Uh Best hard in the country at me anybody wanna have a shootout we can have one Well, that’s so clear that jumper is just butter missus butter Oh my god, I just came out here. Calm down Just to come in here and kill man just come in here do what I’ve been doing ain’t nothing really changing Just playing against different people, but just come here and kill cut necks off. No, just same thing been doing Uh Not really. I’m starting to now I really never had that killer mindset until like last year really like even with even less y’all just like a silent killer but now starts like trying to talk about this kind of grew into myself like You just came this don’t touch my stuff Toby. They be that guy I hate when the ref stink There’s like beef like if you play a bro You gonna go out and then tuck your mess and it’s like the recipe hugs like man. There’s no beef visas Hopefully you’re given a camera or something entertaining The ones it’s like younger maybe letting us like baby letting us do it, but don’t let it go like too far, baby Let’s do it with other heads, maybe all serious and stuff. I know you can’t do that Take you throw you out the game. Come on and let us have fun I hit the defensive do is they view like they’d be like and you the head on your stuff and there’s some trash like like I Never do it until they play someone that has a big name trying to make a name off They’re trying to make a name off. My new stuff will not be walking around Jimmy stuff I’d be anybody like that’s been launched son. They got it No, like I’m trying to have like I call me Mikey about my own name I want to be male on so I really heard people call email awesome No more like even this friend they comes I mean they call me a little mail off sometimes I don’t really met in the morsi’s everybody. Don’t call me at no more like oh, that’s my key Williams It’s like there’s good. You can call by your own name. That’s it. I not a little Maine law What’s top five shoes Less easily oh these two who’s gonna be in the top five says I got this one Air Force was definitely these I’ve only wear these once I was thinking about playing in them, but a little bit like a little bit heavy Like these Right here. That’s fine. Probably my son my favorite foxes I have on say to the best licking fighters I have but they’re my favorites Swishing to here where these ones also Kind of where all my shoes once Cause it’s like I can never all like wearing shoes like back to back I’ll go I’ll wear it once you can go a week without wearing it again, unless it’s like Like kind of like everyday food like to wear to the gym or something like that. I Am Groot I don’t need fifties like that. No my gotta first myself at home These were size 15, I barely fifties you See, I just had a bad worse. I need a word easygoing you Better be out You better be out They can copy I’ve had these Zeus’s last like Marx Hey DJ now we better go to we look we’ve ought to be a Greenfield But I’m about to be on the is the best on a basketball court We’re gonna pull out we finna pull out right now Just why he split right here it looks nice but it’s not nice not nice Rats and stuff in there man. There’s a bobcat in here like you like wearing around the apartment I lived next to canyons. Is that right? Is it Canyon down there behind our Oh behind our school? I’ll see you later. My poster everyday. He did every morning. He he’d be up at the school Like there’s like it’s a little cooler. He said he says real nice stuff. In fact the Pullman like what? yeah, there’s snakes like I was welcome to subway down the street and there’s no road down there right not gonna look like Quarter-mile. I heard something all I know there is no I’m gonna look back and I heard you know What is that and I look down little baby rattlesnake. You little baby rattlesnake right here slitting about my shoes with his little twist I was like, oh how they got bit crazy Just a lot of Doug’s happy We’re grateful. It was the smaller department sites to live over over there. I’ll be in this weight room right here I’m gonna bounce right now though. Come see I hate this room know like we dunkey fight annoy Is that now right here that’s the plug I leave home buckets and practice may be doing the week off jump hook You know, I’m a shark man you swim in the kiddie pool Like this Just like that No it dont that’s my man right here manage him every day plug got the keys on him all the time Get in the gym whenever I want to he basically been around since I was since I was born cuz on my dad Crawford Yeah, no, he can’t call you. No, baby no more cuz I’ve given up giving them buckets now Poly bumps don’t make me jump in this game. All right Come on out Oh Give me that. I hope ice me out I’m playing with you like a toy Can’t are you stupid what’s wrong with you? my tips oh I Keep an eye on neighborhood kids home that doesn’t happen very often, especially players of that magnitude The key is there the same neighborhood and they like each other, you know most times Somebody atop one of the kids said. Oh, you don’t want to play with him. You don’t play with it Come over here and then especially in San Diego You’ll see kids live in the same neighborhood and be playing against each other and some private schools So it’s you know, it’s this them they wanna they want to stay home They want to play in front of their their family their friends their neighbors and everybody knows we all just want to make it with make it together like even if one even if a couple of us don’t make it we still on being involved like it gonna be Right. I holla bronchi his lobe. Holla bronchi his little groups like his little group from high school to get all of them didn’t make it but they all did make it but You know, I’m saying like that. We all gonna stick this together like that. That’s how we coming back It’s like two minute walk to the world, huh now like this place good is real Mexican Nowhere else got Mexican food. I hear it’s real Mexican food. Like this is Mexican as you can get in the United States Anything MBA young boy, basically But definitely MBA was real real er album definitely that to get a song off there to Fox ago, but of this generation the Goats are killed folk a train and nobody’s safe people They like they like being the mix of everything I like having fun like they think the gym is a punishment or the gym is like All you gonna have to like be in the gym is the best thing ever I don’t care about having fun. I’m having fun doing me in the gym. That’s my that’s my bags I’m having fun, like like all the other stuff the partying stuff is cool, but it’s not really fun And you just like I’m trying to get to the league I’m trying to get to the leak you need to be in the gym every single day not just You have to or you have team practices or any of that stuff play every day. Oh Hey DZ That’s everything we just be in the gym well done no parties, nope. Nope all good parties don’t do anything Off canvas gotta be you gotta every moment of this gotta go hard Stainless gym Simpler stay right here this beautiful place I call home. I only I call this I’m on call my home home. I’m never there I’m here You not get off and not get started

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