(upbeat music) (energetic rock music) ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ Uh-Huh ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ – [Rusty] All right, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for joining us once again. For those of you who are wondering, there was a forfeiture, a injury forfeit in the earlier match. But we are replacing that
instead of stopping early, we’re gonna keep broadcasting, so we’re bringing you a 19+– – [Referee] Ladies and gentleman, this is a single game to 15 – Single game, one to 15
– Win by two – [Rusty] Win by two. Serving first will be the
team of Jessica and Matthew. – [Rusty] Following this
match, we’re gonna bring you the bronze of the 19+ bracket. – [Referee] Time in, 0-0-2. – [Rusty] Time in, 0-0-2. – [Referee] Foot fault! – [Rusty] Ooh, on the far court, the crowd’s a little
bit ooh what happened? – [Chad] Bob Unetich’s one of the– – [Referee] 1-0-2. – [Chad] I would say one of
the most dedicated referees that’s out there. Not much gets past Bob, and as you saw he called
that first foot fault. – [Rusty] So on the far court we have Jessica Gehrke and Zane Navratil. – [Chad] KaSandra Gherke. – What’d I say, Jessica?
– Jessica. – [Rusty] KaSandra, sorry. I was being teased about
messing up Zane’s name, and I went ahead and messed up her name. Five demerits. – [Crowd] Oh! – [Rusty] Oh, Zane gets it! (crowd cheers) Oh my goodness! – [Chad] Honestly, I don’t
know how he got that. – [Rusty] I heard his
paddle (imitates scraping) scrape along the floor. He’s lookin’ at his paddle. He just banged his paddle – [Chad] He actually broke his paddle. He broke his paddle. – [Rusty] Now if you break a paddle, do you have to give up a time-out? All right, equipment
time-out, there you go. The ball was so close that
he just pow, and he hit it. Like it had to have been inches. I think we all thought it was
about to bounce a second time, he gets it over the net,
and they win the point. – [Chad] Yeah, our view was blocked a little bit by Kas there, so I couldn’t quite see how high it was from the ground, but obviously it hit
the ground pretty hard to break his paddle in
gettin’ that ball back. – [Rusty] A lotta deep knee bends and youthful flexibility going over here. – [Chad] Oh. (crowd cheers) Nice erne by Kas right there. Set it up and got the read
as she went behind Jessica and then jumped across that kitchen. – [Rusty] Zane serving, 2-1-1. Hard return. Oh my gosh, driving,
he bounces off Matthew. Another point. – [Chad] There you go. – [Rusty] It’s the
dodgeball of pickleball. – [Referee] 3-1-1. – [Rusty] 3-1-1. Another erne. – [Chad] Yeah, Kas doin’ it again. So even down the sideline there, the rule is you can’t be in the kitchen and hit that ball out of the air. – [Referee] 4-1-1. – [Chad] Can’t be in the kitchen and hit that ball out of the air, so down the sideline
is out of the kitchen, as long as you don’t cross
the plane of the net. (crowd cheers) – [Referee] Point. – [Rusty] So, early on in the game, it’s heatin’ up here for some excitement. Both teams are being quite aggressive, hittin’ some faster balls. – [Referee] 5-1-1. – [Rusty] Lot of fast movement. Score’s 5-1-1. – [Referee] Point. Time-out, the score is 6-1-1. That’s your first time-out. – [Rusty] Time-out
called by team Kawamoto. Score’s 6-1-1, we’ll be back in a minute. (light peaceful music) – [Rusty] All right, we’re
comin’ back from the time-out. The score is 6-1-1. Zane is serving against Matthew. Deep knee bend, catching a dink volley. Back to Jessica. Heats it up. – [Chad] Nice hands by Jessica there. Oh, Kas goin’ from one too– Oh, ball rollin’ underneath
the table right here. – [Rusty] I got it. Went to straddle the corner
so it wasn’t a foot fall, but couldn’t quite get the control on it. – [Referee] 6-1-2. – [Rusty] Second serve, 6-1-2. – [Referee] Point. – [Chad] Nice drop right there. Puttin’ the pressure on Jessica. She looked up– – [Referee] 7-1-2. – [Chad] Right before she hit that ball and might’ve been what caused her to hit it into the net cord. – [Rusty] Score’s 7-1-2. (crowd cheers) – [Referee] Side out. 1-7-1. – [Chad] Side out, comin’ 1-7-1. Nice movement there by Jessica. – [Matthew] There it is. – [Referee] Point. (crowd cheers) – [Chad] KaSandra got
just a little flat there, ended up puttin’ that
ball into the net cord. – [Referee] 2-7-1. – [Rusty] 2-7-1. – [Chad] Nice transition
fore there by Matthew. – [Rusty] Oh! (crowd claps) Jessica hits it a little high.
– Big swing. – [Rusty] Yeah big swing, big jump there. Zane was ready to pounce on it but they got away with one. Startin’ out to be an exciting game with clearly some intensity on the court. – [Referee] Second serve. – [Rusty] We’re on the second serve now. Jessica Kawamoto’s gonna be serving to Zane Navratil. – [Referee] 3-7-2. – [Rusty] And the 19+ match,
this is not a medal match. After this match we’ll be– – [Referee] Point. – [Rusty] Having a bronze medal
match playing on this court. Earlier today there was
a medical forfeiture. – [Referee] 4-7-2. – [Rusty] We’ll get you
more information on that. 4-7-2. – [Referee] Side out. – [Chad] Just a little deep right there. – [Referee] 7-4-1. – [Chad] 7-4-1. Oh–
– Second serve. – [Chad] Deep serve by
KaSandra right there. – [Referee] 7-4-2. Point. Players, change sides please. You have up to–
(announcer talks over speaker) – [Chad] So, game to 15. We’re gonna switch sides at eight. – [Referee] Score’s 8-4-2. (light peaceful music) – [Chad] Kas and Zane serving. Zane actually played college tennis at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. He’s been playing pickleball
for about a year and a half. – [Referee] (mumbles) Score’s 8-4-2. – [Chad] You can see it
in his ground strokes and how fast that he moves on the court, he’s used to driving into that ball– – 9-4-2.
– Coming in and closin’ behind it. We’re at 9-4-2. – [KaSandra] Oh! You have it. You had it.
– Nice poach there. Just got away from Zane’s backhand. Little bit big with the backswing. – [Referee] 4-9-1. – [Chad] So it’s side out, 4-9-1. Kas tried for an erne right there. Look at their speed.
(crowd cheers) – [Rusty] And Zane gets back. – [Chad] Quickness on the court. – [Referee] 4-9-2. Side out. – [Chad] Nice fast hands there by Zane. We got a side out. – [Referee] 9-4-1. – [Chad] 9-4-1. – [Rusty] Exactly, someone
said, “Wow, great get.” Thanks for watching, Jorge, Cathy, Ange, Diane. Everybody, thank you for watching. This is a match that we
didn’t expect to have here. All four of these players are pretty happy–
– 9-4-2 – To be on Zing Zang Championship Court, being shared to the world, and they’re puttin’ on a show. – [Referee] Point. – [Rusty] We got some
Wisconsin shout-outs here for– – [Referee] 10-4-2. – [Rusty] Zane and KaSandra. Score’s 10-4-2. Possible game point. Oh, we’re goin’ to 15. She tried that erne again. Zane covered for her. Whew! That was a close one. – [Chad] I think when you got somebody that moves on the court like Zane does and can pretty much cover the whole court, you feel comfortable
attempting those ernes, havin’ a little bit of fun with it. You know your partner’s fast
enough to move over and cover. (Rusty laughs) – [Rusty] I haven’t been
feeling that old this week, but right now I’m feeling pretty old. (Chad laughs) – [Referee] Side out. (crowd cheers) – [Rusty] And that’s what’s exciting. When we launched– – 4-11-1.
– Pickleball Channel a few years ago, the
demographic, the numbers, the players, the
athleticism, it has changed. It’s getting more and
more athletic, faster. – [Referee] Second serve. – [Rusty] It’s really exciting to see. – [Chad] Absolutely, absolutely. Junior pickleball’s continuing to grow. – [Referee] 4-11-2. – [Rusty] Score’s 4-11-2. – [Chad] You’re seeing players 16, 17, 18, that are starting to come
into their own in the sport. You’re seeing people
(crowd cheers) college players coming over
from tennis into pickleball. – [Rusty] So someone asked,
“Why are we playing to 15?” This is not a medal match,
this is a consolation bracket. So both of these teams have
lost one game already today, and in that consolation
bracket, you play one to 15. – [Referee] Point. (crowd claps) – [Referee] 6-11-2. – [Chad] 6-11-2 is the score. – Come on!
– Jessica heats it up. – [Referee] Point. (crowd cheers) – [Rusty] A big come on over there. Apparently– – [Matthew] Time-out. – [Referee] Time-out. – [Rusty] Matthew and Jessica
are two of three triplets. (crowd cheers) There’s a time-out. The score is 7-11-2. We’ll be back in a minute. (light peaceful music) All right. – [Referee] The score is 7-11-2. – [Rusty] Time in, the score is 7-11-2. This is a game to 15. The winner of this is
gonna play for bronze. Navratil hits deep. Kawamotos are both back deep in the court. Zane’s keepin’ it back. Jessica starts to travel up. They’re about halfway up
in their no man’s land, they’re staying in it. A good drop, now all four
players are at the net. – Ooh.
– Ooh. [Rusty] Jessica with another ernie. I’m like, you love that shot, man! – [Chad] I’m tellin’ ya, I’m tellin’ ya, you feel comfortable, when you have somebody that can cover you, you feel comfortable to go out there. If you’re worrying about havin’ to get back from that ernie attempt, you’re less likely to try it.
– 11-7-1. – [Rusty] 11-7-1. – [Chad] And another. – [Rusty] Ah! (crowd cheers) I think he hit it in the air. He was. He was in the air.
– As a open kitchen. – [Rusty] Joey Bellenzi
would say it’s a superman. (Chad laughs) You know, I think he was
one of the earlier people to do that several years ago. But Zane– – [Referee] 12-7-1. – [Rusty] Jump in the air,
hits it before he lands, flying over the kitchen. Score’s 12-7-1. (male player yells) Ball goes just wide. – [Referee] Second serve. – [Rusty] But Zane likes to rip from that baseline, doesn’t he? – [Chad] Oh yeah. – [Referee] 12-7-2. – [Chad] That’s the
college tennis background coming through right there. – [Rusty] He was able
to do that drop shot, comes across, backhand to Jessica. Back to Zane, who’s gettin’
pushed back a little bit. He’s up at the net. Now Jessica’s gettin’ pushed back. Tried to do a drop. Into the corner. She’s fast enough, she
gets it over the net. Back to Matthew. Another drop. He’s up at the net. All four players with the hard hit. Hits the net and he gets it over. Back cross court to Jessica. Zane still in it. To Matthew. Cross court, Zane’s doing it. Still in. Diagonal. And he hits it, oh just goes long! (crowd cheers) – What a rally!
– Jessica turns around, gives a clap to Kawamoto siblings. That was a great rally! – [Referee] Up 13. – [Rusty] Some good
pickleball happenin’ here. – [Chad] Absolutely. – [Referee] 13-7-2. – [Chad] There’s a lot of
good movement on the court. – [Referee] Yes. – [Rusty] Goin’ back up. Back up to the net again. Heats it up, Matthew goes. – Come on!
– Oh! (crowd cheers) – [Chad] Nice read by Matthew right there. Recognizin’ that Zane was
gonna speed that ball up. – [Rusty] Team Canada up in the crowds, wavin’ the Canadian flag. – [Referee] 7-13-1. – [Rusty] Kawamotos are both from Ontario. Score is 7-13-1. Two points away from game.
(crowd cheers) So Kawamotos need to have a streak here. Zane drops it, back to Matthew. (Matthew yells)
(crowd cheers) Just hits the corner. Oh, they’re appealing. I think they’re callin’ it out. – [Referee] It was in. Start at the line.
– My bad, my bad. – [Rusty] All right, referee– – [Referee] Point. – [Rusty] Over calls. Over calls. – Overrules.
– Overrules the call. Thank you. We’ll see if I have more sleep. (Chad laughs) You just keep talking without me. So everybody, thank you. We’ve had lots of encouragement. We’re trying to bring
you as much pickleball as we possibly can. Burning the candle at both ends. Actually, the candle’s gone. We’re in the 19+ semi
match before the bronze. All four players back up at the net. KaSandra goes to the side. Hits back to Jessica who hits it out. (crowd cheers) – [Referee] 8-13-2. – [Rusty] 8-13-2. – [Chad] Nice swing volley there by Zane. So Kawamotos actually don’t have a specific sport background. We were talking to them before the match and they’ve played a mix of sports. Tennis, badminton, basketball, volleyball. So it kinda adds to their athleticism. It’s kind of a perfect– – Yeah!
– Yeah! – [Chad] Perfect combination for a sport that’s mixed up like pickleball. – [Rusty] Just a lethal
backhand volley cross court there by Zane, with a big fist pump. Yeah, hello pickleball Philippines. Only to 15? We want it to 21! I think that a lot of people here wouldn’t mind seeing this go to 21. – [Referee] 14-8-1. – [Rusty] But right now
it’s only goin’ to 15. Possible game match point. Big drive. – [Chad] And the winner of this does go through to the bronze medal match that’ll be following here on center court. – [Rusty] Yup. So if you hang in there a
little bit and come back, you’ll see one of these
two teams play again. – [Matthew] There it is, come on! – [Referee] Side out. – [Rusty] That’s a big side out. – [Man] Let’s go guys! – [Rusty] So we’re back
to the Kawamoto siblings. Score’s 8-14-1.
– 8-14-1. – [Crowd] Oh! – [Referee] Second serve. – [Rusty] So just to clarify
with the erne and the kitchen, you can take a nap in the kitchen as long as you don’t hit the ball out of the air. You only have a fault if you make contact with the ball in the air as a result of your body from being there. – [Referee] Side out. – [Rusty] So some people say,
“They went into the kitchen!” That doesn’t really matter. So check out Pickleball Channel. We got a number of videos on the non-volley zone of the kitchen. The score is 14-8-1,
possible game match point. – Oh, there it is!
– There it is! (crowd cheers) Exciting, stay tuned. We’re gonna bring you
the bronze from the Zing. You’ll see Navratil and
Gehrke play again for bronze. We’ll be back to you in a bit. (energetic rock music)

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