[Miles in his Shoes intro music] What’s up, Rams! VCU has two main campus locations, they are Monroe Park and MCV. MCV is home to a few cool hang out spots with colorful histories that are often overlooked, including, but not limited to, the John Marshall House, the White House of Confederacy, the Valentine Museum and the Library of Virginia. The John Marshall House, a refurbished 18th century home, contains the largest collection of Marshall family pieces and is where the famous supreme court justice resided from 1790 to 1835. The White House of Confederacy was home to the former president of the Confederate States of America, Jefferson Davis, and his family. This was until the evacuation of Richmond in 1865. My personal favorite of this line up is the Valentine Museum, founded in 1898 which has been preserving, interpreting and exploring Richmond’s 400 year history for over a century. The Valentine’s founder, Mann S. Valentine Jr.,gained his fame and fortune from inventing a health tonic made from pure beef juice. Valentine was a collector of artifacts and with the help of his sculptor brother Edward V. Valentine the foundation for the museum was laid. [pan of the Valentine] Lastly is the Library of Virginia! All the rich historic culture of the commonwealth is archived in one library. The Library of Virginia offers exhibitions that explore a wide variety of Virginia’s political, social and cultural history. Hopefully this episode helped shine some light on some commonly overlooked venues near campus, thanks for tagging along on my trip! [Miles in his Shoes outro music]

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Dennis Veasley

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