I don’t have any more questions for you.
so Mathis Guerre, Frenchie, so we won two one up in doubles that’s very big for
us what do you think about it like how was the momentum? I think that’s pretty
good to be up after doubles two one, I mean we will be, that will be good if
we were 3-0 but we have a bad call I think that at the end it’ll help us for
singles because we were all more determined for win that match getting
after it. Austin Debruyne here, my sophomore roomy. So we have some tough
conditions today, there was a lot of wind it’s tough to play outdoors but
what do you think about it? Yeah I mean obviously it’s tough to play in the wind
we haven’t been able to practice in these conditions very much so we got
here a little bit earlier to get used to these conditions and practicing since
Saturday really helped us come through with these conditions but overall great
performance from the team you know. So a special guest here, our coach Daniel Hangstefer. He’s doing a good job this year. So what do you think about our
match? We we won against Northwood our first round of regionals going to
Nationals, hopefully, what do you think about it? Well we went up two, one after the
doubles. Felt like we competed hard in the doubles and I think after this after
the doubles match we faced some adversity in the doubles but you know we
came out on the right side of it. Going into singles I felt like we had a couple
of guys step up and then big way. You know Austin he overcame a difficult situation
in doubles and came out strong in the singles and took that match I think six
one, six three. You know and then the next match Stew man handled the guy at
one, he beat the player of the year and freshman of the year from Northwood
so it was a big win and then Dimmy he finished out the win the win for us and
clinched it at number two so good day. Happy with the result
now it’s about recovery and getting ready for tomorrow. Thank you so much your favorite
interviewer here Pablo and Mathis Guerre, undefeated couple. Undefeated,

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Dennis Veasley

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