START 00:02
COMM: With his silky skills and an eye for the goal, Wagner Love is every inch the Brazilian
footballer. 00:09
COMM: The tiny striker, who measures just 39 inches tall, is the star player for Gigantes
do Norte. The country’s top dwarf football team. 00:19
COMM: And far from being pushovers, this talented squad are playing and beating teams almost
twice their size. 00:26
WAGNER: I like to do what the crowd asks for. I keep the ball and score goals. 00:32
FAN: Wagner Love! 00:35
COMM: The Gigantes Do Norte, which means Giants of the North formed in 2006, to combat size
prejudice in Brazil, and with a growing number of fans they’re credited with changing attitudes
across the country. 00:49
COACH: Gigantes do Norte are not only different in size. I compare Gigantes do Norte to any
other team. If they has my stature, all of them especially Wagner Love, could easily
be professional players. 01:03
COMM: The Giants who are based in Belem, play on full size pitches using full size goals,
but are allowed to get on each others shoulders when defending a free kick.The gifted players
say the team has brought them more respect. Especially 2-year-old Casemiro. Better known
as Wagner Love. 01:21
WAGNER: My life has changed because at one point I was struggling to deal with the prejudice
in the streets, but now I receive compliments, wonderful compliments when I play. 01:34
COMM: And so while Brazil’s national team gear up for this summer’s World Cup, the Giants
will continue to take their talents across the nation, and with every victory win more
respect for dwarves. END

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Meet The ‘Ronal-teenios’: Brazil’s Dwarf Football Team”

  1. It’s unfair to the big teams if they challenge them the midgets will fall and always get a foul

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  3. people call messi short but hes 170 cm tall which is 5'7 :/ You people calling him short are stupid (people using "short" as a offending mean way)

  4. Q tan grande puede ser el humano cuando se propone algo bueno hasta DIOSSS MISMO SE A DE ASOMBRAR POR LA CREACIONESS Q HACEEE FELICIDADESSS

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