We have different goals on the men’s and
women’s side. Men’s side we’re gonna go out just as I’ve said before try to get
better every single day we’re gonna keep working hard in practice. We’d like to
obviously get more wins than we’ve had the past couple seasons. We’d like to
break the streak that we’ve had in the conference we haven’t had any wins since
our current senior team we’re freshmen so I think that’s gonna be a big goal with
the men’s team is to try to break the streak like I said get our
first conference win in three years. On the women’s side we’re gonna see how far we can take it we we’re picked second in the preseason poll that’s very exciting,
we’d like to try to compete for a championship I think every day is a
chance to get better and I see big things for the women this year but we
just got to take it one day at a time The match that I’m looking forward to
most this season is definitely our match against Scranton. they’re the number one seed and we’re a number two seed. We lost to them last
year but it wasn’t by bad practice or bad playing it was just by who can get
as many balls over the net it was just point by point it was such a close
match but I don’t think the score really showed that so I definitely, I think all
of us really want Redemption against that team. Out of Preseason it’s good we get to build consistency get us ready for the season, it also allows everybody to hit consider we have the indoor
courts so that gives us a little bit above because we get to practice a little
more. I’m preparing for this upcoming season
definitely by working out more than when we have practices, myself and some of the girls are orchestrating more practices so we can really touch on an individual
like little small skills like volleys, and footwork and just you know getting
around the court I think this year one of our biggest goals is definitely just
to outplay everybody it’s not so much your ability level but it’s who can get
one more ball back, who can make this shot, who can just sprint their way up to
those little drop shots, it’s all the small things that take a lot of
skill and well execution to do that. This season I prepared we did a lot
of hitting over the winter break and over the fall in the arc and now we’re
back on the court so pretty much just ready to get after it. The team overall, it’s really a great group
of kids, great group of student athletes, we have both on the men’s and women’s
side. Again we just want to keep working hard every single day it’s really a
great group both in the classroom, outside the classroom, everyone is doing
exactly what we’re asking to do every single day, week in and week out which is
very exciting for the coaching staff. Again just trying to get better every
day trying to compete as hard as we can we’re gonna be a team that grinds out
victories, we’re gonna be a team that moves well on the court that does all
the little things to try to be successful and that’s what we’re gonna try to do both on the men’s and women’s side and hopefully at the end of the day it’s
gonna be a really successful season for us.

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Dennis Veasley

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