[MUSIC PLAYING] I mean, as always, they
fought until the very end. We left nothing on the court. We couldn’t be more
proud of these guys. I love them to death. And that was the expectation
today, just leave no regrets and just leave it
all on the court. That’s what they did. That’s what they’ve
done all year, and that’s why they’re
a phenomenal team. Yeah, as a head
coach, selfishly I’ve been so lucky to have them
as captains for the last two years. I mean, they’ve just ingrained
the culture in the other guys. They’ve been
exceptional leaders. They’ve been incredible off
the court, on the court. They’ve done whatever’s
asked of them, and I’m so lucky to have them
for two years, especially Henrik coming back
for a fifth year. I mean, I can’t
thank him enough, and I’ll be eternally
grateful for that. But I mean, they’re special
guys and they’ve been amazing. We’re ready for
anything, whether it’s massive bugs all over us
or it’s wind or its rain or whatever it is. We’re ready for anything. And I thought the
guys handled it well. I don’t think it
made a difference. And it’s just a
testament to who they are as people and our culture
and all the conversations we’ve had about embracing adversity. So I’m proud of them. And like we did last year,
the coaching staff and I and the whole staff
will sit down and see what we think we could have
done better or any adjustments we could have made, and
use it for next year. That’s what you do. So we keep plugging away. If anything, this
motivates us more and just gets us more hungry. So we know we’re
right there, and we’ve got a great crew of
guys coming back, so yeah, just makes
it even more exciting.

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Dennis Veasley

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