[MUSIC PLAYING] Credit to Stanford. Again, I mean, every
time we play them it’s just a hard fought match
and they compete so well and they’re so resilient. And congrats to the
Cardinal on a great season. I have a lot of respect
for that program. I mean, one of the most storied
programs in college tennis, so congrats to them. And it was amazing to play
them here in Charlottesville in this atmosphere. Yeah, I’ve been
saying it all along. I mean, we’ve stolen so
many matches this year. I told the guys that we’ve
won eight 4-2’s and three out of four, four 3’s this year. I told them before
the match and I said, guys, no matter what the
score is, we’re always in it. So just never give up. And that’s what these guys do,
they just fight and, yeah, they always have faith. I think we started out well for
like the first five minutes, and then they got some momentum. But I actually think,
for a California team, they came out and played
pretty well indoors. I mean, right there,
that’s just pure maturity. It’s just pure maturity,
professionalism, discipline, emotional intelligence. I mean, I can’t say enough
about how much of a mental win that was for him to be up
6-0, 5-0 and to lose the lead and to still find a way
to come back in the third. And no one would
have known that he lost the second set by the
way his body language was in the third. So just an incredible, mental,
mature win by Carl Soderlund today. It’s really special. It’s just great to be in the
mix with the top eight teams and we’ve got a great
match-up ahead of us against Wake Forest. We played them a lot. They know us, we know them. But it’s always fun to
go to the main event and battle against the best. That’s why these kids
chose UVA, and it’s great that we get another
opportunity to be there.

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Dennis Veasley

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