(quirky music) – What’s up, Spartan Nation, I’m here with another
freshman, introduce him, Julius Mahbles, AKA Julius Marble, and AKA Jules, but Jules, you
know, introduce yourself, man. – I’m Julius Marble,
I’m from Dallas, Texas. I went to Jesuit College Prep, and I’m an incoming freshman. – You’re outside the court, just not thinking about basketball, so if you have an off
day, what are you doing on that off day, man? Tell me what you do outside of basketball. – Probably watching tv. (netflix sound) – TV, good. – Right now I’m catching
up on Stranger Things. – Stranger Things, that is amazing, you guys gotta go out and
check it, season three. You see a lot of stuff on Twitter, man, what’s an unpopular opinion that you have? – I hate guacamole. (buzzer) – Thank you, I swear to God, if anyone puts that on their
stuff, they’re disgusting. – It’s so bad. Everyone’s like what is wrong with you, but like, guacamole, terrible. – Game day superstition. – I have a stretch routine that I did all throughout high school,
and if I don’t do it at a certain time, the exact same way, like at the same time every day, or every time I have a game,
I don’t think I’m prepared. – Take it away man, say
bye to Spartan nation. – Okay, yeah, see ya Spartan Nation. Shoutout to Moms, and the fam.

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