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33 thoughts on “MEN’S BASKETBALL: NCAA Championship – Press Conference”

  1. I love me some Tony Bennett…I wish all coaches and leaders respected kids and cared about them while still pushing them to do their best!!! Congrats may God bless him and the Virginia Cavaliers!!!!!!!!!

  2. The G.O.A.T. = Coach Tony Bennett. Greatest coach ever. Congratulations on this historic win. I'm so proud of you and the players. I couldn't be anymore happier. Go Wahoos!!! UVA Nation!!!!!

  3. Come to think of it, the media's asking and talking about the bad UMBC upset is probably what motivated UVA and put a chip on their shoulder and making them work harder and smarter to get a national title.

  4. Those kids are pure class, Tony is a spectacular judge of character as well as talent. The resurrection of the program has been great to watch.
    I have waited so long to see this.
    I am so proud.

  5. Coach is a man of faith for real! Its crazy how silent of a threat va is and was and at the end of the story. U hear all the scriptures quoted n glory going to god. Coach ur a great leader!

  6. I agree with the comment below about watching the whole thing and not skipping to the end.  But if you are pressed for time, Coach's last answer summarizes all that is great about him and his program.  Many athletes are placed on a podium but don't belong there.  This man, what he did, what his players did, is a story for the ages.  They can't be on enough podiums.

  7. Now if this guy sits in your living room and says he wants your kid to come to UVA how do you say no! What a class act and an amazing example of what a real man is. Those kids are so blessed and fortunate to be around him everyday. He just won many recruiting battles with this interview.

  8. All the downtrodden people around the world would have being rooting for the hoos !

    This team was completely humiliated and mocked mercilessly by the media and by everyone else, including their own fans ;
    This is truly , not only enormously sweet and cathartic for the team , but also a lesson for all of us , when experiencing failures and losses;
    The whole world would humiliate you , and mock you ;
    But you get up , with steel resolve , and accomplish the ultimate sweet success!


  9. Coach Tony Bennett….you sir are a class act. Thank You for playing a significant role in resurrecting this program. As a UVA alum, I've dreamed of this moment for 20+ years. Congratulations to you and the team. Truly an inspiring story!

  10. Guy:" I would like to thank NIKE for bribing NCAA president, Emmert and the refs to ignore so many fouls we committed against Auburn and Texas Tech. Ha Suck it, Under Armour!"

  11. I love these young men immensely, but Ty is so good at this. He doesn’t take any wooden nickels. He’s respectful but quick and sharp with his rebuke. Proud alum here! #wahoowa

  12. As a die hard Red Raider watching this still makes me sick. With that said top class from Tony Bennett and his players. A worthy opponent. We will be back sooner rather than later.

  13. Their run through that tournament was magical, never seen anything like it and probably never will again, old enough to remember those Ralph Sampson lead teams when they got to the Final Four but fell short of getting to the championship game, this is for all those players, Ralph, Othell, Cory, Malcolm to name a few that didn't get to experience that, Congrats to my home state Hoos, Coach Bennett kept those guys on track and good luck this coming season…

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