Fun Music oh my god Hey guys! This is Karina and Ronald from…… Together: Sis vs Bro! And today we are getting a cat! *Cheerful woop* But we might not. *record scratching* So there’s this lady, we’re gonna go to her house, and she has some kitties for adoption. He’s eight
weeks old, and he’s a boy, and he’s gonna be super
cute!! Well, I don’t know if he’s gonna be super cute
because we haven’t seen him. But we’re gonna see if we really like him, and if he likes us, and if he
does we’re gonna take him home! Chibi, you excited? Chibi? Chibi? You wanna get a… another kitty Friend?>>[Ronald] She’s like,
“No way. I’m the queen, and no one else can take over my job!” (giggles) Okay, let’s go!>>[Karina] Let’s go to the car!>>Na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na… (Karina and Ronald cooing at kitten)>>[Woman] They’ve come to see you. They’ve come to see you. It’s beautiful. Oh, look. Lots of people. He’s just woken up. So he’s feeling a bit tired. Who’s having him?>>Hi!>>[Woman] There’s Mummy.>>[Man] Mommy’s so cute, too.>>[Woman] There you go.
In you go. Go on in. Ooo!>>So guys, we decided to
take him! He’s so cute! Look at him, he’s so tiny. And we’re thinking of calling him “James,” but I wanna like pick something else. I wanna like think of something else. But we might call him “James.” Oh, he’s so cute. I think he’s trying to
find a way to escape.>>Or maybe looking at his home. Aww, it’s okay.>>It’s okay, you little cutie. He’s gonna be sad for a little bit because he got separated from his mom, but eventually he will be okay.>>With us and Chibi.>>Yeah. Are you ready to meet
your new friend, Chiboo?>>They could be boyfriend and girlfriend. (giggles) (kitten meowing)>>Aww, he’s so cute.>>[Ronald] I think he’s gonna cry.>>He’s so cute. We’re gonna go home and
meet your new friend. She may not like you very much, but I bet you’re gonna love her. You’re so cute and tiny. Chibi might eat him he’s so tiny. (record scratch)>>[Ronald] But first
we’re going to the vets.>>Yeah. So guys, first
we’re gonna go to the vet to see if he has any fleas,
and then we’re going home. Alright, we are at the vet. Alright, let’s go. Where is it? It’s that way. Okay. (bouncy, percussive music) (cat meowing)>>Okay, so he got some drops
on his back for the fleas, and he’s meowing like crazy now. I think we should take him home,
and get him to meet Chibi. Alright, you’re back in the car. Ready to go home? And he’s always been sleeping in his bed, so he’s gonna sleep in this
bed for a couple of days, and then we’re gonna get him a new one. And he’s got a little
teddy bear over there. You see the teddy bear? He’s got a little cute
teddy bear over there. (singing in unison)>>If you’re happy and
you know it say “meow.” (kitten meows)>>If you’re happy and
you know it say “meow.” (kitten meows) (singing in unison)>>If you’re happy and you know it, and you really want to show it. If you’re happy and
you know it say “meow.” (crickets chirping) (laughter)>>Come on, meow! Are you happy? (kitten meows) (laughter)>>Okay, let’s do it again. (singing in unison)>>If you’re happy and you know it, and you really want to show it, if you’re happy and you
know it, say “meow.” (kitten meows)>>And we are home! He’s gonna have to stay in the
bathroom for a couple of days, CHIBI CHIBI (CHIBI) Welcome to your new home. CHIBI CHIBI You got no scratcher. CHIBI YOU FAT DUMMY COMMIT NECK ROPE>:C Okay, let’s open you up. I hear Chibi meowing. Hi there! Hello. Come on. Hi. You gonna go hide in your little scratcher? (piano music continues)>>[Ronald] What’s her reaction?
>>What did>>you just bring here? (ominous piano music)
>>Excuse me. What? Is she gonna fight?>>[Ronald] The fight starts now.>>[Karina] What are you doing, Chibi? She’s like opening her mouth like I wanna eat you, I’m gotta eat you. (playful xylophone) (Beep)>>Okay, so I’m gonna close
the door so they don’t start up a kitty fight. Bye-bye. Chibi, you like him?>>[Ronald] Probably not.
He was like [hiss].>>So guys, we were not
supposed to let little guy out, but we really should, because this guy is meowing
like a crazy monkey. He wants attention.
He’s not scared at all. He’s curious. And he just wants to explore
the house and meet Chibi. But Chibi’s probably gonna eat him. So, I guess lets let him out! Hi! Oh! He’s at the door! Hi! You’re so cute! Should I close the door behind him?>>No.
>>Okay. Hi! Hi! So tiny! Chibi! What’s Chibi gonna do? Chibi’s right behind! Chibi, go meet him. Go meet him! It’s okay, Chibi. (Chibi growling)>>[Ronald] I think Chibi
wants to eat him so badly.>>[Karina] Go meet him. He’s only tiny. Oh! He’s coming.>>[Ronald] I’m scared.>>[Karina] Chibi, what
do you think about this? She’s like, “What have you done?” “Why have you let this
creature inside this house?” “I’m the only queen here.” Oh, my gosh. Chibi, what
are you trying to do? She’s like coming up from behind. Look at the way he walks! He’s like uh-uh! Okay, I think Chibi wants
to come and meet him, but that little guy, he
isn’t scared of anything. He’s not scared of
Chibi. He’s like, “Yeah!” Chibi’s scared of him.>>[Ronald] Wait, what? Who’s scared of who, here?>>Hello. Hi. (playful music) He barely moves. Maybe. Oh! Okay, goodbye.
He’s tired of the living room. And Chibi’s right behind him, of course. (giggles)>>[Ronald] Eye contact.>>Oh, my god. Chibi, what did you do?>>[Ronald] She was like… I
think she’s scared. And think like– whoa! (static)>>So guys, it’s the second day, and our little kitty, guys… Just like he’s sleeping, he’s so cute! He just woke up from a nice little nap. See? He’s so cute. He’s meowing. Chibi still hates him. Chibi doesn’t like him. She’s always like, “Ahh. I’m gonna eat you
up. Da-da-da-da-da.” But she doesn’t actually eat him. He just fights with her. We’re thinking of naming him George, but we don’t know. I also liked…Matt Ma– What was it?>>Tabby and Milo.>>[Karina] Tabby and Milo. Those are the names I liked. I just keep on forgetting Milo.
So yeah. At the moment his name is George, but if you guys have any better ideas leave a comment down below. Okay guys, we’re gonna
show you where he sleeps. George, you wanna come with us? Wanna come with us? You’re coming with us. I’m gonna take him with one hand. So cute. He’s so cute.>>[Ronald] He’s so cute!>>Alright. Oh, hi Chibi! Chibi still doesn’t like him. She’s like… She just fled. She’s like, “Buh-bye.” Now we keep it in this little bathroom. ‘Cause sometimes Chibi gets
like a little too aggressive. So we have to keep him in here. So we’re gonna plop him down right there, and he has his little cage. Place where he sleeps.
We’re gonna get a new bed. But this is his old bed,
what he used to have. He has this little scratcher.
This used to be Chibi’s, but now I don’t think
she really doesn’t… She doesn’t really like
going in here anymore. And this is his litter box, for now. Soon he’s gonna use Chibi’s. But at the moment,
Chibi doesn’t like that.>>Yep.>>[Karina] And he also
has his own food bowl. That’s in the kitchen. And here he has his water bowl. And whenever he eats out of his food bowl Chibi thinks that he’s
eating out of her food bowl. Cause she gets mad.>>[Ronald] She was like (growl).>>[Karina] Yeah. So he stays
in the bathroom for now. That’s his little home. Right? And he hates it when we put
him in there. He hates it.>> He’s like Meow-meow
meow-meow-meow He goes, “meow-meow-meow,” and I’m always like, “I wanna let him out, but I don’t want him to get eaten!” I don’t want you to get eaten, but I don’t want you to be sad. He’s so cute, even when
he drinks his water. Hi! He’s so cute. Isn’t that right? Yeah, right? He’s so adorable. Where did you go?
Where’d you go? Where did you go? I can see you! Ah! He’s so cute! Look at him! Little Georgie. George, George. Hi! What are you doing? Whatcha doin’? I can’t quite nudge this
camera through here. Hi! Thank you for smacking!>>[Ronald] Smack! He was smacking the camera. You guys alright? I think she smacked you pretty hard. Alright, but I think
we’re gonna end this video right here. Don’t forget to comment down below. What do you think George’s name should be? George is not his permanent name, it’s just what we’re calling him for now.>>For now.>>So guys, we hoped you liked this video.>>If you did, smash that “Like” button and we’ll see you all next time. Good-Bye! And guys, don’t forget, if
you want to get a pet cat don’t buy one, adopt one. Because there’s so
many stray ones everywhere, and we don’t need anymore of that. No, no, no, no, no. So adopt one! (faced paced music)

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