switching gears to the court now settle in hell gates serving for crosstown Tennis sprang rights Austin Mosley an eagle and violet going back and forth and a fun boys singles match violet with the great backhand volley right there nicely done by the Spartan Mosley does come back nice lob shot to the back line then comes to the net and finishes it off the hellgate night held the early lead but violet wins it 6-4 6-1 girls top singles sentinels Meredith Murdoch slamming a big backhand for the point that Hannah warden can’t hand but handle but warden did have the better day overall she takes her match 6-4 6-4 algate not much separated the Spartans and Knights today their girls split the showdown 4 to 4 settle does grab the win on the boys side but barely 5 to 3

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Dennis Veasley

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