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In this video from KEEPNURSING, we´re gonna talk about the model called MARY
It´s a special model developed for composing the work uniform of the Health Care Professionals!
The upper is made of a special rubber, what makes it waterproof. It’s quite durable
and besides that, it´s completely closed, being ideal for those who work in Hospitals,
Clinics and Labs. Inside we have an incredible footbed, what
brings great benefits matching the needs of those who demand a lot from their feet, during
their working routine. The OUTSOLE is durable and with a beautiful
design. Moreover, the outsole is anti-noise, avoiding that annoying sound when you walk
through corridors. It´s a good idea to wear it when you are
on duty. You deserve it! If you are looking for comfortable shoes,
you got it, Check it out at KEEPNURSING.COM and find other
colors, too KEEP NURSING – The Store that cares about
those … who care about others. KeepLoving, KeepNursing.com

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