Hi, I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Stelian
has asked us a question about missing the ball on the serve. Once the ball leaves your hand it is in play.
So even if you throw the ball up, don’t swing, and catch it again it’s your opponent’s point
or if you throw the ball up and miss the ball completely it’s still your opponent’s point.
So once the ball is out of your hand it’s your responsibility to be able to serve the
ball correctly and put it into play.

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Dennis Veasley

16 thoughts on “Missing the Ball When Serving | Table Tennis | PingSkills”

  1. My friend and I heard two different answers to what was said at 10 seconds. I heard once you throw the ball up in the air whether you swing at it or not you loose the point. My friend heard once you throw the ball up in the air as long as you don't swing at it you do not loose the point. Can you please clarify?

  2. In the USA this rule is constantly used wrong by non-club players. Thank you for giving me something I can show on my phone in those times.

  3. Honestly, I thought that it counts only when it hits the table(even on side). So you can toss the ball countless times 🙂 Nope, Great Alois said (y) 🙂  also how we play is serving 5 serves – not 2.   thanks 4 videos gens! 

  4. How does this affect bouncing the ball off the ground or the table prior to serving, like a dribble before a free-throw in basketball?

  5. when opponent hits and miss the ball off the table – I have habit to catch it with my racket. Is it still my point? (I repeat OFF the table). 

  6. after watching your video on choosing the bat, i am going to switch over to my first custom made bat can you tell me which blade should I be using as your ping touch blade is out of my budget I am thinking of some blade under 50$ and both my rubbers as mark V

  7. Hi pingskills sometimes when you toss the ball the placing the ball in 4,4 position for backspin serve , the throughing is not happens correctly , how to improve on that?

  8. This catching the ball during TT serve is so different from the one in "Lawn Tennis". My friends used to catch (without swinging) and i always doubt that, now i know.

  9. What if I swing twice? missing the first swing, but hit it with the second swing while the ball still on the air?

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