(upbeat music)
– What’s up, y’all? Welcome to my second
time on MTV Cribs. I’ma just take y’all around,
show y’all how I work it. (upbeat music) We’re gonna start at the back and work our way up. (music continues) First of all, this is
Lamborghini furniture. In case if y’all didn’t know that Lamborghini
makes furniture. The Lamborghini table, the Lamborghini mauve colored sofa with
the belt buckles on there. Now, this is my favorite chair. This chair ain’t gonna
be seen no where else. This is a fish tank chair! They little fish, you know. We couldn’t do it up there. I couldn’t afford the big
piranas and all that stuff so I got the little baby fish. I tried to feel powerful. For a female, I felt like
having this big Missy with the water comin’ out. We got the fish. They just really
meetin’ each other ’cause we just put
’em in there today. This place is new to me, I
ain’t even stayed in here so once y’all leave, I’m gonna sit my A-S-S in
the bed and go to sleep. (upbeat music continues) We gonna go over
here to my plaques. This is my Under Construction
Plaque which I love so much because it got the hazard
blinkin’ light on there. This is the Billboard Hot 100
which I love to keep up here ’cause this was
“Lady Marmalade.” Make me feel happy
when sometimes stuff
ain’t goin’ right, I gotta look at that. I called Janet Jackson yesterday because she’s so much
of an inspiration to me ’cause she sent
me some pictures. So she sent me the pictures of her and Michael in “Scream”. So that’s major when
you can get on the phone and call Janet and be like, “Yo, can you send me
some pictures, Money?” (upbeat electronic music) Hello, world! (chuckles) I’m trippin’ right now. We in my kitchen right now. They call me the
Black Martha Stewart. This is my little dining area. My mother did all
of the set and stuff so you know she be tryna do her thug thizzle, if y’all
know what that mean out there. I’ma go in this refrigerator ’cause it ain’t nuttin’ in here and y’all can see how
a poor person live. That’s how a poor person
live, right there. Man oh man. Either you on a diet or you
poor, and it could be both. This is the way I live. I live like a college student. I got two pot-pies, and some popsicles, sugar-free at that! Man, I hate diets (giggles). (electronic music continues) We just gonna go in the bedroom where I know y’all
been eager to go. I wanted to get this
submarine type feel. We gonna go ahead on in here. I want y’all to see
this wonderful picture. I took it up against a rock. This was me back in 1983 when I was slim. I know you wonder
why, why’s your face from the Under
Construction album and this body is
from somewhere else? That’s because that
is Janet Jackson body and that’s my face. (upbeat music continues) Well really, I used to have
a body like that (laughs). The favorite part of my bedroom would be over here. And I got the idea
from Silver Spoon which it was a kid by the
name of Ricky Schroeder on Silver Spoon
who had a car bed and I love Ferrari’s. So I got a guy to make me a
king-size Ferrari car bed. I told ’em I wanted a
plasma TV under the hood so when I’m layin’ here
I can just watch it. We gonna go to the back
and open the trunk up and see what kinda
goods we got in here. I have my sneakers in the trunk of the car. That’s some different
S-T, I think. Right here, we’re gonna
go into my bathroom. Come on down, you’re the next contestant
on the Price Is Right! Everybody bathroom the same. The same toilet, you do
the same thing in it. You know, the Jacuzzi tub. Sometimes you might
eat some bad food. You don’t wanna wait! So you got two toilets and you and your mate can use
the bathroom at the same time. This is my shower. I love my robe here,
this is special. Feel like I’m ’bout to box. When I just hung this up, I felt like Mr. Robinson
in the neighborhood. How funny is that, we’ll
take off my sneakers. (singing) It’s a beautiful
day in the neighborhood. Okay, whatever. So we goin’ in my closet. Anybody who knows know
I love tennis shoes. This is like, only
half of my sneakers. You gonna see a lotta
Adidas stuff goin’ on. Lotta different kindsa sneakers. My favorite outfit would be, I like this right here. I just feel like Colin
Powell when I put this on. But I’ma take this off ’cause I don’t wanna have to
beat nobody down with this on. I feel like a fight ’bout
to come on when I wear this. So look, let’s go downstairs and see some of my cars, aight? (staccato electronic music) What’s up y’all? Y’all done already seen the crib so I’ma show y’all
some of my cars. This is a Lamborghini
Murcielago. I know this thing bright, look like a Ninja
Turtle on the street. Right now, enter the Terra Dome. First of all, I got this
interior right here. Custom made from
overseas, the green. Oh, you see I got the
Missy in the mats. I love this car, but I hate it. I’m short and I still
can’t get out of it! One arm is like Popeye
tryna open the thing. (electronic music continues) This is my Spider right here. I drive this one all
the time, I love it! The Ferrari is sexy, you
can put down the top on it. Matter fact, bump it. I’ma have to do the top
so I can show you how my, when I get my hair did,
how it blow in the wind. It’s a beautiful
thing, beautiful day
in the neighborhood. I’m a female just tryna live. Now this one is the Hummer. I don’t have the 27
inch rims like Shaq. I’m too little for that. But I got the 24’s. Maybe you should
come to the back. I like driving this
’cause I like the sounds. But I got the
speakers back there so I come from the studio, I can listen to what
kinda hits goin’ on if I got a hit or if I don’t. That’s practically it. (vocalizes) I guess. (laughs) (upbeat electronic
music continues) So, that’s pretty much it, man. Y’all done seen the cars. I gotta go inside
’cause it’s too hot. Like I said, I’m too
black for this sun, but I love it. Gonna fix me a Twinkie
or somethin’. (laughs) (upbeat music)

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Missy Elliott’s Crib Has a Car Bed & More | MTV Cribs | #TBT”

  1. Yessssssss missy ,girl u deserve it all…….. keep pushing those bad asssssssssssss music!!!!!!👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️

  2. Shes showing off her car bed like its something amazing and different but back in those days there was the show pimp my ride with 50 cent she probably got that at a low price

  3. Damn I was expecting her house to look bomb asf it looks so old the decorations look like somebody's mama's house i love Missy but she needs an interior decorator hope it don't look like this anymore

  4. Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliot is an original. When I saw the doors to her bedroom, fish chair, and her bed, I "died". On top of that, she doesn't forget about Aaliyah. That's priceless than anything else. 😭😍💜

  5. Missy I'm all about feeling people energy when I can feel positive vibes I love it!! You seem like a laid back humble person but at the end of the day you definitely handle business. Its just nice to see someone who have accomplished so much but still act like a normal kind hearted person.

  6. Your house is Gorgeous. Loving 🥰 the Lamborghini king 👑 size bed. If I had a bed like that, shitttttt, nobody would never see me. She has the hottest things in her house. 👍🏽👍🏽👏🏼👏🏼😭❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍🥰🥰🙏🏾

  7. Maybe her fridge is like a college student cause she keep buying the most expensive crib and interiors everytime lol. Nah she probably does not even eat at home or has a private chef who comes with already made food.

  8. I love missy's vibe! Her vibe says REAL all over! I love people like this especially when they are famous that couldn't be fake if they wanted to their energy says genuine!

  9. You are blessed…. Where is your Bible you showed it in your first home years ago… Never forget.. God first 💛❤💜

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