This is Marco with TennisPAL and this is
the Tennis Minute the US Open is finally here the tennis world is now descending
upon New York City where they will fight it out for the last Grand Slam of the
season let’s start with Novak Cincinnati was the only tune-up
Djokovic played leading up to the US Open after his Wimbledon win given the
time off a semifinal appearance is not too shabby let’s not forget that
Djokovic did not play any tuneups leading to Wimbledon and he won he posts
his best results at Grand Slams expect them to be in the final I see both Nadal
and Federer going into the quarters and possibly semis I don’t expect either of
them to be in the final at this point in their careers Nadal and Federer are
still contenders at the French in Wimbledon however at the US Open you
need to be a hundred percent fit after a long season but also contend with the
heat the crazy scheduling and every other distraction that comes with New
York City there I said it I basically think Nadal and Federer are too old to
win this tournament better hasn’t won since 2008 what about next gen let’s
talk about Russian next gen Medvedev Khachanov and Rublev are outstanding
players who can go deep at the US Open Medvedev now solidly in the top 10
he made three straight finals three big hardcore tournaments winning Cincinnati
in years past players that do well in the US Open Series swing end up in the
final there’s no reason to believe Medvedev is about to slow down I see him
in the final

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Dennis Veasley

10 thoughts on “Men’s draw 2019 US Open Predictions: Can Djokovic Repeat?”

  1. not understanding . rafa is too old and cant win yet he is virtually the same age as joker. you said players that do good on the on the u.s open series swing end up in the final. well rafa won montreal while joker got knocked in cincy. not to mention rafa dismantled Medvedev in montreal and joker lost to him in cincy. I think rafa has a very good chance to win. who beats him other then novak.

  2. This analysis is ridiculous. Nadal was in the finals of the Australian open, the semi finals of Wimbledon, and winner of the French Open and Montreal and Monte Carlo. Yet, You think that he is too old to be a contender of the U.S. Open? He was the winner of the US Open in 2017. He has as many US open titles as Novak Djokovic. He has beaten Djokovic twice to win the tittle here. He is 33 years old.

  3. A little brutal in your assessment, Marco, but I've got to agree with you. Father time is no one's friend — especially at the US Open. We're not going to see a repeat of the Wimbledon finals here. I don't see Roger or Rafa winning it this year. My money is on Djokovic.

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