now to the tennis court hell gates teams have had success everywhere this spring but particularly in Missoula against their crosstown rivals they tried to wrap up one more Garden City win over the Big Sky Eagles this afternoon number one boys singles Liam Johnson coming to the net against Austin Mosley and the Eagle here on the second try is gonna put away the point this game lasted forever and then Mosley finally is going to end it with a sharp return that Johnson can’t handle Mosley wins the match 6-2 7-6 now to girls doubles big skies Cassie Farah go places this volley right down the middle perfectly has heard her teammate Brooke Edie tried to stay close in this match but too much from Cate Koenig and Maya Heffernan from Hellgate Heffernan here at the net plain tall as the Knights pair wins 6-1 6-1 and Hellgate picked up a lot of wins today the night girls win all eight matches how Gates boys make it a sweep with a 6-1 win over the Eagles we

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Dennis Veasley

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