out for Pablo prigioni Sorry that was the the shortest passion everyone who see this he jumps , does the nene and the whip[ and finishes it up with a dab In situation as before this time he rises offensive rebound in the crowd Farts audience s everybody on their feet Had one in a while Suns lead the league in technicals with 26 Somersaults over yeah, see I like to change the dunk was unreal, but I like the finish it was almost like being a gymnast Seven to shoot Five regional assistant Quickly right on top of the rim unbelievable That’s a that’s a head shaker that might be a fight of the night right there unbelievable six points for Vonleh Has it knocked away in stolen by other plays The fans got what they wanted at least until the next game the panting choked up will come in Taylor will come out How does she do this I’m sorry Tolleson to Granger his jump shot is off. No good and all baseball pass to LeBron who is dabbing on his haters That was up that pass 91 into the ailment Vodka to get it, but I’ll tell you you’re right parted the lane weights pass Is unbelievable? That’s an ESPN highlight right there Road House comes in how about this holy moley Jim Bob Pollin major leagues much Its first time in three games for him Junior Smith 360 alley you then short see Philip celebrates Then don’t don’t discount the LOB to Tyson’s him Exactly what they do So if it doesn’t touch the rim I think that’s good that Could be called off I mean the ball was inside the window go hit the backboard First and pass by low pass picked off by Alfred Payton. He’ll throw the For the Barclays severed brow Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett because both have been flying hurt the CEO by Iverson Black bomber greedy with the law Three Or Eastern Conference ways well We saw some of this at the slam dunk contest last night Amar’e Stoudemire. Grabbing the LOB and look at the reverse unbelievable athleticism Very quiet nothing it’s a prettiest game Crawford just strips junior Smith. He’s up afternoon All of a sudden Trump has awakened, that’s a nice way to do it Only very good dab lieutenant oh my Now the highlight move Blake Griffin on a beautiful feed from Chris Paul Those two have turned around the Clipper franchise they lead by 14 here late in the third Oh Please look at Blake look at the bench Lamar Odom walked all the way down to the other end of the floor with almost a sheepish grin of offense I Want to see it again, this could be as good as anyone we solved for Blake This is trouble That was an elevator all the way Sybok next role good rebound thanks outlet on the road two on one green the finish Oh my good he has been to make them a normal He caught it watered down well. Duh and Play the game of basketball. I play the game faster because I love it and you know the MVP stuff. That’s Well you know it’s a fast break to himself and even the only one to do which come in look at him go through four five guys and posters So five minutes gone by what has been a spectacular second quarter? It’s the West by four?

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Most Insane Alley-oops in Basketball”

  1. 2:10 Vince carter dunk… shades of the best dunk of all time— Dr. J’s rock the cradle. And the rest of these need to be investigated as hate crimes😯😯😂😂😂

  2. How bad those camera angles look like! LoL, seems like they don’t know what they’re doing My goodness, just terrible!

  3. If you watched basketball for the past twenty years you would've known Gerald Green's top five of all time, if not, the greatest alley-oop of them all.

  4. Just came from a video with the wnba whining about the pay gap between the 2 leagues…. Seems pretty effin self explanatory o'er here! 😂

  5. Chicago old coach was stupid for letting d rose playing in fourth quarter, if he never let rose play rose wouldn’t have torn his ACL

  6. The kobe one was basic to me, but the best one should've been hands down was the Vince Carter, and DeAndre Jordan or Blake Griffin Clippers monster poster bashes

  7. Rip brandon jennings , dj is currently awaiting a murder trial due too his heinous acts and calloused disregard for that mans well being .

  8. 5:37 – I cannot believe they picked that corpse up before the authorities could outline the body in chalk.

  9. Trading Blake Griffin was the dumbest move the Clippers ever made he was a beast come on.
    Im still mad today

  10. @02:56, if i was the coach i would tell my whole team to fight him, because that was so disrespectful.

  11. Whomever made this video clearly didn't get the opportunity to watch 90's basketball. Freaking millennials! No Shawn Kemp? No Dominique? Not to mention that Kobe Oop pretty much sucked. I did see Vince Carter but I think this guy stumbled upon that when when he googled "old school basketball".

  12. A few decades ago, I always hoped Jason Williams and Shawn Kemp played together just for the sake of the highlights.

  13. I've yet to see someone with the swagger Vince Carter had while drinking. Just like MJs finesse of the game, VC dunks were just amazing to watch.

  14. Noh, I am feeling this video you can not go through first 2:15 minutes without Vince Carter or Shawn kemp’s alley-oops highlights. Come on man!

  15. I was going to say, Vince Carter needs that exact alley-oop pose to be his own Air-Carters. But Gerald Greens head was about 6 inches over the rim!!! That is just straight freak athleticism right there!

  16. Commentator on DeAndre Jordan : this could be as good as anyone we saw from blake.

    Crowd reaction : nah DeAndre's is waaaaaaaaaaaay better!

  17. This was well put together and awesome. However, you forgot some old school alleys. Payton to Kemp. Or Isiah to Wilkins (bounce pass Alley )

  18. 5:23 – 5:32 Blake Griffin throwing up 666 with his left hand while catching an alley oop and dunking with his right, that's commitment!

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