It feels like it’s been a life time since
a Mario Sports game has truly had energy behind it but Aces has so much energy that it can
use it to control time. For the first time since Mario Strikers Charged,
I actually want to keep playing Mario Sports. The mix of pure Tennis and fighting game mechanics
results in one of the most competitive games currently on the market. There are so many options and scenarios and
Camelot have managed to balance it all excellently. Basically every time you return the ball with
a charge shot or pull off a well timed trick shot, the gauge in the corner of the screen
will fill up. With this you can slow down time or when it
turns green, stars will appear on the stage which allow you to freely aim where you hit
the ball. If you fill your gauge all the way you’ll
be able to fire a special shot and if your opponent doesn’t perfectly time their return,
it’ll break their racket. There are so many elements at play yet they
all work so seamlessly together. For instance I may have enough energy to start
using zone shots but the same could be true for my opponent. I could be offensive and use them to attempt
to damage their racket or score a well a point or I could save up my gauge and be defensive. Triggering zone speed at just the right moment
is also crucial, if you do it as soon as they hit the ball, you’re going to be wasting
a lot of your gauge but if you do it too late, you’ll risk not being able to catch up with
the ball. One of my favourite things to do when both
players have their gauge maxed out is to hit the ball completely out of my bounds with
a super in the hope that they return with their super, thus leaving their court completely
open for a smooth return. You can even finish a game early but breaking
all of your opponents rackets, forcing a KO victory. The possibilities really feel endless and
the new mechanics add so many layers to the pure Tennis gameplay without ever coming across
as tacked on gimmicks. You can play without them but I really never
want to, the one mechanics are what make Aces so fun. They’re a far cry from the coloured panels
of Open and Ultra Smash which I felt diminished so much strategy in those games. Camelot finally found a way to keep Mario
Tennis accessible for newcomers while being something fans can master. Though unfortunately there are a number of
areas where they hit the ball out of play. The core Tennis is better than it’s ever
been but almost everything surrounding it has questionable flaws. Let’s start with how the game starts:
No quirky intro cut scene! It seems Camelot just can’t top their stellar
first impressions from Mario Power Tennis. Instead of being greeted by a menu, you’ll
be whooshed straight into the game’s Adventure Mode. If you wanted to jump straight into multiplayer,
you’ll need to sit through or skip a few cut scenes first. Now, the Adventure Mode isn’t quite the
return to the roots of Mario Tennis: Power Tour, in fact it’s extremely far from it. Basically you wonder around a world map in
a similar way to Super Mario World or New Super Mario Brothers U and instead of levels,
you jump in to Tennis challenges. This could be a simple 1 on 1 with an AI,
it could be a round that forces you to rely on Zone Shots by independently aiming at 30
piranha plants or you may need to maintain a rally for 20 consecutive returns. Unfortunately it’s all over far too quickly
and ideas are frequently reused only with often jarring difficulty spikes. There’s a story to tie it all together but
outside of the opening which is essentially: “Wario and Waluigi have found an ancient
magical tennis racket which is a lawsuit away from the Infinity Gauntlet”, it all basically
just boils down to a few sentences finding an excuse for why you need to be playing Tennis. You can only play as Mario over the course
of the adventure with the exception of one lone level. It kind of makes sense as he’s the most
well rounded player in terms of attributes but to say it lacks variety would be an understatement. Mario does level up like an RPG and you can
obtain new rackets over the course of your journey but I never really felt the impact
of any from this. The adventure mode barely lasted us three
hours which made me question what the point even was for these RPG mechanics? They don’t carry over to any other modes,
there’s nothing more to do once you’ve finished adventure mode and they don’t really
feel like they do anything. Boss battles are thankfully the highlight
of the single player, all five of them being wonderfully imaginative with clever spins
on mainline Mario games. Whether you’re using your trick shots to
jump over a giant blooper or using zone shot to pound on Petey Phriana’s belly button,
they’re always a great time. It’s also nice to see Eyerok from Mario
64 again! Though he’s a little more icey this time. Adventure mode has its moments of providing
the thrills you may expect but it’s bogged down by repetitive missions with little pay
off. The only real reason to keep on pushing through
is to unlock more multiplayer courts. The courts themselves are all really wonderful
and diverse. Having three variations of Marina stadium
isn’t quite ideal but whether it’s the Forest court or the snowy one, they’re all
full of visual spectre and the optional stage hazards add a ton of chaos to matches. The lava one for instance is full of exploding
mechakoopas which forces you to move around the stage more and risk your positioning. The Forest has boo house has mystical panels
that keep you on your toes as you’re never quite sure just which direction the ball will
go. They’re all really spectacular and I love
that their gimmicks aren’t forced on those who don’t want them. We were hoping Aces would finally offer a
decent single player offering to the world of Mario Sports and it frankly doesn’t deliver
on that. Aces is just as much a multiplayer game as
Mario Kart 8 and if you aren’t playing with others, it’s a pretty average ride. Even other single player modes are severely
lacking. Single player tournaments only allow you to
play in variations of Marina Stadium, which you may know better as the single stadium
from Ultra Smash. It’s just boring to go through 5 consecutive
matches on the same courts with nothing to spice them up. Then the verses mode options are frankly just
baffling. You can’t set up rounds longer than best
of three despite the Adventure Mode featuring just that. You can’t just select what court you want
to play and instead have to toggle off what you don’t want which is incredibly slow
and tedious. You don’t even get images of what the courts
are so if you aren’t familiar with their names? Good luck. It also doesn’t help that the AI are gods. They’ll somehow block specials perfectly
without even entering zone speed and miracously make every trick shot. Apart from in Doubles matches where they’ll
constantly lose you points. Thankfully some of the options fair a little
better. You can toggle hazards off for each stage. You can turn off all Zone mechanics and just
play a pure round of Tennis and if you want a Wii Sports style experience you can try
out the separate Swing Mode and play with motion controls. Swing Mode actually has some really call side
options like playing with a giant ball or playing with a ball that gets gradually smaller
with each hit. It’s kind of crazy that we can play these
in anything but Swing Mode. The character variety is also far great than
it’s ever been with Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi all being redesigned to actually
appear in Tennis gear and a roster larger than any previous Mario Tennis game. Chain Chomp is simply the best boy. There’s even more character coming down
the line such as Koopa Trooper, Birdo, Blooper and Diddy Kong. Mario Tennis Aces has such a solid base but
it’s simply bizarre that everything surrounding it feels stuck together with cheap glue. When you’re playing locally with friends
it’s an absolute blast and I would give you my online impressions but that component
was hardly available in the review period. We tested some friendly matches with fellow
reviewers but found the same inconsistent connections of the multiplayer demo. Thankfully there’s a day 1 patch on the
way which apparently addresses netcode issues but we simply haven’t been able to confirm
that. For that reason we won’t actually be scoring
Mario Tennis Aces today so keep an eye out for our follow up video on release day covering
everything we weren’t able to test in our weeks with the review copy. I like the foundation of Mario Tennis Aces
a ton and found myself addicted over the course of the multiplayer demo, barely being able
to put the game down. But I’ve not quite had that experience with
my time with the full game, despite having access to more characters and courts. It’s a multiplayer focused game through
and through and without proper access to the online component, it’s a very average game. Local multiplayer matches have resulted in
some of the best laughs I’ve had with the system but we really need to see if the online
gets any better before putting a score on this one. And with that, thank you so much for watching. We hope to give you our final thoughts the
moments as soon as we’ve had some time to digest the day 1 patch but until then keep
it locked on GameXplain for more on Mario Tennis Aces and everything else gaming as
well. Until next time, bye!

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Mario Tennis Aces – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)”

  1. sorry, but I really don't like Jon's reviewing. He focused too much on what HE wanted than what the game itself has to offer.

  2. I was planning to buy this game since it's releasing on my B'day but you just saved me 60$. Thanks to you.

  3. I'm going to finally get a Nintendo switch here soon but don't know what games I should start out with

  4. First time ever no review score based on a patch. Thats like saying we cant review this movie until they shoot and edit in new scenes. Sorry. If Nintendo gave you this copy, be a man, give it a score, like the 50 other critics out there did.

  5. It seems good, but I'm not sure I want to pay eighty Australian dollars for it, especially since there's at least five other presumably full-priced games coming out later this year that I need to think about, one of which I'm only getting on principle because it's fucking Pokémon and I'm a predictable fanboy who will buy anything with Pikachu's bastard face on it even if I know there's no chance of it being anywhere near as good as Gen 4.
    Seriously, GameFreak, what the hell have you got against us Sinnoh boys?

  6. I wish there weren't spoilers in this review.
    Guess I'll just be listening to the audio like I did with Odyssey.

    Having the final court revealed and seeing certain bosses from the story mode bbummed me out.

  7. Well… if they're going to be giving out extra characters through online tournaments, I would hope they may add more content much like the Splatoon games if people request it. I won't lie though, I'm disappointed to hear about the single player content being what it is but maybe they'll do something about that. I was also kinda wanting some of those side games like in Power Tennis to play with friends.
    Though, as a whole, I think I'll like the game simply because of how polished the mechanics are and being able to play with friends will be nice! Though the god-like computer players are a concern…

  8. Do you guys know anything about the matchmaking? I suck at the game so if the matchmaking is bad and the single player is underwhelming I'd regrettably have to give this a miss.

  9. I'm hoping the time slow down doesn't get annoying after a while… The slow down thing seems like it could slow down the momentum of the game each time its used.. I love the world map though!

    Honestly though, who needs a story in a tennis game..? I don't really think that it's simple story is a drawback…it's like getting angry at a fighting game without a deep story lol…

    I was hoping for a bit more depth to the equipment stats and feel of the different rackets..

    Your review though has me worried..I planned on playing this single player mostly… When you guys do your follow up review, go into detail on the items, and customization and unlockables please!

  10. You spoil the whole freaking game for me! oh wait I don't care. I already preordered and should enjoy it since I do love tennis and tennis games. I used to love virtua tennis.

  11. so…. it's not a review since you are not able to evaluate the game… well the video should have been named "review in progress"… or Simply wait until you can actually review the game before posting a review video…

  12. Thanks for the review – cancelling my preorder. You always come off as super level headed in videos so I trust ya!

  13. What is the point of rushing the video out then if only to say that you can't give it a proper full review yet? I expect that stuff from IGN or Gamespot, but not from you guys :/

  14. Question. Anyone know what happens when you have your racket break in a doubles match and the other guy recovers the ball? Are you down to one guy serving, count as a point already or does the racket eventually repair?

  15. I cannot leave my real comment until I have more information on this review. Please follow my channel for a follow up on my full comment.

  16. Mario Strikers 3
    Mario Sports Mix 2 (with Basketball, Rugby, Dodgeball, Volleyball and Ice Hockey)
    Mario Baseball 3 (with an even huger roster than Sluggers)

    is what we need!!

  17. FYI: extra characters will be unlockable once the online mode is available, this are: kamek, paratropa, birdo, dry bowser, the giant ugly turte (I forgot his name) and dry bones… pretty sure this are all the unlockables characters. (you can figure this out by the space left in the character selection menu, and also by other leaks revealed by Gamexplain and other youtube channels).

    This applies as well for extra content: raquets and costumes. (this was clarified on the Nintendo Direct, for every character!!).
    Nintendo Direct: min 4:27!!!!
    This will be enabled as well through special online events.

    This guys only have the demo version so they do not have access to 100% of the content.

    I really hope they make extra cups as Dlc, or maybe extra cups do exists, you just have to unlock them. Nintendo is not lazy, 3 cups is expected for a N64 game, not a Switch game. Mario Kart Deluxe has 10 cups. Believe me, im 100% sure

  18. Ugh. thanks for hurting the game's sales. I bet a bunch of people will never get to play this great game cause of you

  19. "Hey we couldn't try the multiplayer, which is the biggest part of the game, but we will make a review nonetheless to say the game lacks interest".

  20. The curse of being frugal (nintendo's online pay) will probably keep me away from this game, but I'm glad there's finally another good mario tennis game.

  21. Good to hear Mario sports is on its feet again. Last one I really enjoyed was strikers charged might pick this one up if the online is good. Great review as always gx

  22. This is the first ever GameXplain video I have EVER given a dislike because I feel like he didn't focus on what the game gave him. He focused way too much time on story mode and little on multiplayer, which is kinda stupid. Why did you WISH the story was more deep? ITS TENNIS. And why are you sad that there is no opening? Most games don't have that. Point is, don't focus on what you wish could have been there, focus on what the GAME gives you ok? I would have given it A LIKED IT A LOT score

  23. Watched this video to see if i'd pre-order the game on amazon before it comes out. You just saved me $47.99, i'd get bored after 2-3 hours probably.

  24. If you're not going to score it, don't call it a review. IGN does this and I hate it, but at least they call it "a review in waiting" or something so you know if they scored it or not yet.

  25. Check out our follow-up Review to see how well Online runs as well our final score!

  26. Wow, those free play options are super clunky. The fact that you can’t just pick a stage and be done with it is, like Jon said, baffling.

  27. Ok, the game just launched now. I have a few questions:
    1). Why the hell are courts chosen at random in Single Player??? WHERE IS THE OPTION TO CHOOSE COURT!?

    2). Why are we forced to play Tie-Breaker or a simple Set of 2 games? Where are the options to customize how many games and sets you can play per match!?

    3). Why are Doubles characters chosen at Random!?!?!?!?

    Camelot, WHAT THE ACTUAL F**K!? Ok, I feel scammed… to think I preordered…

  28. Who ever thought that the dubble x button would do the same as right stivk i got two words for you: FUCK YOU

  29. Glad you called out the difficulty spikes, with Boo's rally challenge in the background. It's frankly ludicrous that one.

    They REALLY better eventually patch in longer matches in Free Play. Best of 3 is way too short.

  30. Great review! I would also like to add that the deadzones are too tight for my controller. I don't know if anyone else had this issue but sometimes my character randomly walks around because the controller is lose and makes the character walk (mainly to the right) and if they increased the size of the deadzones, that would be great.

  31. Mechanically it's great, but features, not so much, I hate that you're forced to play online if you want new characters or outfits. Plus, the more you play online, the more ridiculous paying for it seems, even Splatoon 2, which I love WAY more than Mario Tennis Aces, still has connection issues. I think they should have had basic things to unlock in the Adventure Mode and CPU Tournament, but special things for online, this feels like Nintendo forcing the Online Service if you want more content down the line. 🤬

  32. The last Mario Party that I played (and obviously the best) was Mario Party 8 on Wii. This game doesn’t look anything like it and they also took out the Candy 🍬 Power Up which was so awesome. The Boards also look too small and lack variety. Too bad! 🙁

  33. I don't get it. Ultra Smash was trashed for being lacking, yet Aces gets praise despite having even LESS content.

  34. The gameplay is good but it's placed in a shallow package which irks me. Nintendo should take cues from No Man's Sky and continue updating the game for free. It has so much more potential.



  36. My copy finally arrived today.. wow so different from things I am used to like Top Spin 4 (my fave of all time on Xbox 360). It feels so unrealistic with the advanced stuff on.. I turned it all off and destroyed the computer on hard setting, using typical tennis tactics. However he destroyed ME with advanced shots enabled. I have much to learn. I don't know if I like it but the core tennis is good (except for serving.. no real control, stupid.. i had better control in virtua tennis on dreamcast).I think i'll play online matches against others using only the basic core tennis. Anyway, it's definitely fun, but I think I should have gotten the other one (which has been fixed now with patches) as that seems to be more realistic.

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