(laughter) – Oh God. How you doing? – Big Ten tourney. – See you in Chicago. – Okay, be safe. (soft piano music) – Player of the year, Casiuss Winston. Cassius, bro, say what’s up. – What’s good with you, bro? – What up though? What are you doing? – [Camera Man] I’m just
trying to say what’s up to my little brother. – What’s happenin’? (camera man laughing) Who gave this man a camera? – We’re vlogging, bro. – See Spartan Nation,
we’re having a great time on the bus, about to do some big things in Chicago this weekend, we’re ready. – [Camera man] You ready
to play this weekend ‘bro? – Yeah. – [Camera Man] What’s your
goals for this weekend? – Just doin’ the whole thing. – [Camera Man] Really? You about to get people worked? – I’m gonna try, I’m gonna try. – [Camera Man] You gonna
put some in a blender? – [Nick] I’m gonna try. – [Camera Man] Coach, coach, let me get a shout out to Spartan Nation. – Yeah, hi Spartan
Nation, how you doin’ man? (ethereal keyboard music) – [Annonucer] For Tom Izzo,
a lot of people would say, and for Michigan State,
it’s business as usual, this time of the year, but that’s really on
the surface, isn’t it? – [Color Announcer] This
is a special opportunity for Tom Izzo and this Michigan State team, no surprise to see them at the top of the Big 10 standings in March. But for Tom Izzo, 599
in terms of career wins, going for his 600th,
this would be special, because of the way they’ve had to reinvent themselves to get here. – [Announcer] Goins takes a look, he’s gonna drive it, gonna
get a shot in the air, he did in time, and he hit it! On the spin move. Some of the give inside the lane, did he travel, but he
made anyway, for the two. – [Color Announcer] Such a tough finish. – [Announcer] Great ball movement. Loyer is open for three! – [Color Announcer]
Tough offensive line-up for Michigan State right now. No real post presence. – [Announcer] The freshman
from Clarkston, Michigan has been the story for
Spartans in the first half. – [Announcer] Foster
Loyer, the man of the hour for Michigan State, and
with all their stars, he has shone the brightest. He’ll fire it up again, hits another one! This time a two-pointer. Next to Ahrens, fires, got him, and he made the three pointer as well! Looking for a four point
play, Cassius Winston! And now the Spartans are really rolling. Michigan State pulls it out, 77 to 70, and for Tom Izzo, 600 career wins, Michigan State advancing to the Big 10 tournament semi-finals, with a victory over the Buckeyes. – It’s about execution, it comes down to do the little things, your job, to make sure, okay, that we control what we can control. We cool on that? – Yes sir! (ominous techno music) – [Color Announcer] To James’s point, and this kid’s been really
shootin’ the ball well too. McQuaid outta Texas! – [Announcer] Ward, look at
that, look at that touch. – [Color Announcer] Soft delivery, the big fella’s back! – [Announcer] What a start though, 20 to six, just seven minutes in. Kicks it back out, swing it around, launching three, yes, Henry! And now with the largest lead at 13. – [Color Announcer] Watch the wing. – [Announcer] He likes this shot, McQuaid hits it! – [Color Announcer] Winston look, he just points over, he knew. – [Color Announcer] Great buddy
ball inside, high-low action – [Color Announcer] What
a great seal underneath. – [Announcer] It’s never in
doubt outcome in some ways, when Michigan State started this game. Comfortable win at 67, 55. Michigan State to the
Big 10 championship game. – [Izzo] Now you got a rally together now, everybody together, don’t
worry about your phones, don’t worry about anything else, focus on the game and let’ get after it! – [Player] Family on three, 1, 2, 3! – [Team] Family! – [Various] Family, good job y’all, good job baby, good work. (ethereal keyboard music) – Last thing, championship games, turnovers are always key, toughest team who wants
it the most usually wins. Let’s make sure that’s us. – [Announcer] Michigan, Michigan State, for the Big 10 championship,
and here’s Ward, you said so dangerous in the low post. – [Color Announcer] He
does have a counter now. Last year he didn’t have that little move. – [Announcer] Livers on
the floor for Michigan for the first time, oh! Ahrens, comes right off
the bench, buries a three! This season, 15 points a game he averaged, before that injury. And look at Winston with a three! – [Color Announcer] Well
John Beilein was saying the problem with him is he makes threes. – [Announcer] Simpson, off
the floor, lookin’ around, to Poole, and he’s got another
assist in this tournament. – [Color Announcer] You make a mistake, they can turn it up. – [Announcer] Simpson! – [Color Announcer] How clever he is. – [Announcer] Last eight
points to Michigan. – [Color Announcer]
From the center by him, he hurt an ankle. – [Color Announcer] Is that? – [Announcer] That’d be Ahrens. – [Color Announcer] It
is Ahrens, oh my God. – [Announcer] Oh. – [Color Announcer] Oh, he
turns a toe, oh goodness. – [Color Announcer] The
bond, the brotherhood, that exits on the team, to see one man go down
and everyone feels that. – [Announcer] McQuaid
comes out of the break and hits a three. – [Color Announcer] I
was curious to see how they would respond. – [Color Announcer] This team is all about mental and emotional toughness. – [Announcer] McQuaid left alone. – [Color Announcer] Wow! – [Announcer] Can’t do that! We’ve reached halftime in
the Big 10 championship, and the Wolverines are eight in front. Henry on the dribble-drive! – [Color Announcer] How ’bout
the freeze with the ball? Nice pass! – [Announcer] Great pass! – [Announcer] McQuaid, basket counts! Ahrens, he’s going to be joining
his teammates on the bench. Those go right by the Spartans
in second half comebacks. McQuaid! – [Color Announcer] You
can’t over help right there. – [Announcer] Winston, paving a way! The basket counts! 15 to five by Michigan State. – [Color Announcer]
Kyle Ahrens celebrating, not feeling sorry for
himself, but on the bench supporting his teammates. – [Announcer] Time to
shoot, Livers trying to stay right with him, oh, top shelf, wow! – [Color Announcer] Oh ho! This has turned into a classic, isn’t it? Michigan State has only two fouls. Nice look by Simpson. – [Announcer] Simpson to Teske. – [Color Announcer] A
little eye-contact there between Simpson and Teske. – [Announcer] McQuaid! – [Entire Broadcasting
Booth] Oh hoo, whoo! – [Color Announcer] Stickin’ it big time, how ’bout Rizzie! End up with a, Nice little lob. – [Announcer] Right underneath! Tillman ties it at 60! There he’s drivin’ in. Teske defending all. But somehow, somehow it goes! Looked like it was gonna rim out. – [Color Announcer]
Cassius Winston putting this team on his back. – [Color Announcer] Boy a
gutsy effort by them, Melvin. – [Announcer] Three match-ups,
three second-half comebacks against Michigan this year. – [Color Announcer] They
are so tough mentally. You know we always talk
about their physical play, their rebounding, their aggressiveness, but mentally, they just
have a way of reaching back and getting more. – [Announcer] There you
are, your Big 10 Champions, once again, for the sixth
time, it’s Michigan State! – We’re gonna get you back. – Let’s go, let’s go! – Hey you not done yet,
you know that right? – No, no. – We not done yet. (soft piano music) – Michigan State Spartans,
regular season champions, tournament champions, and
the Big 10 representative for the NCAA! – Damn, that’s one win. – Arnie, this is you! – Yeah! (inspirational music) (ominous syncopated music)

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