(lighthearted guitar music) – Hey you! I’m Celebrity Menswear
Stylist, Ashley Weston, joined by my partner and husband, Dorian. – Hey now! – Okay, so back to school essentials! We know that school
can be really stressful and the last thing you want
to do is spend time thinking about what you should wear that day. So, wanted to make it real easy, provide my expert style
advice for the items that you should pick up right now that will streamline the
whole process of waking up in the morning, figuring out what to wear. – And the key to a solid,
back to school wardrobe is that it’s comfortable, looks amazing, and super inexpensive, and it’s versatile! So it all goes together. So let’s get into it. (lighthearted guitar music) – Okay so first up you got
to get a pair of sneakers. They are comfortable, you’re
going to wear them everyday, you know you will.
– Everyday, yeah you will. – And you know, you want
to make sure that they’re not too expensive. So I really like Vans Old Skool Sneakers. They come in a bunch of different
color, ways and patterns. I’m a personal fan of the
black and white color scheme because it’s neutral,
goes with everything, but you can also have fun and
do the other colors as well. And they’re again inexpensive. If you want to have a
pair of white sneakers, which I actually highly
recommend getting both, I would definitely recommend
going with leather over canvas because, hey you know,
you’re on campus everyday, you’re in school, you’re not going to keep them clean probably and so leather is just way easier to keep clean. So I definitely have some very
specific picks that I’ll put in the article linked below. – So Ash, what’s next on the
list for the fellas out there? – Some well-fitting jeans
in either a dark indigo, black or a dark grey color. – Or all three? – Or all three, but even one pair of jeans.
– If you got to get one. – One jeans, they will get
you through the entire year and beyond. And Number Three on my list is a hoodie. – Ash and there’s different
types of hoodies obviously. There’s some YouTubers out there that will recommend
hoodies but they don’t know what they’re talking about so
what should they do instead? – You want to go with a pull-over hoodie not a zip-up hoodie! There are people out there
recommend the zip-up hoodie, I don’t understand why. It looks sloppy, when
you sit down it creates this weird bunching. – [Dorian] Or it indents in. – Yeah, it’s very sloppy so instead go with a pull-over hoodie. It looks great on its
own as well as layered underneath a jacket. Just make sure you don’t
have any logos on them because it just, oh gosh,
it looks really bad. Leave that to the kids
who want to wear like a bunch of logo-fits out there. They look ridiculous, you
don’t want to do that. – You’re not a NASCAR driver in school. Don’t look like one. – Number Four on my list are
T-shirts but specifically in white, black, gray and navy. You might want to pick up
like five or six of them. You never need to spend
very much money on them. I actually have really
specific recommendations on the best T-shirts out there and they’re really great on the price. But here’s the biggest thing
I want you guys to remember: fit is king. So don’t ever underestimate the power of a well-fitting T-shirt and jeans. Just nailing this down is so attractive and will instantly set you
apart from everyone else that doesn’t know what
they’re talking about and doesn’t pay enough attention
to these little details. So I’ll list all of my favorite T-shirts in the article linked below. And Number Five is a versatile jacket. So I really love and recommend
to you guys a bomber jacket in either leather, nylon or cotton. – Any fabric basically. It’s a fantastic choice
and literally looks good on everybody. It works really well
from morning all the way into the evening and the best part? You can layer it! So if it’s a little cooler
outside, pop that over a sweater or something like that, and you still look like a million bucks. It’s really really a great go-to jacket. – Number Six is a casual
button-down shirt. So this is just something really easy to include in your wardrobe. It looks great either untucked or even like a little
messy tuck in the front. But what separates a
casual button-down shirt from a dress shirt is
that a casual dress shirt or a casual button-up shirt
is actually a little shorter in length than a dress shirt. So it hits usually around mid-crotch. So it’s perfect to have
untucked or slightly tucked in. – My favorite thing ever is you chuck on your button-down
shirt, pair it with jeans, the same sneakers that we recommended and throw the bomber jacket over top. You look like a million bucks and you literally did very little. You already have all the stuff in your closet.
– It’s kind of like, “Oh, I just woke up and
threw some things together.” And so it looks like cool
but like kind of unfussy, like you didn’t try hard but
in the best way possible. – Exactly. – Next up is a sweatshirt. So I’m talking about a
crew neck sweatshirt. There’s really not any V-neck
sweatshirts that I know of but you want a crew
neck sweatshirt anyways. So sweatshirts are super casual,
they’re made out of cotton, really comfortable,
inexpensive, you can easily, like once they get dirty,
chuck them in the wash and then I would still air dry them. I wouldn’t put them in the dryers. Unless you want a really worn-in,
super even softer feeling then you could totally
throw them in the dryer. – But they will shrink! – Yeah, but a sweatshirts really great because it just compliments
the rest of your kind of casual attire for
your back to school look? So I really like them and
I have a couple favorites that I will link in the article. – And Number Eight on the list, I think Ash, is often
overlooked especially when you obviously got a
bunch of things going on, you just go, “Uh, I got my backpack. “Whatever, I’ll sling
it over my shoulder.” That matters! That adds to your overall look. So you want to make sure
it’s sharp, it’s clean, I see a lot of disgusting, gross, old dirty backpacks on school campuses. Ugh. And it can actually ruin
one of your amazing outfits! So make sure you’ve got a great backpack. We’ve got some really
wonderful suggestions that work really well. They’re comfortable,
they carry a lot of stuff including your laptop. Obviously you’re lugging
around a bunch of crap around school all day. Make sure it looks good! – Yeah, and you want it to
last all year long obviously and not be too expensive, so we’ve done extensive research on this. – Link in the description below. – And second to last,
a pair of sunglasses. So the right shape of sunglasses can instantly up your style game, but the wrong shape can really
make you look unattractive. So you want to stick with classic styles but that compliment your face shape. So I’ll definitely get real
specific in the article with which one you should
go with depending on what your face shape is. – Ash, so the last thing
on the list that the fellas that are watching this video should have for this school year is… – A second pair of pants! (laughing) – Okay this is what I mean by it.
– Get specific for them. – I’m going to get real specific, okay. So sometimes you’re not going to want to wear jeans every single day. You want to mix it up a little, right? So if you want to mix it up
and you’re more of a chino guy then definitely go with some chino pants in either a navy or a dark
gray ’cause that’ll go with the rest of your outfits. The rest of the items in your closet. Now, if chinos are not really your style and you want something
a little bit more sporty definitely go pick up
a pair of jogger pants in black though. Because black is what’s
going to go with everything in your existing wardrobe
and it looks really clean, it looks sharp. You can even go with a dark gray so ill definitely include those
two colors in the article. But anything outside of
that will look really, it’ll look like you’re
wearing your workout clothes. So it won’t look sharp and
again the key to dressing and still being comfortable but stylish is to just add the right
pieces so that you don’t have to think about what goes together. You can just roll out
of bed, grab the pieces that you picked up from today’s video and you know you’re going to look sharp and feel great the entire day. Fellas that’s it. Hope you liked it. Thumbs if you liked this
video, subs if you loved it. Leave your comments and
questions down below. We do answer them in little segments we
call Two Minute Tuesdays so definitely check those out. Fellas, we’ll see you in the next one. – Bye.
– Bye! (lighthearted guitar music)

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88 thoughts on “Men’s Back to School Style Essentials [Teen, High School, & College Guys]”

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    Bomber jackets – yes indeed. But if everybody has one, an alternate look that works just as well is the car coat.

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