So as a great start it feels great to
get up 3-0 we’ve been working on doubles all week and I think it paid off no it’s
definitely helps to go up 3-0 but you have to finish your job in singles so I
felt like the guys did a great job as starting strong and finishing strong
today. That what are we like 20 and 2 right now so they’ve had a it’s been a
good season so far I think they’ve built up their confidence all all those wins
all those wins have definitely helped us be in situations like this and we’ve had
a quite a few close matches over the season as well that we’re close and
we’ve always come through so I think those those situations in the past have
definitely helped us today well we’re definitely gonna be training outside you
know we’re gonna be training and getting our mind right and just it’ll take one
day at a time and get after it. So here everybody I’m with Danil
Tarantinov the senior of the year not actually not the senior year senior of
the team and he’s done a good job this four years here great job and he has a
lot of experience winning championships here with us what do you feel like like
what are the experience here? Obviously winning championship it feels always
great and especially today with five zero meaning in the final women we
stayed together all the time stay with the pride of bulldog working for each
other working for the first day our guys new coaches all the time but I didn’t
bring some challenges for us but I always keep working together and that’s
why we win trophies I feel great well you want something
today what is it the conference championship 2018 two years and sake
let’s go baby so you’ve been we’ve been winning three
oh this like yesterday and today 300 of their doubles this is a huge advantage
for us what do you think about it like yeah I mean obviously it’s always huge
to give up 300 in doubles it’s come on say I’m gonna stop you I know you want
the camera but stop later later I will interview you later
I mean it’s it’s always it’s a lot of it makes it a lot easier when you go out
three instead of two one or obviously you go
down in doubles but we practice a lot in doubles you know bringing energy and
energy always helps you know win matches and without energy I don’t think we’d be
able to do what we did today we had some fans out here with them it makes it a
lot easier for us to bring energy and thank you I’m no good at speeches but I
did actually a good presentation the other I am with my lovely senior Simon
levy from Jamaica and he’s got the win singles record breaker he did final four
and now he’s being part of this team a huge part of this team but he’s not
playing as much as he want so what do you think about it yeah I mean as Pablo
said in my sophomore season it was I helped the team reach final four oh yeah
you did oh yeah I couldn’t still get into the Elite Eight and I had a really
good season but it just goes to show like the depth on this team is just
outrageous I mean from going and having a season like I did my sophomore year to
not even playing junior season here it really says something about Bulldog
tennis and that that we just have depth and throughout the entire lineup we have
players like Pablo coming in and taking my spot and doing things huge refers
it’s the reason why we’ve been able to win for Conference championships in a
row it’s the reason we’ve been able to win
three conference tournaments in row and now going into postseason these guys I
have no doubt are gonna step up and we’re gonna we’re gonna do big things
postseason and hopefully we can get back to another Elite Eight Final Four
hopefully maybe even a national championship we’ll see you

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Dennis Veasley

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