MIRIAM: I feel like I have a mirror image. We have to make sure we eat the same amount,
exercise the same, everything the same. COMM: Twins Miriam and Michelle Carolus are obsessed with staying absolutely identical. MIRIAM: I look at her when I want to know how I look. COMM: They follow the same gruelling exercise regime. MIRIAM: We try to do like a couple of thousand squats a day. COMM: They have identical diets. MICHELLE: We always have to make sure we prepare the same meal as down far as same amount of
turkey meat, four slices. MIRIAM: Four tomatoes. COMM; And their commitment has paid off as their eye catching 48-inch booties have led
to Instagram fame and modelling work. BOTH: Oh my god, are you twins. BOTH: Yeah, twins. Up here. MIRIAM: Our butts are twins too. WOMAN: They look nice. I want a butt like theirs. They pop it. BOTH: We always dress alike. We have the same hobbies. If she buys something for her house,
I will go buy the same thing. We lived together up until last year we finally separated, got
our own places. But guess what, we are still neighbours. And we spend the night at each
other’s house like every other day. MIRIAM: But when she gets on my nerves I can at least tell her to go home. COMM: Essential to the girls maintaining their identical figures is their commitment in the gym. BAHIEN: What’s up girls? You’ll ready to work? MIRIAM: Yes. No weakness. BAHIEN: No weakness. Alright girls, you know what we got. We got some squats, leg work,
we are gonna do that today. I have been training the twins for about three to four months now.
This specific exercise I am doing with them is mainly a mixture between CrossFit, a little
bit of aerobic, a little bit of boxing as you can see. BAHIEN: Little bit of MMA and mostly weight training on the legs because the only way
to tone up is to do weights for the most part. MIRIAM: I do like a couple of thousand squats a day. Beyonce’s abs, Serena’s legs. BAHIEN: They actually work out about eight hours a day; they work extremely hard to achieve
and maintain their goals. It’s amazing with their dedication. Help you grow, help your
form, help you shape. COMM: Both twins work as medical technicians for the same plastic surgeon in Miami but
the only surgery they’ve had is breast enlargement. Matching, of course. MIRIAM: It was like a small B, now we are like a full D. BOTH: Yes. We got the same exact size. We got the same exact doctor, not the same time,
no. When I consider doing having any surgery on our butt, our workout plan basically takes
care of that. Doing it naturally, you are putting in extra hard work so you feel better
about yourself. MIRIAM: Agree. COMM: The twins are both single but there is one thing they’ll never share. BOTH: While we are out in the club, yes we get a lot of attention, all the time. Like
as soon as we walk in, it’s like “whoa, double take 2”. And sometimes the guys if
they like me they have to like my sister too because we are like the same. MIRIAM: That’s so wack, we are two separate people. MICHELLE: We don’t share men. COMM: The girls have proved as popular online as in person. At the Double Dose Twins they
have racked up over a quarter of a million Instagram followers and earned $30,000 from
modelling work in just two years. MIRIAM: We started off with Instagram not even thinking it’s going to go that far.
We never had any other social media. We got a lot of attention from the first photo shoot
we did. MIRIAM: I don’t think our mom really knows everything that we are doing. Maybe a little
bit, she doesn’t know about Instagram. She is too old for Instagram. MICHELLE: Thank god. MIRIAM: She might be a little disappointed but.. MICHELLE: We actually hid our tattoos from her. MIRIAM: She is proud. MICHELLE: When she first saw our tattoos she like what. MIRIAM: Yeah she is used to it now. COMM: Despite worrying about what their mother might think the girls now plan to capitalise
on their fame. MCIHELLE: Modelling has taken us as far as getting bookings, travelling around the world
and great shoots, magazine spreads. MICHELLE: Ambitions for the future: build a brand, I want to get into acting. MIRIAM: Yes. We are gonna take acting classes. MICHELLE: I also want to travel more, get rich. Wooh!

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  1. Well-developed muscular glutes do not take on this appearance, I.e. excessive and sagging gluteal folds, which are a result of abnormal subcutaneous fat accumulation when the rest of the body is at a "normal" bodyfat percentage (more than likely a result of a disease such as lipedema or plastic surgery such as BBL). This is the result of either disease or plastic surgery, or both. In addition, the rest of their bodies do not look muscular or well-developed i.e. no hamstrings or upper body.

  2. one gets a disease
    Other twin- tries to get the same disease but ends up getting cancer

    I have a dark sense of humor

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