Football is a game full of surprises… Sometimes the results are not as expected, Sometimes powerful teams can live heavy defeat that they never expect. Let’s go to those memorable matches with you now… Germany – Brazil/2014 World Cup semi-finals match The match that Manchester United defeated Arsenal in the 2011-2012 season In the first match of the Champions League quarterfinals in 2004, milan supposed that guaranteed the semi-final by defeating Deportivo 4-1. The unforgettable return of Sweden against Germany in 2014 World Cup qualifiers… In 2018, in the first match of the Champions League quarter finals, barcelona defeated Rome 4-1 in the own field, then had a conclusion that he had never expected in Rome’s displacement. One of the most memorable Premier league matches is the Manchester United – West Bromwich Game with 10 goals Milano derby which Inter’s fans wanted to forget in 2001… Barcelona’s miracle comeback against PSG 9 goals were scored in santos flemingo match, this match almost became a Neymar-Ronaldinho game the match that barcelona defeated madrid.

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Most Unexpected Football Wins”

  1. Sebenarnya Jerman bisa menang 21-1 lawan Brazil, tp Jerman sadar bahwa mereka lg main sepakbola bukan main bulutangkis. Hehe…

  2. es aquí donde la mafia del fútbol o los arreglos se hacen presente y lo digo en el partido de vuelta entre Barcelona y PSG, el cual mereció pasar el PSG.

  3. ロナウジーニョとネイマールって共演してたんだね

  4. матч Барса – ПСЖ вытащил бесспорно Айтекин, никакого камбека там и в помине бы не было, если б не судейка

  5. No mention of France Vs Senegal (WC 2002) and Germany Vs South Korea (WC 2018)? You whites always try to hide, destroy, negate and bury the accomplishments of the non-whites . RACISTS.

  6. Te faltó el partido del :
    Chelsea 5-4 Man.Utd 2012 (copa de la liga inglesa)
    Chelsea 6-0 Arsenal 2014 (premier league)
    Man.City 6-0 Chelsea 2019 (premier league)

  7. Unexpected?? Rather unbelievable. Germany was still a favorite and have everything to win. Only that the number of goal was unexpected.

  8. Where is Schalke Dortmund 4:4 WOW🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  9. Haben die Nazis ihren Hass gegen fremde bewiesen und mit 7:1 ihren Hass zum Ausdruck gebracht. Tolerante Deutsche hätten sich 7:1 schlagen lassen.–Und dafür wurde NaziDeutschland gefeiert. Man sieht wie braun das Land ist.

  10. barca comebacks(robs) psg in 2017 then got comebacked by roma and liverpool in consecutive years.Yeeess….KARMA IS A BITCH

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  13. Чеза там комментаторы сидят ебнутые,,один руски одекватный,,я хуею

  14. You missed one… 2016 European cup final. France VS Portugal. They were so convinced ( FRANCE ) that they would win, that the entire country was already celebrating the victory… Than came the cold water bucket… And Portugal took the cup home…

  15. Para sih yang Jerman vs Brazil waktu itu aku taruan 42 orang hanya 5 orang yang pilih jerman salah satunya saya yang lain pada pili Brazil eh malah jerman yang menang beruntung apa aku ini. Aku Menang hampir 13 juta

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