Morning trainings are dedicated more to techniques and afternoon training is dedicated to tactical activities. In the afternoon training, we train as a team, during this session you cannot work on your personal skills And we can’t lose time just because one individual wants to improve his individual skill. Well, as you know in volleyball there are many different positions. In the morning training sessions, when we work on individuals we work usually in groups, for example receivers with a libero which includes a serve. Then in the afternoon we work six on six and situations in the actual game. After all, sports is part of… everything in the words requires training, and volleyball is amongst the sports where one has got to make a decision within seconds, and no player during the game has got time for decision making. it is for this reason that regular specialized trainings should be done with high speed and high intensity. so that spontaneous decision making is no longer a problem for the player during the game. I think the fact that our coach has been in the Olympics as a player and had won a medal is very important. It is a very good experience both for our team and learning from him as a coach. As a player, he was a great player and now as a coach, he has been a very good coach in the last few years. He can be a good source for the team also competing with teams who know that our coach has been a great player and has played in the Olympics and won a medal. Well of course my experience is there since I’ve been to two Olympic games, but again as a player not as a coach. I’m trying as hard as possible to transfer them somehow my aggression, my desire to win and all that However we are all learning together. My experience is not as a coach at the Olympics. He understands the Iranian culture and living circumstances in Iran a bit more than other coaches. Naturally, given his motivation, the energy as a young coach and the ambition he has he definitely wants the Iranian team to reach to achieve better and achieve better success. Of course it will be very difficult to qualify for the Olympics but this is our dream and we will try in the forthcoming qualifying matches to achieve this result. We have a great chance to qualify for the Olympics but step by step… I think qualifying for the 2016 Olympics will complete work of this group who have been working together these past few years. It is okay that not only think about qualifying for the Olympics but also achieving results in the Olympics.

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Dennis Veasley

26 thoughts on “Men’s Volleyball Training with Iran | Rio 2016 Olympic Games”

  1. A lot of respect to the coach, but honestly I could never coach for another team. This is coming from an Iranian, but aye I respect the coach for our national team.

  2. I request for you I am very interested in volleyball But there is no one to train me Can you help me I am more interested in volleyball than my life My dream is to become a player of volleyball Please help me I want to come

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