I was really impressed with the training session that we
had. Technically they’re all very good, bowling-wise very accurate Some different actions but they all seem to
be able to land them pretty well Batting-wise they look very good. They seem to have had a good base from their coaching which is great. I guess the next step is to try to get them up to a level where they can compete on the international stage It’s just about learning game sense and game situations. So hopefully over the next couple of years we can allow them to learn those sort of situations and be able to compete up where they want to be. [Meg coaching] The International Women’s Championship has come
in and really seen a growth in the countries that are just starting out in cricket and China is sort of in that boat I guess, really starting out trying to develop a good base and it’s really important that we get people like
myself and the ICC into those countries early on to really show them what it’s
all about and how exciting a game of cricket can be. I’m already seeing they’re very enthusiastic,
they love their sport and it’s certainly
a big opportunity here in China

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Dennis Veasley

11 thoughts on “Meg Lanning teaches cricket in China”

  1. It would be great to see how much Chinese would embrace cricket… It would be a big boost for the game if China accepts it…

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