[Karolina] Tonight we are going to cook dinner for you guys. Join us when we show you how we cook dinner [Julita] But not too much!
What are you doing? Idiot! Julita & Karolina’s Journey
Food and Tennis
[MUSIC: Ozzy ”Några gånger”] [Karolina] This is what our breakfast looks like. Oatmeal made by…
A little bit of Haloumi strawberries mixed with some mango fruit [Karolina] Mmmm mmm [Karolina sings to Ozzy “Några Gånger”] Peanut butter, mango, outmeal and some strawberries. [Julita] On our way to training. This is where we train.
UTK Arena in Uppsala. Remove the camera from this training.
I mean it. What a sourpuss. [Karolina] Hey I promise you. Remove the camera. [Karolina laughing and joking] [Karolina] This is what it looks like
when I Snapchat with Julita’s mother. We don’t need to say that much to each other.
We understand each other by using emojis. [Karolina] We have some fruits,
and yes some tomatoes. [Julita] Tomato [Karolina] I look like a tomato. [Karolina] Why are you in a state of chock?
Come and VLOG with us! [Bijan] No please!
[Julita] Excuse him. [Karolina] Okay, then we’re coming to you. [Karolina] Does it look good? We have some vegetables, it wll look better. [Julita] Okay, then. Chef’ish. Quite tempted by all of this. [Julita] This is what a normal lunch looks like.
Post training meal. As you can see, some sweet potatoes,
broccoli, cucumber, tomatoes, spinnach and some chicken. [Julita] Now we’re heading to tennis training,
the second session of today. [MUSIC – BMA “Andra Sidan ft. Ahdam”] [Julita] Run Rocky! [Julita] I have to ask you.
Why are you acting rich with that bag? [Karolina] I’m fifty-fifty, one Coop-plastic bag
and I needed a NK-shopping bag. [Julita] Coop-bag is good. [Karolina] Here’s my toiletry bag.
[Julita] The ugliest bag I’ve seen. [Karolina] Come on, it is Snoopy. [Karolina] Here I have some cooking marinade
to prepare the steaks. But we don’t have a BBQ in the apartment.
Here we have the steaks, straight from the butchers. [Julita] But you only have one bag,
you are sopposed to have at least four. [Julita] So it doesn’t leak.
We will have to teach you that baby. [Karolina] Here we have some broccoli.
[Julita] I’ve also got some. It’s good. [Karolina] We can fry it in oil. [Karolina] Then we have some peas. [Julita] Nice haul. [Karolina] A bottle of Victoria Secret fragrance.
[Julita] Can I also have one? I need it. [Julita] Thanks. [Julita] Okay, I said one, not ten.
Hello, it’s enough. [Julita] Stop it.
It’s enough. [Julita] Oh, please can I have.
My hands are dry. [Julita] Danke Darling. [Julita] But not so much!
What are you doing? Idiot! [Julita] What are you doing?
We have to cut. Yalla bye. [Julita] Would you like some moisturizer?
I got too much from my friend. [Julita] She is stupid. [Julita] Damn it.
What a friend I have. [Julita] Swedish friend.
(Both laughing) [Julita] She laughed. [Julita] Honestly, do you have some paper? [Karolina] What do you mean?
It wasn’t that much. [Julita] Swedish humor. [Julita] Hello? Honestly. [Karolina] Stop it! [Karolina] On my new trousers. [Karolina] Just, let it dry.
Put it all over your hands. [Karolina] Tonight we are going to
cook dinner for you guys. Join us when we show you how we cook dinner [Julita] We have steaks from Hässelby Villastad. [Julita] She will prepare the meat tonight. [Julita] And I will try to prepare the salad. [Julita] So we separate the tasks in this kitchen. [Karolina] In our household. [Karolina] I have marinated the meat with this sauce. [Julita] Romaine sallad I believe it is called. [Julita] Correct?
[Karolina] Yes, you are on top of things. [Julita] We put it over there. [Karolina] And then we use sch’cucumber.
[Julita] Cucumber. [Karolina] And some spinnach. [Julita] Very tasty.
As you know. We are very healthy. [Julita] Red unions or which one?
[Karolina] Yellow. [Julita] Yellow?
[Karolina] We can have red in the oven. [Julita] But I also want red unions in the salad.
[Karolina] Okay, choose that then. [Julita] I like red unions. [Julita] And now we’re starting to cook the dinner.
Peace out! [Julita] Okay. [Julita] Okay. [Karolina] A tasty mix of everything. [Karolina] The start of a very good salad. [Julita] If you mess with me one more time.
I will cut you. [Julita] Aaahh [Julita] I’m joking. [Julita] It was close.
I swear, it touched my nail, my long nail saved me. [Karolina] So this is not a cucumber? [Karolina] So our sweet potato starts to be done. [Julita] We don’t need those.
This is enough. [Karolina] Na na na na [Julita] Karolina is going to fry the meat. [Karolina] I prefer to barbeque.
We have a barbeque at home. [Karolina] Some extra marinade. [Karolina] So they will be extra tasty. [Julita] Special “Italiano” herbs.
[Karolina] Straight out of Vercin. [Julita] Salt, from the sea. [Karolina] Take lots of salt.
[Julita] Chill man. [Julita] So you want a kiss from me?
[Karolina] Yes. [Julita] Okay then.
[Karolina] Why don’t I get one? [Karolina] One more? [Julita] You said one kiss
but you gave me ten. [Julita] Finito. [Julita] I hope it will taste good.
That’s the meaning of it all. That it will taste good. [Karolina] And in a moment,
the sweet potato will be ready. [Karolina] But we start to dig in anyway,
we are starving. [Karolina] I am dying. Honestly. [Karolina] This is what one of our tasty dinner looks like. It is one of our favorite dishes. [Julita] Yes, this one has extra meat.
[Karolina] Mmm, I like meat. [Karolina] I love meat.
Growing up I ate meat a lot. [Julita] The sweet potato is done soon. [Karolina] It took a little bit longer than expected.
It will be done soon. [FIRE ALARM RINGS) [Karolina] This is what happens every time cook. [Julita] Something is wrong with it.
[Karolina] Something is wrong. [Karolina] Finally. [Karolina] Thats the end of today’s cooking lesson. [Karolina] Anyway, we’re saying good night
to you guys now. [Julita] Good night my wonderful followers. [Julita] Don’forget to subscribe and thumbs up and thumbs down and everything! [Karolina] No thumbs down. We don’t like that.
None of that bad stuff. We only like subscribe.
Click on the button there. Click. Click. [MUSIC: Ozzy ”Några gånger”]

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