On the women’s side you know one main
goal is going to be try to defend the Landmark Conference Championship it was an incredible year last year, very proud of the effort that we had on the
women’s side so obviously try to go back-to-back this year and try to you
know bring home another Women’s Tennis Landmark Conference Championship. This year we’re looking forward to our first matchup of the season against Scranton,
that’s a big rival for us and I’m looking forward to playing them again. We’re looking really good I’m
really confident we have five new freshmen and all of our starting lineup
last year is returning, so I’m really excited to see how this season will go. Very excited about the incoming class we have four freshmen that are new
to the program we like each one of them we think they’re all going to be impact
players on this team we’re not really sure at this stage the season where
they’re gonna fall on the lineup with regards to singles and doubles but we
think they’re all going to be you know main contributors to this program impact
players and it’s going to be a lot of fun to watch them develop over the next
several years. For the men’s team this year obviously we did lose several key contributors to last year’s team it’s going to be somewhat of a rebuilding
season for the men. We have six freshmen that are new to the program this year
we’re excited about all six of them the goals are gonna just be to get better
every single day, try to get some wins here and there and just try to
shock some people in the conference I think not a lot of people are gonna have
high expectations for us with regards to the student-athletes that we lost but
again we’re gonna work hard every day try to get better have as much fun as we
can on the court and try to grow and develop our our men’s team as best
we can as soon as we can. For me personally it’s going to be in spring and it’s going to be against Catholic University of America and it’s always a
really intense match and it’s kind of like our rivalry game. At this time we have six men coming into
the program, six new student athletes that are freshmen we love them all
they’re all great kids both on the court off the court we think they’re all going
to be big-time contributors this program there’s a lot of opportunity this year
as I mentioned before with all the players that we lost so very excited to
have these kids come in see what they can do hopefully have them prove themselves on the court and take it as far as we can this year. For both fall and spring we’re gonna be looking very young but also very energetic. Meeting all the new guys is really cool and they all look really
ready to work so I’m really excited.

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Dennis Veasley

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