how i wish i could play tennis. Plus i get to see that unsportsmanlike rule twisting drug cheat lose so its win-win.

  18. Brown play the game as it’s ment to play…. not finding a weak point of the game and getting full use of it… it kills all fun and sprit of the game.. hate to see that.. you as a player can do more and I expect a lot from you

  19. Why is this unorthodox? His just a serve and volley player? This was how tennis was designed, now its "who can hit the hardest and make less errors"

  20. All the times I look this video,I think that Dustin Brown is a great for his talent .I am sorry that now he is not in the first places of ATP ranking,whwre he must stay and remain.

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