Hi everybody, John from ModernTennisCoaching.com
today with a tip on your groundstrokes. Today, a lot of people, they take their racquet back
real quickly and they swing with the arm, and they take it back again and it looks like
they’re chopping wood out here trying to hit the ball hard. What I like to tell my students
is to use your body more. Obviously, your hips and your shoulders. So, I tell them,
use shoulder-to-shoulder and what that means if it’s on your backhand. Turn your body – your
hips and your shoulders so that your chin is over your right shoulder for you righties,
and then when you finish the shot, the chin is over your left shoulder. So you get the
shoulder-to-shoulder effect, almost like a rocking chair. Back and forth, so your body
is giving you the power, and the hands and the arms are giving you that control for the
follow through. Same on your forehand, put that chin over your left shoulder, bring that
right shoulder through. You’ll see this on every good player. They all do the same thing.
It’s the common thread with all of them. So that way, we’re not disjointed, the arms aren’t
working against us, but our whole body’s is going back and forth. It’s very smooth, it’s
effortless, and I think it’ll make a big difference on your groundstrokes. Give it a try out on
the court and let me know how it goes. We’ll be back with another video soon.

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