– [Jon] Second half of the double header, Queensborough and
Kingsborough here in Bayside. – [Player] One, two three,
yeah, four, five, six, yeah. Let’s go. – [Jon] Queensborough comes into this game at eight and seven overall,
coming off a 99-94 overtime win against Monroe. They’ve won three of the last five games. Meanwhile, Kingsborough,
a tough one and 17 record. O and six in the CUNYAC play, losing 95-92 to BMCC Tuesday night. And the Tigers win the opening tip. Starting lineup for the Tigers, Darron Williams along with
Marcus Watson and Keison McIntosh in the backcourt. Raevon Forrest-Williams
and Mark Blair up front, as Watson pulls up and hits on the jumper. Marcus Watson, a 5’8″ freshman
from Brooklyn, New York, had 12 points, eight assists,
two rebounds against Monroe. And he gives the Tigers
a two nothing lead. Here is Shameek Brown, off on the jumper. Shameek Brown, Seti Barnwell,
along with Nicholas Escabi, Edder Menos and Mohamed
Kande on the floor, and will start it for KCC. On the wing, it’s Escabi, he’s a sophomore from WildCat Academy. Runner won’t go for Shameek Brown. And here’s the outlet pass, it’s McIntosh, pull up J blocked from behind by Brown. And here come the Wave. In the corner it’s Barnwell. Catch and shoot, Escabi, cash. Escabi, 17 points, 12
rebounds against BMCC. He’s averaging 14 points a game and he puts Kingsborough on the board. Three ball, Watson, good. Marcus Watson can shoot it from downtown, the freshman out of
Brooklyn Community Arts, shooting 33% from beyond the arc and Queensborough has a five point lead. Jumper won’t go for
Menos and here comes QCC. Blair, and he loses it. Blair, named the CUNYAC rookie
of the week this past week, after leading the Tigers
with a 29 point performance, pulling down three boards
in the win over Monroe. Blair, there it is, three to the hip, he’s not afraid to pull it from downtown, and a seven point lead
for the Tigers at home. Menos on the wing. Here comes Escabi. Blocked from behind by
Raevon Forrest-Williams. He’s in there for his defense, 6’3″ sophomore out of Martin Van Buren. And that ball was tipped by Williams, it finds its way back out to the corner. Menos with only five to shoot. (whistle blows) Leaves the running lane
open for Shameek Brown and a foul. (buzzer blares) And it’ll be an offensive foul on Brown. – [Announcer] Kingsborough
foul, number 11, Shameek Brown. For his first– – [Jon] And it’s his first
and the team’s first. Three ball, doesn’t get the
roll for Keison McIntosh. And here are the Wave in the front court. Menos thought about it,
feeding underneath to Brown. Ball goes towards the corner,
Brown again, fall away shot and he hits it over Darron Williams. Brown leading the conference
in scoring at 25 points a game but was way off against
BMCC, only four points and seven boards. Did contribute though, had nine assists. (whistle blows) (players murmuring) And we’ll get a foul on the floor. – [Announcer] Kingsborough foul,
number 14, Nicholas Escabi. His first, team’s second. – [Jon] As that’s the first on Escabi and the team’s second. – [Announcer] Darron Williams. – [Jon] And Williams. Edder Menos. Escabi. (whistle blows) Underneath, yes and a foul. That’s Livingston Bandie. – [Announcer] Queensborough
foul number one — – [Jon] As that foul’s
gonna go on Darron Williams. His first and Queensborough’s first. And Bandie to shoot one more. Marcus Watson. (whistle blows) And a travel on McIntosh, started before they put the ball down. (players murmuring) Brown trying to feed it
underneath and he traveled. So back to back travels and
Queensborough gets possession. Looking around the rest of the CUNYAC, Quron Dublin out of BMCC
winning the athlete of the week. Kept the number four ranked
Panthers hot streak going. Had a season best 45 points
and knocked down eight shots from deep, to give BMCC a 107-92 win against Orange Community College. Dublin now reaching figures
in 13 of 15 games this season. Five point lead for the home team, McIntosh attacks the rim,
floats it up and hits. (crowd applauds) Keison McIntosh. As that foul’s going to go to Escabi, his second and the team’s third. He gets three the hard way
and it’s an eight point lead. (whistle blows) (players murmuring) And the foul will go to Mark Blair. Escabi. Down low, Brown. Brown muscling his way in
and he’ll go to the line. – [Announcer] Queensborough
foul, number 20, Raevon Forrest-Williams. His first, team’s third. Shameek Brown shooting two. – [Jon] Brown, a sophomore from Brooklyn, went to Boys and Girls High School playing for Ruth Lovelace. (buzzer blares) And the first free throw is good. Boys and Girls, always
one of the tough teams in the Brooklyn double
A division in the PASL. And they’ve had some talent
over the years as well, Nagi Scott, of course Gianni Ford, that is now at Cleveland State, originally played for
St. Francis, Brooklyn. Second free throw off the mark and the long rebound finds
it’s way out to Justin Wilson who glides into the front court. Three ball, Blair, good. Mark Blair, the reigning
conference rookie of the week. Gives Queensborough a 10 point lead. Brown, loses it. And here’s McIntosh. McIntosh over two. Daeshawn Yearwood-Thomas
but he can’t finish. (whistle blows) And a travel. – [Announcer] Traveling, Tigers ball. – [Jon] Fifth turnover on Kingsborough. (whistle blows) McIntosh, the floater. Can’t hit it, ball tipped around and the rebound goes to
the Wave, that’s Bandie. (whistle blows) And we’ve got a foul. – [Announcer] Queensborough
foul, number 32, Daeshawn Yearwood-Thomas,
his first, team’s fourth. Shameek Brown shooting two. – [Jon] And Brown does
not hit the first one. One more shot for the Wave, who are trying to cut into this deficit. And O for two at the line. Blair slips, here’s Watson. And Watson will slow it down. QCC gets in its offense, here’s Wilson. Wilson taking on two, slips it underneath, Yearwood-Thomas, no. Long rebound will give it to the Wave. (buzzer blares) – [Announcer] Samuel Johnson
in for Queensborough. – [Jon] Three ball, Bandie. Off the mark as the ball
gets tipped back around. And fighting in strong, Shameek Brown. Shameek Brown has been a force down low, very athletic player for this KCC team. (whistle blows) And a travel. – [Announcer] Traveling, Tigers ball. Darron Williams back in for Queensborough. – [Jon] Darron Williams
checks back in for QCC. (whistle blows) McIntosh three off the mark. And here’s Watson. Watson can’t stick it, rebound Brown. (players murmuring) – [Announcer] Queensborough
foul, number 25, Samuel Johnson. His first, team’s fifth. – [Jon] And Seti Johnson
picks up his first foul. Brown double teamed, fighting
hard and floats it in. (clapping) Wilson, not that time. And Edder Menos into the front court. Livingston Bandie trying
to drive baseline, floating shot’s good. Bandie averaging 7 1/2 points a game, coming off a 10 point,
seven rebound performance against BMCC. And QCC’s lead is down to four. There is number four Watson, no. And Seti Johnson with the rebound, flips is back to Williams, Williams fade-away and he gets it to go. Good shot over Mohamed Kande, not an easy task with that 6’5″ frame. Driving the lane and the
shot is off by Menos, the put-back won’t go for Kande and this leads to a floating outlet pass. McIntosh slows it down, he had Johnson down low. In the corner it’s Wilson, he traveled. (buzzer blares) – [Announcer] Wave basketball. (buzzer blares) – [Jon] Checking in for
QCC will be Mark Blair, replacing Justin Wilson. (whistle blows) That ball tipped, it’ll
stay with the Wave. Let’s take a look at what
happened last week in the CUNYAC. Starting on Tuesday, January 8th, Westchester beating the Bronx 74-71. Hostos knocking off Nassau 86-82. Queensborough over Monroe 99-94. Last Thursday BMCC beat
Orange Community College. Then the Bronx over Kingsborough. Bristol over Hostos on Friday. Hostos putting up 117, what a response after a loss against Mass Bay. As the three is good! Mark Blair. And then on Saturday,
Kingsborough falls to Suffolk. Bronx beats Rockland and
Hostos falls to CCRI. Menos will hand it off to
Barnwell and gets it back, seven to shoot. Nine point lead for QCC
and the floater is good. Edder Menos, sophomore out of Brooklyn, went to Sheepshead Bay High School. Seti Johnson won’t get it to go and it’ll go out of bounds. We’ll go to Kingsborough. Clarence Emengo calls a time out, he’ll talk it over with his team. 9:32 to go in the first half, a 22-15 lead for Queensborough at home. ♪ Can’t have no fefe on yo block
as long as Steve out here ♪ ♪ Can’t try to slide inside a fish bowl ♪ ♪ You got beef out here ♪ ♪ Law keep wantin’ to
get Zoo out the way ♪ ♪ They say he a Chief out here ♪ ♪ They tuck they tails
’cause they be scared ♪ ♪ In that Hellcat, on the
e-way, off them meds ♪ ♪ Say his name inside this song ♪ ♪ My bro said I better not say it ♪ ♪ Low key want that smoke, you do ♪ ♪ You better not say it ♪ ♪ Get yo back in that
house, we got FN not 9’s ♪ ♪ My credit so A1 with
killas, I be payin’ my fines ♪ ♪ Oops be on my, in songs but
I don’t pay them no mind ♪ ♪ All them, that be with the oops ♪ ♪ Gang done broke they spine ♪ ♪ All the crackers get robbed
for they shi, they buy it back ♪ ♪ I keep my Glock in her
Chanel, that cost 5 racks ♪ ♪ All these, be goin’ for real
low-key, just buy them X ♪ ♪ He got shot up in his,
I hear he tryna flex ♪ ♪ Never care so much, ran out
of woods, just pass the Dutch ♪ ♪ Your homies died,
you don’t never slide ♪ ♪ It ain’t adding up ♪ ♪ Get caught with a pipe,
you out same night ♪ ♪ You fed or what ♪ ♪ New opp pack in the
air, this gas or what ♪ ♪ He’d still be alive right
now if you ain’t gas him up ♪ ♪ Give my shorties steamers and guns ♪ ♪ I tell them slide for none ♪ ♪ Everybody with this gang-gang
so they ain’t dying for none ♪ ♪ If she don’t on the
first night, off the rip ♪ ♪ I ain’t buying her none ♪ ♪ If I ain’t got time for loving my kids ♪ ♪ Then I ain’t got time for none ♪ (whistle blows) Play resumes as the Wave,
after their time out will bring it into the front court. (whistle blows) Bodies go to the deck, jump ball, and it’ll stay on that end. (buzzer blares) – [Announcer] Keison McIntosh – [Jon] As Keison McIntosh checks back in for the Tigers, replacing Seti Johnson. (players murmuring) Seth Barnwell to inbound. Bandie to Menos. Shot won’t go for the Wave and then an offensive
foul away from the ball. As Shameek Brown missed it,
and then committed the foul, a double whammy. His second, team’s fourth. (whistle blows) And it’ll go out of play. (players murmuring) (whistle blows) And a foul before the shot. Or no, check that, a foul
in the act of shooting as Marcus Watson will pick
up his first, team’s sixth. And Menos, a 59% free
throw shooter to the line. (buzzer blares) One more shot for the Wave. And the second free throw good. (whistle blows) Shot won’t go and here comes
the Tigers to the line. – [Announcer] Kingsborough
foul, number 23, Mohamed Kande. His first, team’s fifth. – [Jon] As that’ll be the first on Kande and the team’s fifth. One more shot upcoming. Williams sets himself and hits. (whistle blows) (whistle blows) Good press form QCC but
it’ll stay with the Wave. And a seven point lead
for the Tigers at that. (players murmuring) Jumper off the mark from Escabi but Kande with the follow. And the response, that’s Mark Blair. Both teams exchange buckets
and it’ll stay with the Wave. Attentive defense from Blair. (whistle blows) And they’ll take a second
off the shot clock. (whistle blows) So Escabi to inbound it. (whistle blows) And a turnover, another
turnover for the Wave. ‘Cause it’s been that kind
of season for Kingsborough. McIntosh, not that time. Brown saves it. Athletic move by Shameek Brown. Here comes Brown. Brown to the cup, flips it up and in. Beautiful finger-roll from Brown. Queensborough’s lead is five. Now Watson. Marcus Watson averaging 11 points a game. Edder Menos, and Escabi. Bandie. Bandie doesn’t get it to go
but Escabi with the cleanup. Jumper good, Marcus Watson. Watson, a freshman out
of Brooklyn, New York. And he got slipped around, here’s Brown. Brown. And we got a blocking foul as
Brown will head to the line. – [Announcer] Queensborough
number five, Keison McIntosh. His first. – [Jon] And that’s gonna
be McIntosh’s first. And two for Brown. And Brown knocks in the first one. Second free throw’s good. (clapping) And here comes KCC. Into the corner, Escabi, pull up J. Off the back iron, ball tipped out and it’ll stay on that
end, fresh possession. (players murmuring) (whistle blows) Kande with his back to the basket, then flings it back out. Bandie. (whistle blows) Escabi, no, but a foul. – [Announcer] Queensborough foul– – [Jon] And that’ll be
the second foul on Blair. – [Announcer] His second, team’s eighth. Nicholas Escabi shooting two. (buzzer blares) – [Announcer] Samuel Johnson
on for Queensborough. – [Jon] One more shot, can’t stick it and here come the Tigers. It’s Wilson. Nice find underneath, Seti Johnson, all alone under the basket and he gives QCC a six point lead. Almost taken away but Brown is there. Brown, another finger-roll, Shameek Brown. Three ball, good. McIntosh. Back to the basket for Kande. Off the mark and then a foul. And that’s gonna go against Menos. – [Announcer] Kingsborough
foul, number 15, Edder Menos. His first, team’s sixth. – [Jon] First personal on Menos and the last foul to give for the Wave. With 5:16 to go,
Queensborough leads 35-28. Shot won’t go for Williams. (whistle blows) (clapping) And another foul, again on
Menos, that’s his second. As Cameron Prillman comes in for the Wave. Jumper, Forrest-Williams, no, and a foul will send it the other way. As that will send Cameron
Prillman to the line. (whistle blows) (buzzer blares) So one and one for Prillman. – [Announcer] Marcus
Watson for Queensborough. Cameron Prillman for the one and one. – [Jon] Prillman, a
freshman from Brooklyn, 57% free throw shooter. Off on the first one. Watson with some space, can’t hit it. And the rebound settles into
the lap of Menos who loses it. Here comes Queensborough, and one! Athletic steal and then a
bucket for Seti Johnson. – [Announcer] Kingsborough
foul, number 24, Cameron Prillman. His first– – [Jon] And that’ll be the first personal on Prillman. – [Announcer] Samuel Johnson shooting one. (clapping) – [Jon] Pull up J, Brown off the mark. Here come the Wave, McIntosh, boom. Another three for Queensborough. (whistle blows) – [Announcer] Timeout. – [Jon] Kingsborough has seen enough, they’ll call a time out. 3:53 to go in the first half. Splashing threes here in Bayside. – [Announcer] 30 second
timeout called by the Wave. 30 seconds. (“We Like to Party” by The Vengaboys) ♪ I’ve got somethin’ to tell ya ♪ ♪ I’ve got news for you ♪ ♪ Gonna put some wheels in motion ♪ ♪ Get ready ’cause we’re comin’ through ♪ ♪ Hey now, hey now, hear what I say now ♪ ♪ Happiness is just ♪ (players murmuring) After the time out. (whistle blows) – [Referee] Timeout. – [Announcer] 30 second timeout — – [Jon] Another timeout
taken by Queensborough. So they get the chance to see
the look for Kingsborough. (crowd murmuring) (“Apache” by The Sugarhill Gang) ♪ Tonto, jump on it,
jump on it, jump on it ♪ ♪ Kemosabe, jump on it,
jump on it, jump on it ♪ ♪ Custer, jump on it,
jump on it, jump on it ♪ (whistle blows) 3:53 to go, first half. Both teams taking 30 second timeouts as the entry pass is not
converted from Forrest-Williams and then we’ll get a
foul on the other end. (clapping) As Shameek Brown will head to the line, Justin Williams picks up his first and double bonus time for the Wave. (whistle blows) – [Announcer] Shameek Brown shooting two. – [Jon] Brown who’s been
pacing the Tigers offense. Excuse me, pacing the
Wave’s offense this evening but he misses the first free throw. Off the mark on the second one. Open space, Johnson finishes. (clapping) Seti Johnson had an athletic
move just a few minutes ago and scores again. Nicholas Escabi giving off to Edder Menos. Menos behind the back. Menos on the wing. Seven to shoot. Gets around Watson, nice feed, Escabi. Nicholas Escabi gets it to go, Queensborough leads by 13. (whistle blows) Johnson, offensive foul. – [Announcer] Queensborough
foul, number 25, Samuel Johnson. That’s his second. – [Jon] And that’s the
second foul for Johnson. (whistle blows) – [Announcer] Queensborough
foul, number 10, Justin Wilson. That’s his second. – [Jon] Johnson, excuse me, Wilson picks up his second. And two more shots for Edder Menos. (clapping) One more for Menos and he’s got it. An 11 point lead for
Queensborough at home. McIntosh, he’s hit a three
before, can’t sink this one. And Menos will bring it up. Menos trying to flip it into
the corner towards Bandie, and it leads to a run out. Johnson the easy lay in. Seti Johnson coming off the
bench and providing a spark for the Tigers. Three ball is short by
Bandie but Escabi is there. Under two minutes to go, first half. Queensborough leads it by 11. (whistle blows) And a travel, again. (whistle blows) And here’s Menos into the front court. Menos floats it up, off the
mark, ball tipped around and Bandie comes down with it. Feeding it straight ahead,
Johnson to the corner. (whistle blows) Trying to pass it towards
Watson and they turn it over. (whistle blows) (buzzer blares) And Daeshawn Yearwood-Thomas
checks back in for the Tigers. Menos, stop and pop jumper
from Escabi off the mark. And the Tigers the other way, McIntosh, again! – [Announcer] Keison McIntosh. – [Jon] Last minute to
play in the first half. 14 point lead for the Tigers. Menos. (whistle blows) And a travel. 45 seconds to go. And a foul on the floor, but this will set up a one
and one for Seti Johnson. – [Announcer] Kingsborough
foul, number four, Livingston Bandie. His first, team’s ninth. Samuel Johnson shooting one. – [Jon] Johnson a few dribbles, hits the first one but he’s
got one more free throw. And he gets a nice laugh from his bench. Second one, makes it a 16
point lead for Queensborough. 40 seconds to go. Here’s Brown. Brown inside, no. And here comes Watson. Forrest-Williams, no. And it will go to Kingsborough with the shot clock turned off. 25.2 seconds to go in the first half. Back and forth early on but
then Queensborough has ascended to a 16 point lead and they’d
like to keep it that way going into the locker room. Brown. (whistle blows) Brown on the inside, yes and the foul. (players murmuring) – [Announcer] Queensborough
foul, number 25, Samuel Johnson. That’s his third. Brown for one. – [Jon] Foul goes to Sammy Johnson. Brown makes it a 13 point contest. Now they’ll start the
clock with 6 seconds to go. McIntosh catch and shoot. Off the mark, ball tapped around. Brown at the horn, won’t count and that will do it. One half in the books. Queensborough with the 50-37
lead over Kingsborough. (“Kodak Black” by Zeze) ♪ D.A. got that dope ♪ ♪ Ice water, turned Atlantic ♪ ♪ Nightcrawlin’ in the phantom ♪ ♪ Told them hoes that don’t
you panic took an island ♪ Second half set to begin. Queensborough with a 13
point lead over Kingsborough, 50 to 37 as Keison
McIntosh inbounds the ball. Both teams reverse sides and away we go. McIntosh and Brown, those have been the two marquee
players of the first half. And here is Brown. And Escabi gets Kingsborough
on the board first. Marcus Watson. Off the curl, McIntosh
again, raining in the three. McIntosh with the steal, it’s a foot race with Menos, using the off-hand to get the bucket. Brown, floater, doesn’t get the roll. Tipped back by Escabi, no. And Queensborough controls. Good job by Raevon Forrest-Williams
to secure the rebound but ball not secured by the
Tigers and the Wave take over. Here’s Brown driving
inside with the lay up. Brown a sophomore, and
it’ll be interesting to see what his future is, after
this year with the Wave. I’m sure he’ll get some interest from four year CUNYAC schools and perhaps just other
four year schools as well. – [Announcer] Kingsborough
foul, number 20, Seti Barnwell. – [Jon] As the foul’s
gonna go to Seti Barnwell. His first and the team’s first. And Queensborough to inbound. Brown, nope, excuse me, Blair. Watson slows it down
and then pulls it back. Here’s Watson on the wing. Accelerating, throws it up, off the mark. Ball goes out of bounds and
it’ll stay with Queensborough. (buzzer blares) And a fresh 30 as Livingston
Bandie checks in for the Wave. Three pointer’s good again. McIntosh is feeling it. One and done for Kingsborough
leads to a run out. It’s Blair. Wild shot and he draws the foul. – [Announcer] Kingsborough
foul, number 11, Shameek Brown. His third, team’s second. – [Jon] And that’s gonna
be the third on Brown and the team’s second
as Blair will shoot two. Blair misses the first one. Blair a 50% free throw shooter and he goes one of two at the line. Errant pass and a turnover. (whistle blows) Williams. Three ball, Blair, good. The three ball is going to
be the key for Queensborough the rest of the season. And they are shooting
at a high clip tonight. Escabi, and he gets it. Other way and it’s Mark Blair. One more for Blair. (buzzer blares) – [Announcer] Kingsborough foul,
number 14, Nicholas Escabi. That’s his third. – [Referee] One. – [Jon] And three the hard way. Brown, not that time but a whistle. – [Announcer] Queensborough
foul, number one. Darron Williams’ third, team’s first. Nicholas Escabi to shoot two. – [Jon] Escabi getting the start today. Plays tough on the interior. But an athletic ability that
can get him to the rim as well and Bandie will go to the line. So back to back fouls as that foul’s gonna go to Mark Blair. His third, team’s second. And two for Bandie. (buzzer blares) First one off the mark. As Wilson comes in for Williams. Bandie, doesn’t get it. Ball tipped around and
it’s secured by Wilson. Leading up ahead it’s Blair. Wilson, back to the free throw line and Queensborough will slow it down. Four minutes gone by in the second half, Queensborough with a big
21 point lead at home. Whipping a pass underneath and Raevon Forrest-Williams
will head to the line. – [Announcer] Kingsborough
foul, number 23, Mohamed Kande. That’s his second, team’s fourth. Raevon Forrest-Williams for two. – [Jon] Second free throw no good and it’ll go back the other way. Brown won’t get it go, ball tipped around. Forrest-Williams out of the
pack, feeding it up ahead. Wilson, then slows it down and it’s Blair. And now Watson regroups. Four on four crime. Attacking the bucket,
there’s Marcus Watson. Brown the answer back. It’s been a one man show for KCC. Shameek Brown. McIntosh gets blocked but gets it back. 15 to shoot, a three, off the mark. And Bandie comes up with the air ball. Escabi offensive foul. Marcus Watson setting his feet
down and drawing the charge. – [Announcer] Kingsborough foul,
number 14, Nicholas Escabi. – [Jon] And that’s gonna
be the fourth personal on Escabi. And he will sit for a
while as Seti Barnwell will check in for Escabi. Blair loses the handle then gets it back. Here’s a wing three. Forrest-Williams can’t connect. And it’s floated up ahead. Brown to the cup, offensive foul. Second straight charge
drawn by the Tigers. (buzzer blares) – [Announcer] Kingsborough
foul, number 11, Shameek Brown. His fourth, team’s sixth. – [Jon] Man that’s a big foul for Brown, that’s his fourth. (whistle blows) Good defense up top by Barnwell. Wilson let’s it fly, can’t connect. Ball goes off the back of the backboard and then finds its way into
the hands of Kingsborough. And then a block, nice block
on Menos from Sammy Johnson. And after all the back and
forth, it will be KCC ball. (whistle blows) (whistle blows) – [Announcer] Kingsborough
foul, number 20, Seti Barnwell. – [Jon] So Barnwell picks up his second and we’ll have more free throws. Closely called game. And the first free throw,
no good from Sammy Johnson. (whistle blows) And a travel. (clapping) (whistle blows) (whistle blows) No shot as the foul was on the floor. – [Announcer] Kingsborough
foul, number four, Livingston Bandie. His second, team’s eighth. Samuel Johnson shooting the one and one. – [Jon] And we’ll have a one and one. Already eight fouls on Kingsborough. And Johnson hits the first one. (whistle blows) – [Referee] Thank you. (crowd member shouts) Almost seven minutes gone by, Brown stops, he’s got his four
fouls attacking the basket and he’ll head to the line. – [Announcer] Queensborough
foul, number 25, Samuel Johnson. That’s his fourth, team’s third. – [Jon] And that’s the
fourth on Sam Johnson. (buzzer blares) – [Announcer] Darron Williams
on for Queensborough. – [Jon] As Johnson will go to the bench, Williams checks back in. Second one good for Brown, 20 point game. (whistle blows) Thrown up and another foul. Both teams attacking the basket and it’s helping them get
to the free throw line. As Williams will shoot two. (clapping) Second free throw is good. Reset on the wing. Errant pass and a turnover. (whistle blows) – [Announcer] Full timeout, Kingsborough. – [Jon] And we’ll get a timeout taken by Kingsborough. (crowd murmuring) (buzzer blares) (whistle blows) (buzzer blares) – [Player] Hey, hey, hey! Pass me the ball. – [Jon] Play resumes and it’s been all Queensborough. A lot of Keison McIntosh,
a lot of Shameek Brown and a lot of foul calls. (crowd cheers) Off the window and in, Marcus Watson. Had a good first half
and gets on the board in the second half. And here’s Brown. Menos. (whistle blows) And that foul’s gonna go on
Watson with the hold on Brown. – [Announcer] Queensborough
foul, number four, Marcus Watson. His second, team’s fourth. (whistle blows) – [Jon] Good defense from Blair. And another re-inbound. The other teams around the
conference in action tonight; the Bronx at Orange Community College, obviously this game and
then BMCC hosting Dutchess. Menos, short but a foul. – [Announcer] Queensborough
foul, number 32, Daeshawn Yearwood-Thomas. His second, team’s fifth. Edder Menos shooting two. – [Jon] One more shot and it’s good from Menos. Ball slowed down. Into the post, trying to muscle his way in was Yearwood-Thomas but
he doesn’t get it to go. Thomas, the freshman out of Rosedale, went to St. Francis Prep. Just a stones throw away. (whistle blows) And Bandie saved by
the whistle at the end. – [Announcer] Queensborough
foul, number 10, Justin Wilson. That’s his third, team’s sixth. – [Jon] First on Wilson. Excuse me, third on Wilson, team’s sixth, so the last foul to give. One more shot on the way. Nine minutes gone by, second half. Ball goes out of bounds
and Kingsborough ball. Shot off the mark, second
chance by Kande doesn’t go, then it’s stolen away. Williams, to Wilson. Floater, short. (whistle blows) Goes out of bounds,
it’ll go the other way. – [Announcer] Queensborough
foul, number one, Darron Williams. His fourth, team’s seventh. The Wave in the bonus. Mohamed Kande shooting the one. – [Jon] Off on the free throw, here come the Tigers. Shot off the mark from Blair. Goes out of bounds. Forrest-Williams comes back on for Blair. (whistle blows) Good defense from Queensborough,
another take away. Three ball off the mark by Justin Wilson, trying to catch the defense napping. Fall away jumper won’t go for Wilson. Menos slowing it down. Here comes Menos flipping it up and in. Edder Menos gets it to go. And it’s a 72-54 lead for Queensborough. Three ball doesn’t go for Blair but the follow through from
Darron Williams doesn’t either. High floating pass on the other side. And Menos. Three ball, Blair. And the southpaw can’t get it to go. Out of bounds, it’ll
stay with Queensborough. As a pair of substitutions,
Keison McIntosh and Samuel Johnson come
back in for the Tigers. (whistle blows) – [Announcer] Keison McIntosh. – [Jon] And McIntosh again. Seems they’re having a tough
time stopping McIntosh. And you’re seeing why tonight, what he’s been able to do. Bandie, tips it back out. Barnwell, pull up jumper,
and he gets fouled. – [Announcer] Queensborough
foul, number 32, Daeshawn Yearwood-Thomas. His third, team’s eighth. – [Announcer] That’ll
be the third on Thomas and a one and one for Barnwell. Barnwell a 62% free throw shooter coming off an 11 point, one
rebound performance against BMCC and he misses the first one. All the way to the cup,
it’s good for Sam Johnson. Lead still at 20 for Queensborough. And an offensive foul. (clapping) That’s gonna be on Shameek Brown. He is fouled out and his night is done. – [Announcer] Kingsborough
foul, number 11, Shameek Brown. That’s his fifth personal foul. (buzzer blares) Mohamed Kande. – [Jon] And Kingsborough’s
gonna have to find their offense somewhere else. (whistle blows) (clapping) And a touch foul. And that’s gonna go on Escabi, they’re gonna get him with the hold. – [Announcer] Kingsborough foul,
number 14, Nicholas Escabi. His fifth personal foul. – [Jon] And McIntosh to shoot two. As now Escabi and Brown have fouled out. – [Announcer] Cameron Prillman on the way. Keison McIntosh at the line
for Queensborough, two shots. (clapping) – [Jon] One more for the Tigers. (clapping) 22 point lead at home, 7 1/2 to go. Barnwell a three, is short. (crowd cheering) All the way to the cup. What a move, Johnson. (whistle blows) Menos from the free throw
line, the bounce over. Bandie rings in the three. Queensborough will step into a three, its Forrest-Williams,
he drills the triple. Only shooting 29% from downtown but that time he gets it to go. Three ball’s off the mark and it’s floated up ahead. Shot won’t go from Forrest-Williams and the three off from
McIntosh, but he gets it back. McIntosh to the cup,
clap off the backboard and another bucket. (whistle blows) (crowd claps) Barnwell tried to feed a pass down low and it’s a turnover. McIntosh again, off the mark. Long rebound will lead
to a, no he gets it. Johnson. Now Queensborough will slow it down. Three ball Forrest-Williams, no. And the rebound goes to Kande. Queensborough getting a little
crafty on that last sequence and then a foul. – [Announcer] Queensborough
foul, number 20, Raevon Forrest-Williams. His second, team’s ninth. (whistle blows) – [Referee] Timeout called. – [Jon] We’ll have a full timeout taken by Queensborough. It’s a full 5:28 to go in the second half. It’s been all Tigers, 85-59. (“Stronger” by Kanye West) ♪ Work it, make it, do it, makes us ♪ ♪ Harder, better, faster, stronger ♪ ♪ N-now th-that that don’t kill me ♪ ♪ Can only make me stronger ♪ ♪ I need you to hurry up now ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I can’t wait much longer ♪ ♪ I know I got to be right now ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I can’t get much wronger ♪ ♪ Man, I’ve been waiting all night now ♪ ♪ That’s how long I been on ya ♪ ♪ Work it harder, make it better ♪ ♪ Do it faster, makes us stronger ♪ ♪ I need you right now ♪ ♪ I need you right now ♪ ♪ Let’s get lost tonight ♪ ♪ You could be my black
Kate Moss tonight ♪ ♪ Play secretary, I’m the boss tonight ♪ ♪ And you don’t give a
what they all say, right ♪ ♪ Awesome, the Christian
in Christian Dior ♪ ♪ Damn, they don’t make
’em like this anymore ♪ ♪ I ask, ’cause I’m not sure ♪ ♪ Do anybody make real anymore ♪ ♪ Bow in the presence of greatness ♪ ♪ ‘Cause right now thou hast forsaken us ♪ ♪ You should be honored by my lateness ♪ ♪ That I would even show up to this fake ♪ ♪ So go ahead, go nuts, go apeshit ♪ ♪ ‘Specially in my
Pastellé, on my Bape shit ♪ ♪ Act like you can’t tell who made this ♪ ♪ New Gospel, homie, take six ♪ (buzzer blares) ♪ N-now th-that that don’t kill me ♪ ♪ Can only make me stronger ♪ ♪ I need you to hurry up now ♪ – [Announcer] Edder Menos at
the line for Kingsborough, shooting two. (clapping) (whistle blows) – [Jon] Free throws coming up for Menos and Edder Menos hits the first one. And one more on the way. Second one off the mark, long rebound, and the Tigers control, 5 1/2
minutes to go in this contest. It’s been all Tigers. Three ball won’t go. One shot and finished for the Tigers. Queensborough still pushing the paint. Yearwood-Thomas, not that time and then blocked again. Cameron Prillman with the rejection. Menos, deep three, cash. (whistle blows) – [Announcer] Timeout Kingsborough. – [Jon] And Kingsborough
will call a timeout to talk it over. 4:34 to go in the second half. – [Announcer] Full team
timeout Kingsborough. (“Stir Fry” by Migos) ♪ Dance with my dogs in the nighttime ♪ ♪ Trap with the chickens like Popeye’s ♪ ♪ Money changin’ colors like tie-dye ♪ ♪ I’m just tryna get
it, I ain’t tryna die ♪ ♪ She got a big ol’ onion
booty, make the world cry ♪ ♪ In the kitchen, wrist
twistin’ like a stir fry ♪ ♪ Hold them bands down ♪ ♪ Hold your mans down ♪ ♪ Who told you come around ♪ ♪ This that trap sound ♪ ♪ Designer clothes, fashion shows ♪ ♪ Trap, house, made of gold ♪ ♪ Control the bag now ♪ ♪ No need to brag now ♪ ♪ Ayy, put the mask down ♪ ♪ We livin’ fast now ♪ ♪ Finest hoes, wrist froze ♪ ♪ We can go, coast to coast ♪ ♪ Watchin’ me whip up,
still be real and famous ♪ ♪ Dance with my dogs in the nighttime ♪ ♪ In the kitchen, wrist
twistin’ like a stir fry ♪ ♪ In the kitchen, wrist
twistin’ like a stir fry ♪ ♪ In the kitchen, wrist
twistin’ like a stir fry ♪ ♪ In the kitchen, wrist
twistin’ like a stir fry ♪ (whistle blows) – [Jon] Four and a half minutes to go in the second half, it’s
been all Queensborough. Up and under. Basket won’t go for Sam Johnson. Three ball short from Menos, leading to a run out. Wilson can’t get it to go and then a foul. – [Announcer] Kingsborough
foul, number 23, Mohamed Kande. His fourth personal. – [Jon] Fourth personal on Mohamed Kande. – [Announcer] Daeshawn
Yearwood-Thomas shooting two. – [Jon] Kingsborough can’t afford to have anybody else foul out. They’ve only dressed seven today. Two starters have fouled out. (clapping) (whistle blows) (buzzer blares) – [Announcer] Queensborough
foul, number 25, Samuel Johnson. His fifth personal foul. – [Jon] We’re getting two shots upcoming. – [Announcer] Cameron
Prillman will shoot two, as the Wave are in the double bonus. (clapping) – [Jon] Shot won’t go, rebound Prillman. 3 1/2 minutes to play. Bandie, not that time. Brought up front, and
all the way to the hole, Justin Wilson, the freshman
out of Transit Tech. Barnwell off the mark on a three. Nifty passing. McIntosh. – [Announcer] Keison McIntosh. (whistle blows) – [Jon] Pass in the post
broken up but a foul. – [Announcer] Queensborough
foul, number 32, Daeshawn Yearwood-Thomas. That’s his fourth personal foul. Mohamed Kande to shoot two. A 90 spot for the Tigers at home, and they’re not done yet, they’ve
got 2 1/2 minutes to play. Forrest-Williams can’t get it to go. – [Announcer] Kingsborough
foul, number 20, Seti Barnwell. – [Jon] And the foul will go to Barnwell, his third. – [Announcer] Mark Blair shooting two. – [Jon] One more, and the free throw off the mark. Barnwell on the wing. Now straight away Menos is fouled. – [Announcer] Queensborough
foul, number 10, Justin Wilson. That’s his fourth personal foul. – [Jon] And the fourth personal on Wilson. – [Announcer] Edder Menos shooting two. – [Jon] And Menos good on the first one. Second free throw is good. Final 2:15 to play in the contest. No need to rush for Queensborough. Trying to slip it underneath,
it’ll stay with the Tigers, 13 to shoot. (whistle blows) 10 to shoot. Wilson lets it fly. Can’t hit it, ball tapped around and Prillman comes out of the pack. Cameron Prillman, and then gives it to Menos. 100 seconds to go. Barnwell thought about it, Prillman, jumper off the mark. Offensive rebound goes to
Kande and Prillman on the wing. Prillman catch and shoot, no good. Kande goes up with it and
it goes out of bounds. 28 to shoot. Shot won’t go, here’s McIntosh. That’s a long two and it’s rattled in. Justin Wilson with a minute to go. – [Announcer] One minute
remaining in the second half, one minute. – [Jon] 48 seconds to go, Queensborough playing all the
way and getting the bucket, Mark Blair. Perhaps the final
possession for Kingsborough. (whistle blows) Ball thrown out, Queensborough possession. Queensborough will improve
to nine and seven overall, and then pick up their fourth
win in their last six games. Fall away jumper good
from Yearwood-Thomas. And then a steal and this’ll do it. (whistle blows) And then a foul. Cameron Prillman committing the foul. – [Announcer] Kingsborough
foul, number 24, Cameron Prillman. That’s his second. – [Crowd Member] Yeah Daeshawn! – [Announcer] Mark Blair at
the line for Queensborough, two shots. – [Jon] So two shots for Queensborough. Doesn’t look like they’ll
cap that century mark. But still, putting 97
plus points on the board isn’t too shabby either. There’s 98. One more. Menos, into the front court. Fires up a three, off the mark. Offensive rebound. There’s a stop. (whistle blows) And then a foul with 1.8 seconds to go. Cameron Prillman. – [Announcer] Kingsborough
foul, number 24, Cameron Prillman. That’s his third. – [Jon] And I don’t
understand that at all. – [Announcer] Mark Blair shooting two. – [Jon] Prillman obviously frustrated. (players murmuring) Now with 1.8, here is the
chance for 100 points. And first free throw off the mark. I wonder if Blair’s feeling the pressure to get that final point. And there it is. (crowd cheers) Queensborough will inbound
it and that will do it. Queensborough sweeps the double
header against Kingsborough as the Tigers improve to
nine and seven overall, and have one four of their last six. Kingsborough, the struggle continues. One and 18, and O and seven. We thank you very much for joining us. This has been a presentation of Queensborough Men’s Basketball. (slow rap music)

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