– Hello, I’m Gav.
– I’m Dan. We’re The Slow Mo Guys
here on the PlayStation channel doing a cheeky video
for MLB The Show. Haven’t really done
sports before, unless you count
getting violently dunked on. And I threw a football
at your head once. That’s about as close
as it gets. Yes, so today, we’re going to
get some lovely high-speed shots of Dan playing baseball,
but first, we’ll tell you a little bit
about the game. MLB The Show 19
brings new game modes, an extensive personalized
RPG experience, and the option to play as and
against the MLB’s greatest stars and past legends. On top of this,
a big effort this offseason went into analyzing and revamping
the hitting engine in The Show. The developers have combed
in-game telemetry and user feedback, turning it
into the biggest update of the hitting engine
in The Show’s history to make it more fun
and rewarding. Right here we’ve got
two Phantoms, Phantom Flex4K,
thousand frames a second, and a v2640, which is going
at about 12,500 frames a second for some super close-up
slow-mo meat. Dan, have you ever hit
a baseball before? Well, the only other balls
I’ve ever hit have either hit the ground first
or have been like granny thrown. So my first introduction
is going to be pretty serious, and I’m kind of nervous. I felt like I wanted to give you
a true baseball experience, so I’m not going to be pitching. We actually have a real pitcher
here, we got Kevin, who’s going to throw you
some actual, proper baseballs. Nervous? I’m actually really nervous. Hold on. [SPITTING] Do not try at home. Always use
appropriate safety equipment. I’m rolling. Kevin, whenever you’re ready. [BALL HITS BACKSTOP] All right. It’s going to be like that,
is it? [BALL HITS BACKSTOP] That was a swing and a miss. All right, hold a sec, I’m just
going to save one of those. Okay, ready for another one. [BAT HITS BALL] Wasn’t exactly a home run. Okay, let’s do one more. [BALL THUDS] I got the bounce back straight in the jaw. All right, hold on. That was really close
to me there. That hit you in the face? Yes, it bounced
off the back wall and beaned me
straight in the jaw. I was like, well, I missed there
and then suddenly– Like I’m getting punched
in the face. All right, let’s give that
a gander. – Okay, you ready?
– Yes. Look at that arm muscle
swinging. Oh, yes. Why haven’t I reacted yet? Do you think you know
that Kevin’s thrown it yet? I don’t think so. At this point, I’m like,
“Oh, I should probably react.” I’ve already–
I’ve started swinging and it’s pretty much
already gone past me. Gosh, there’s no time. I thought I missed it
by a mile, let’s see. Ooh, yes, I think I– It’s a few inches, for sure. You see the shadow go past. Yes, you can see
the shadow on the bat. – Yes.
– About there, yes. That is–that’s actually
a fair few amount of inches. In baseball, that’s quite fast. About a mile away. But in the grand scheme
of the universe, that’s actually–
it was very close to the bat. The face is pretty good though. It was closer than things
like Saturn and the asteroid belt. All right, why don’t you
give it a go instead? Let’s see if we got it
clomping you in the face. I’m looking around
to see where it’s gone. You’ve given it
the flabbergasted lips. Yes. Well, that was terrible. And then the ball was like, “Here’s what you get
for missing me.” I turn around looking for it. [ECHOING THUD] It smacks me in the face. It didn’t even–
it kind of hurt as well. Right in the bottom of the chin. Even though I can’t see it
on the camera, it was still funny to me. It’s still very funny. Dan, I’ll stop you there. Great effort, obviously. – Thank you.
– Top performance. But I feel like in order
to truly celebrate the new hitting engine, we should be filming a legend. – Well, thank you very much.
– Not you. What about Ken Griffey Jr.? – Ah.
– A legend. Yes, you probably have a better
chance of hitting it than I do. Let’s be honest. How many baseballs
have you ever hit, Ken, total? – Have you kept count?
– No. – Obviously not.
– I don’t think, at this rate, I’ve never hit one. – I’ve never hit one.
– You can count it. Yes, I can, yes. Ken, do you enjoy
watching yourself in incredibly slow motion? I’ve never seen it before. Well, this should be exciting. Yes, I’m excited to see it. Why don’t we get out of his way? – I think so, yes.
– All right. Let’s give it a shot. All right, Dan, you’ve been
promoted to catcher while Ken’s on the old bat. How do you feel
about a little montage? Do I get music? All right. Let’s attempt
to put this on then. [GROANS IN PAIN] Hey, Dan. Did you ever think you’d be
doing this with your life? No! Why’d you put me
in this horrible situation? Why isn’t he back here
and you over there? Oh, because he’s
even worse than I am. Who’s left-handed in the group? None of us. [BALL BOUNCES IN THE DIRT] I swear he’s aiming for me. Let’s go again. [BAT SMACKS BALL] You got that one. Okay, saving. All right, this is
full slow-mo here. When it’s that slow,
it makes it look easy. See, Ken has a much better
baseball face than you do. Yes, luckily my face is being
obscured by the helmet because it would be
pretty terrible if it wasn’t. I think I’ve already closed
my eyes at this point. Oh, you can see the slight
compression on the ball there. – See that?
– I saw it like– We should definitely get
a close-up of that. I bet there’s also
some flex in the bat that we’ll be able to see. You can see it actually,
it moves all the way up the bat. You can see it in your fingers. Can you feel that
on your hands when you hit it? – Yes.
– You can? Yes. Oh, it’s so satisfying
watching that. That’s what I was getting wrong. A lot to get out of there,
look at that. Yes, that’s how you do it. – That’s how it’s done.
– Yes. All right, I think we should
switch up our angle. Rolling. [BALL THUDS AGAINST GLOVE] I was trying to dive out
of the way at the same time as stopping it
from hitting my body. [BAT SMACKS BALL] There we go. That was nice. [ECHOING SMACK] It stops the bat mid-swing,
do you see that? The bat stops
after it hits the ball for a very small period of time. If we shoot this from the side,
we’ll definitely see that. The way the bat goes–
and then carries on. Yes. Chubby face in the bottom. – Your face?
– Yes. You can see me dive
out the way of it as well. You just see the ball coming
and me just go, “No.” Okay, slightly unorthodox
setup here. We’re facing backwards,
but because of the light, this will get the perfect angle
on Ken’s bat, and hopefully we’ll see
the ripple on this bad boy. – Ken, are you ready?
– Yes. All right. [BAT SMACKS BALL INTO FENCE] That was a good one. Yes, that came straight
through frame I think. I saw that on the camera. I like the movement
of the bat before you hit it. What is actually
really interesting is how still your head is
and the rest of your body. Oh, yes, you see the bat
slow down and flex everywhere. You see that wibbling? I’m not sure that’s what
they call it, but… – Wibblement?
– Yes, wibblement. New word. I made it up,
I’m all right with it. – Oh, yes.
– Nice. So do you ever feel yourself
doing tiny micro-adjustments as you swing,
or is it just full beans– – Full.
– Full beans. Just trying to murder the ball. Yes, I don’t make
any adjustment. Extension and elevation. – Commit.
– Yes. It was pretty square, wasn’t it? That was first attempt too. All right, just because I missed
every single one, rub it in. We’ll make him do it next time. Yes, yes! You know, actually,
because I was laughing at your baseball face earlier. I actually grabbed a close-up
of Ken’s baseball face. – Oh, yes?
– If you want to look at that. Well, it’s going to be
much more composed than mine, I should imagine. – Take it in stride.
– Yes. Look at that, that’s
absolute concentration there. The head is totally still. Keeping your eye on the ball. Brian, I need my phone. It’s almost like
you knew your face was being filmed at the time,
and you did a perfect– – Young Denzel.
– Yes, yes. God, look at the guns
going off there. Yes, yes. Every now and then
and I got to have a gun show. Boom, perfect. So now how do you feel
about slow motion? – I like it.
– Yes? All right, I think we got
everything we need, Ken. Perfect, I enjoyed it. – Thanks very much for coming.
– No problem. Well, Dan, that was some
lovely looking footage. I assume you mean the ones that
Ken Griffey Jr. actually hit rather than the ones I whiffed. You would be correct,
although I did like you getting bonked in the head
by the one that you missed. I somehow have been injured
again in this video. I took one to the jaw, I’m pretty sure
I’ve busted my finger up. Hopefully you enjoyed
that video. We’re The Slow Mo Guys,
we have a channel, you can subscribe to us
if you would like, and a big old thanks
to Ken Griffey Jr. and MLB The Show. You can buy the game with
the link in the description. Down there. It’s down there, yes. It used to be over there,
but now it’s down there.

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