Mario Tennis Aces Review Switch how the hell am I supposed to compete
with that okay so we’re talking about Mario Tennis aces Switch is the newest and a
solid addition to the growing library of Nintendo switch games Mario Tennis Switch
brings fast-paced action-packed game play with a few new mechanics that keep
the gameplay relatively simple but at a deeper level that allows for more
strategic gameplay that is just a lot of fun a lot of the mechanics are kind of
fighting game inspired bringing some of the mechanics like the growing energy
bar and a special move over from that genre and implementing it into this
tennis sports game it seems to work very well keeping things kind of back and
forth fatigue ik taking actions here and there and you have the option to make
strategic decisions with these new mechanics as you play throughout the
rally your energy gauge will charge up but you have a certain option about how
and when you want to use these you can use the zone speed ability to quickly
defend and move around the court making so that if you’re out of position
you can hustle back and return one over or you can power up and save it for your
amazing crazy smash attack that you just go to aim and crush the ball wherever
you kind of want on the court if you’re skilled enough nice the addition of this
energy gauge adds different swings in momentum as the rally goes along making
it so if you make a nice defense and you know you could be up and around thinking
you’re gonna head then your opponent pulls out a huge special shot to come
back and win the rally making things really exciting and even if you’re out
of a rally you still have a chance to kind of crawl your way back in to earn
those points all this is built upon the foundation of basic tennis gameplay with
the slice power and topspin shots along with the drop and lob shots to allow for
a varied array of options for you to choose from as you play this refined and
simple gameplay with a few additions of the mechanics really makes for a solid
gameplay experience when you’re playing the tennis game in Mario Tennis ace
just planets go the single player adventure mode offers a short but
diverse set of challenges for you to undertake as Mario Tennis aces and go through this
adventure there’s a wide range of different challenges using all sort of
that you’re familiar mario creatures like the Piranha Plants you’ve got a
smack back and forth with or a varied amount of bosses that force you as a
player to use all the games different mechanics it takes a page out of the
first-person shooter book where you have to use all the
game’s mechanics in a short but substantial campaign that allows it
serves as kind of a teaching for the multiplayer modes there is some light
RPG progression in the adventure mode but overall it ends up feeling kind of
pointless the things you accumulate on the long the way and the levels you gain
and the increase in stat seem almost meaningless you can definitely feel the
effects but at the end you’re kind of left with no earned extras or goodies to
use in the other modes of the game so it’s just here and once you’ve completed
the mode all of that is seemingly unused elsewhere there’s also not a ton to earn
here in this mode you accumulate extra rackets as you go which are kind of
useful in that mode they don’t apply elsewhere which kind of sucks plus
there’s no secret characters or extra earned characters or content that you
can earn in this mode making it so that the mode is just for fun and doesn’t
really help you carry over into the other modes when you’re finished with it
the tournament mode allows for some increased amount of single-player play
but these modes are essentially just increasingly difficult CPU matches that
kind of go organized in a tournament style it’s pretty linear and it harkens
back to the original days of the original Mario Tennis Reviews back on the n64
and don’t really serve to add a ton more gameplay time into the game because you
can’t earn anything in this mode it’s really just to kind of play against the
computer in a semi organized fashion the multiplayer mode is really where this
game is meant to be played and where it really shines the head-to-head matches
going back and forth with this fast-paced action-packed style fighting
mechanic edition type of gameplay makes things really fun when playing with
other players and is a great experience to have it is a
little bit quirky that when you’re playing locally multiplayer you do have
to have a split screen because when you use this special shot it would be kind
of jarring to switch the camera angle this kind of seems a little bit
unnecessary and I get that it has to be that way but forcing the screen to be
split into when you’re looking at the same thing going back and forth seems a
little bit kind of quirky and I wish there was maybe a better way to handle
it but it does make sense that it has to be that way but otherwise the
multiplayer mode works fairly well another couple of small gripes that I
think hold the game back overall is that there’s a lack of customization and feel
between the characters they do feel slightly different but there’s not a ton
of customization or really to build out the way you play as it relates to your
character it’s really more about your play style things are fairly balanced
and try to keep things not too diverse so it doesn’t make one character way
better than other those things still do happen and there are differences to be
found but it would be nice to see different choices in brackets or
clothing or arenas or whatever that really changed the gameplay there is the
party mode which adds some fun quirks and different things there which is a
lot of fun but it would be nice to be able to customize your character to
maybe fit your play style may be a faster character with a lot of spin or a
power character who gets even more power from an optic or something like that
additionally these swing modes so when you actually take the controller out of
and you’re not playing you can actually kind of swing it it has a tough time
detecting what kind of shot you’re doing a slice or a drop or a lob or or
whatever kind of shot you’re choosing it it doesn’t detect it that well and
sometimes you might find yourself getting frustrated I found the best way
and most enjoyable what way to play for me was playing on the controller which
is kind of unfortunate they could have taken better advantage of the technology
but I think it still works just fine using the controller okay and then drop
shot no okay topspin yeah no come on
okay winner no not a free Kinect overall I think Mario Tennis Asus is a pretty
solid game with some solid and refined gameplay mechanics with a few new
additions to this edition of the game that really upped the ante
make it more action-packed and make it feel different than the other editions
in the series with just a few minor drawbacks lacking in single-player
gameplay time and options lacking customization lacking unlockables and
hidden characters but with a solid base of gameplay that it proves four hours of
fun if you have friends to play with and playing in Mario Tennis aces so for that
reason my final verdict for Mario Tennis aces is a 7 out of 10 a good game if you
have a Nintendo switch and people to play this game with I would recommend
picking it up it is a lot of fun and you can have hours of gameplay and lots of
fun playing this game with your friends in the multiplayer mode there’s a lot to
be had here if you’re not really one who’s go leans toward playing
multiplayer I might skip this one there’s not a ton of single-player
content not a lot of unlockables and not a huge amount of time that you can spend
in there without getting bored or have exhausted all of the content there so
either get some friends or maybe give this one a skip
anyways that’ll do it for Mario Tennis aces I got to thank you guys so much for
watching I hope you found this review helpful and helped you out I appreciate
you watching through and stick it all the way to the end if you haven’t
already hit that subscribe button I’d really really appreciate that but thanks
again so much for watching I hope to see you next time on yes guy gaming yeah just rough
am I supposed to compete with that Mario Tennis Aces Review

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