We gathered your celebrity
friends because I know, to you, that’s more important
than the un-famous people. Oh, sure, yes, yes. [LAUGHTER] Well, we got them to read
some of your mean tweets. Some people that have tweeted
mean things about Jimmy. – Oh.
– We’ve got a bunch of– People tweeted
mean things about me? Yes. [LAUGHTER] This is a double-whammy. It’s a rough time. It’s a rough time out there. All right, so we’re
going to take you down a notch in a very
special edition of Mean Tweets, Jimmy Kimmel edition.
– Oh, boy. [CHEERING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Jimmy Kimmel needs a
kick to his [BLEEP] hole. Happy birthday. I thought I saw Jimmy
Kimmel at Home Depot. Turns out it was just a
sloppy dude with big dimples. @JimmyKimmel, you are
a jackass [BLEEP] sucker. Keep your mouth shut and
do your little TV show. Or get the [BLEEP]
out of our country. @JimmyKimmel, you represent
everything I hate about myself, you bloated douche bag. I don’t know how I
got roped into this bit. But here we go. Here you go for your
birthday, Jimmy. Some [BLEEP] named,
@euphoric_mania writes, is Jimmy Kimmel cross-eyed
or just ridiculously ugly? Aw. That’s stupid as
stupid, just stupid. Jimmy Kimmel, go
suck a gorilla [BLEEP],, you dumb fatass. [LAUGHTER] You got some haters. Jimmy Kimmel is a comedy god. Like a deformed, lame,
hideous god, such as ancient Greece’s Hep– Hepa– Hepha– Hepatitis? The god of hepatitis? That sounds hideous. Hephaestus. But that ugly bozo
is still a god. Jimmy, you don’t have hepatitis. [LAUGHTER] I would know. @JimmyKimmel, are you kidding
me with that flabby body? What the [BLEEP]? Get to the gym, man. Do you really shave your pits? Scary! Jimmy Kimmel is that same
fat kid from “Win Ben Stein’s Money” who grew up to
become that fat kid from “Win Ben Stein’s Money.” That’s– I don’t– I don’t care for this
spelling, who wrote this. Hey, Jimmy Kimmel,
if you replace his nose with a [BLEEP],, you
have a dead ringer for Dumbo. You’s a crazy, sick, [BLEEP]. Jimmy Kimmel, you
still look like a potato. Now, you’re just a hairy potato. So you’re extra gross. I disagree. I think Jimmy Kimmel looks like
a slightly bloated Carson Daly, but not as funny. Slightly bloated? This is going to
sound fantastic, but I forget Jimmy
Kimmel’s name, so I googled, ugly late
night talk show host, and I got him, top link. [LAUGHTER] Jimmy Kimmel, open your eyes. Your eyes look like vaginas. #squinter. I like Jimmy Kimmel better
when he was somewhat fat. Skinny Jimmy is no bueno. Dear Jimmy Kimmel, go wrap
your ball sack around your neck and choke yourself to death. Then put your head up your butt. There’s nothing–
there’s no nuance to that. @KanyeWest says, Jimmy Kimmel,
put yourself in my shoes. Oh no, that means you would have
gotten too much good [BLEEP] in your life. Oh! Fair point, Kanye. @JimmyKimmel, you’re
a piece of [BLEEP].. Your job is to pollute
the airwaves with your worthless bull-[BLEEP]. [BLEEP] off you big, giant turd. I think this guy follows me too. [LAUGHTER] Jimmy Kimmel, $1 million
says your hair is fake, your boobs are fake, and your
feet are small, and your nose is made of Play-Doh. Jimmy Kimmel is not funny. Neither is David Letterman. I’d have to go along
with both of those. @JimmyKimmel, your show
blows brown donkey balls. Go play with Howard
Stern’s [BLEEP],, you Hollywood jokeless fool. Happy birthday, Jimmy. [CHEERING] Thanks for watching. If you like that, subscribe
to our YouTube channel for all the latest videos. And if you didn’t,
subscribe anyway. It’s free. Who cares?

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Mean Tweets – Jimmy Kimmel Edition”

  1. When kardashian read kanyes comment i was just like "she definitely took away his sex priveleges for a month when she got home"

  2. Reading those mean tweets is just another example of why people all around the country need to proofread what they write or who they write about


  4. I'd say these mean tweets are written by angry, ignorant 10 yer olds. They're not funny, creative or fun.

  5. Literally most of these are about him being slightly chubby lol. Like that's such an easy and trivial insult that just comes across as elementary at best 🙄 If all people had to say about me was that I'm slightly chubby and not funny, I wouldn't be insulted at all lol

  6. He – fe – stos
    And if you want it with the Greek pronunciation: Ìfestos
    He can pronounce those Norse Mythology's names and he can't pronounce the Greeks…😂😂😂
    Kinda understand it because the English writing causes those problems! With the Greek alphabet is super easy!

  7. The minute the plastic blow up dolls that make up the Kardashians show up on my screen I have to change the channel.

  8. Yikes. A lot of these really aren’t funny. Those hostile ones are pretty alarming. It’s one thing when it’s playful, but, woof.

  9. Last one was the best 🤣
    I wanna see the kids that wrote those shits roast them live
    If they have the heart and the balls to do it 🤣

  10. People in the comments surprised there was no Matt Damon.

    Raymond said "Celebrity Friends.." I'll let you decide which one of those two words doesn't apply to Matt Damon.

  11. Who was the woman right before Colbert?? She is smoking hot! And Liam Neeson should read ALL mean Tweets; his voice is iconic.

  12. Howard Stern should've read the one where he was mentioned (the one Will Ferrell read at the end), just like David Letterman read the one where he himself was mentioned.

  13. – Thor hurry! You must say the name of the Greek God of fire loud and clear in order to save Asgard!
    – Employs at McDonald's have a free meal on their break?! No way!

  14. Hemsworth was obviously joking, guys. He knows it doesn't say hepatitis, he was just reminded of the word and made a sex joke out of it. Americans take things so literally. XD

  15. And to think, all those people insulting Jimmy, are most likely half wit morons who couldn't do anything with their lives, didn't get past grade 8 or thereabouts, still live with mommy and daddy, and of course bail on their rent because they can't get jobs due to the ugly ass tattoo's they decided to put on their faces, rendering them….UNEMPLOYABLE.

  16. The folks who are mean tweeting are so redundant in their vocabulary. After a while they all sound alike.

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