[MUSIC PLAYING] I don’t think we gave
away any points last year. I think we played
complete matches. We did the best we could
with the groups that we had. And I think that’s all
you can ask of a team, is to go out there and be
prepared, compete hard, train hard, make sure
they’re taking care of their bodies
and their studies when they’re not off the court. And then once that’s
done, let the results take care of themselves. Andres and I were
grateful for last year because it helped us learn more. If we had just come
in and kept winning, I think it wouldn’t have
made us grow as staff, as coaches, as leaders,
and the players wouldn’t have grown
as much because it humbled a lot of the players,
which is really good. And now, it helps us
come back this year. I think this team’s definitely
a lot hungrier this year. Well this year it’s Henrik
and Ash who are our captains, and we had a team
meeting last night. And listening to them
speak in front of the guys, you can tell that they’ve
heard a lot of great talks and speeches from other
captains about the culture, about how we go about the way
we practice, the way we train, the way we compete. And it shows that the
culture and the lessons of the program and
the leadership skills are passed on from year to year. We faced a lot of
adversity and just completely stuck with
what we knew would take us to where we need to be. And now, we’re here, ready
to start a new season, and we’re not going
to change the process. We’re going to
keep on doing what we know is going to
lead us to success– taking the extra
reps in practice, putting in the extra
work, connecting the dots that a lot of other
teams won’t necessarily. You’re going to see a team
that is hungry and ready to get after it. Obviously, we’re
just as talented as any other team in
the country this year, and it’s going to come down to
performing in those big moments and things like that. And I think we all
trust each other. We’ve got a really,
really deep team. Each individual has a lot of
talents in different ways. Physically, I think we
have a very talented team and a lot of ability on the
singles and the double court. Now it’s just going to
come down to composure. It’s going to come
down to consistency, and it’s going to come
down to competitiveness. And I think this team is going
to grow in that direction. And we’re already
on the right track, and I think the fans should be
really excited because we’ve got a really tough schedule,
one of the toughest schedules in the country. And we did that for a reason,
because we believe in this team and these guys are going
to fight until the end. Success for this team is,
number one, academically doing as well as we’ve
done in years past. That always comes
first, school first. And second of all
is just making sure that we’re in the hunt
to compete in the biggest moments of college tennis. That’s what this program’s
always been about, and I believe this
team can do it. We’ve struck the last ball
at the NCAA tournament for many years over
the last decade, and I think that’s where
we should set our sights. We’re hungry again. We have something to prove. We want to prove a lot of
people wrong this year. And with the second-years
that are coming back from last year and the addition
of the three first-years, this teams is looking to really
make some heads turn for sure. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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Dennis Veasley

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