I’m Gustavo Staniscia, author of the book – Beach Tennis: -13 GOLPES, Los más usados
(13 STROKES, the most used). Almeria and its province, is the perfect place to practice this sport on sand known internationally as BEACH TENNIS. is growing fast on beaches around the world. We use an intermediate grip called the Continental, which allows us to play this sport with extremely fast attack and defense. In general, we can divide shots into Static and Dynamic. The Static ones are those that we make from a fixed position, and Dynamic the ones in which we move to position ourselves better for the shot, always recovering our initial position as quickly as possible. Beach Tennis is a sport of controlled shots, where we force the movement of the opponent, trying to find a decisive ball to be able to attack and win the point. A second, more specific classification, allows us divide the shots between Basic ones and those Particular to Beach Tennis. The SMASHis the attack stroke par excellence; but it is not always a point winning shot, as often when we use it to counter the LOB, it is defensive. It is quick and with little movement and we try to hit the ball as high as possible. as high as possible. The SERVE is the stroke with which the ball is put into play and can be executed both underhand, BADMINTON style or overhand, TENNIS style. We always try to cover the space between us and the net. There is only one serve opportunity unlike other racket sports. It can be Sliced, Flat or with Topspin. The RETURN is the stroke we make to receive the serve. Usually it is a BLOCK and if it comes to us slowly we can choose and control the stroke well. The LOB is a fundamental stroke, widely used in offensive play as well as defensive. We can use it with any type of shot and it is allows us to move our opponent away from the net or to recover our position on the court. The DROPSHOT and the COUNTER DROPSHOT are very tight over the net strokes and they are made either with the forehand or backhand and many times backspin effects are used. Another Specific beach tennis shot is the DIRITTO SPINTO, where we push the ball out in front of us by putting all the weight of our body behind it. The SVENTAGLIO is another one of the shots we use with the a high ‘backwards forehand’ allowing us to put topspin the ball. The HOOK is the shot that we use when the ball goes past us and we have to retrieve it moving our body sideways and backwards at the same time to position ourselves with the ball very high and with an open racket face to hit it as high as possible. The VERONICA is the stroke that we use to return the ball with a high backhand before turning back inwards to the centre of the court to put ourselves in the right position again. The FOREHAND TOPSPIN is a very new stroke that shows us how beach tennis is continuously evolving. The DEFENSIVE BACKHAND stroke for low hit balls at the height of the abdomen, is very useful, quick to prepare and allows greats control. The SCOOPED FOREHAND (from behind) is a shot that we use to return a ball from the back of the court from bottom to top as if we were handling a spoon. The Beach Tennis, this new racket sport namely: its climate and its beaches. that promotes healthy competition, is the perfect sport for Almeria as it has the best conditions to play it and improve, namely: its climate and its beaches.

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