Mario Tennis Aces is a weird game. It does certain things so well, and other
design decisions are so bad I can’t understand why they were chosen. Aces has the best gameplay in a Mario Tennis
game to date, but it’s confining match rules and limited customizability both in Adventure
mode and in multiplayer prevent Mario Tennis Aces from packing the same punch it’s characters
special shots do. Let’s see if we can get this video to 50
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video better for you guys. So if you’re like me, when I saw the trailers
for Aces the first thing I was enamored by was the Adventure Mode. Touting RPG mechanics, intriguing stages and
battles, and seemingly taking inspiration from the GBA games, Adventure mode seemed
like it was going to be one of the highlights of Aces. It’s not. Unfortunately, Adventure Mode is actually
one of the weakest points of Mario Tennis Aces. While it does have some redeeming qualities,
it is an overall disappointing experience. Adventure mode start with Luigi taking a cursed
racket from Waluigi and Wario, which turns him evil. From there, Mario has to collect power stones
on his trek to help Luigi and turn things back to normal. The story is quirky and weird in true Nintendo
fashion, but overall there isn’t anything realty interesting about it. What makes the story worse is the cut scenes. After the great first one, the form the cut
scenes take is something I expect to see in a JRPG. There are characters on each side of the screen
and text in the middle, and it is pretty boring. This was disappointing, as I would have loved
to see much more interesting and intense cut scenes, especially with the first one starting
off as strong as it does. As I said, Mario is out to get power stones. You will go through smaller matches on your
way to boss battles, where you will defeat high level enemies to claim the power stones. Boss battles are by far the highlight of Adventure
mode. Each boss adds a unique stage, mechanics,
and makes you use your trick shots in very interesting ways. Rather than playing a traditional match against
them, you are charged with finding their weak points, hitting the ball to certain places
on the map to complete objectives, and using your trick shots to avoid various obstacles
they will throw out at you. These battles can be frustrating, but they
added a unique twist to the game. Another benefit to playing the adventure mode
are the drills. You will do things like knock shy guys down
or have to get the ball to certain places or past obstacles. These will help you to get much better at
your timing, aiming, and knowing where the ball is coming from and where it will go. I would recommend playing Adventure mode first
for this reason alone, as you will come out much better at the game and more prepared
for online play. As you progress, Mario will level up and gain
stat points, which for some reason get distributed randomly it seems and you cannot choose where
to spec them. I thought this was a weird choice, because
I would have loved to have some fun maxing out certain stats and seeing what happened. You can grind through levels as much as you
need to so you can level up, and it definitely helps in the long run having higher stats. You will also receive different rackets throughout
adventure mode, including rackets with different properties like fire and ice. However, these rackets really don’t make
much of a difference besides having more in case your opponent is breaking them, which
basically gives you more shots at not losing a match. While they were kind of fun to switch, I found
I didn’t really use them all that much or switch between rackets. And that’s basically all the RPG stuff. No customizable clothes, no real choice in
level progression, and no real reward for playing through the mode. This was a huge disappointment for me, and
honestly left me feeling like there was no reason to play adventure mode again. If there were more options to make the play
through feel different, or customizability like unlocking new gear for playing again
in a different way, I would probably run through a couple more times. However, none of that is there. Adventure mode will only take around 4-5 hours,
or maybe a little more if you are really struggling. I definitely recommend everyone play through
it once, but don’t go in with high expectations like I did. You will set yourself up for disappointment. MY hope is that this is just a jumping off
point and more will be added in the future, because it desperately needs more attention. However, I am not expecting much in that department. After playing the Adventure mode and then
jumping into online matches, something I noticed about the game is I think a majority of the
time in development was spent on the gameplay itself. Mario Tennis Aces is not only incredibly fun
to play, but this is also by far the best gameplay in any Mario Tennis game. Every hit feels satisfying, movement on the
court is great, and each character truly feels different and requires a different playstyle. Even if you aren’t a big fan of Tennis games,
this one is just so fun to play I think it may pull you in. Something weird about the mechanics though
is that I have a love and hate relationship with them. For instance, I love using trick shots because
they can really extend a game when used correctly. However, they can also be spammed, and there
have been multiple matches of me and another player having to use trick shot after trick
shot over and over until someone finally misses the ball. When you are just trying to play and someone
continuously uses trick shot, it can be a nuisance. The whole racket breaking thing is also not
as bad as it seemed like it would be. I don’t often lose to people breaking all
my rackets, and that was my biggest concern. While it does happen, and I don’t really
like the mechanic, it isn’t a serious and commonly reoccurring issue. Classic mode benefits from all of this though,
because it turns off all the flashy mechanics and just lets you play regular old tennis. Even this mode is a ton of fun, and when I
want a more difficult, tension filled experience, classic mode is the way to go. The main online multiplayer is set up as a
tournament mode, where you can’t really customize much or do anything besides the
regularly set up matches. Other than unlocking characters, there isn’t
really any incentive to keep playing. You don’t unlock anything, and overall I
feel that for how much you play and for winning tournaments, you should be able to earn something
that makes the time worthwhile. Don’t get me wrong, the game itself is a
blast to play and that alone makes it worth playing. But after playing tons of matches, it is disappointing
to keep playing knowing there isn’t a carrot on the end of the tournament stick, and there
isn’t even a stick at all. Online free play is stuck with only tiebreaker
rules for now, which is kind of lame considering there could be a lot more options. Also, offline mode in the same house is abysmal
for options, with only tiebreaker rules and basic matches like the tournament mode with
no adjustments. Want to play first to three games, or six
games and three sets? Nope, you’re stuck with the regular matches. This is a huge downside, and I think this
needs to be fixed immediately. So overall, the multiplayer is pretty fantastic
to play, and the game just feels so great. I never get bored or tired during matches. However, the lack of any real reward and limited
game options makes it feel a little to constricting at the moment. The graphics in Mario Tennis Aces are exceptional. The character models are excellent, the stages
look great, and the colors really pop. The game runs at a solid 60fps, and I never
really noticed frame drops of any kind. However, the motion controls are abysmal,
so don’t use them. One thing the game suffers from is internet
connectivity issues. While there are no frame drops, the internet
lag when playing with a character with a bad connection is absolutely insane. It is to the point where I reject any match
against someone with a bad connection because it can get crazy. Sometimes, the input lag is over close to
a second, meaning I push left and actually see my character wait for a moment and then
move. While that is a pretty extreme case, in a
game focused on timing, even a little lag is
an issue. Overall, Mario Tennis Aces is a good game. It has the best gameplay of any Mario Tennis
game but falls short in rewarding users for playing and offers no real incentive to return
besides for its addictive action. While the allure of Aces is still there for
me, knowing so many other great games are coming out and knowing there isn’t a real
reason to play it, I can’t say how long of legs this game will have. If you like the Mario Tennis games, you should
definitely pick Aces up. However, if you are someone who isn’t too
sure and there are other games on your radar, maybe attempt to give Mario Tennis Aces a
try before purchasing and see if it’s worth it for you. With the likes of Octopath Traveler coming
out and more games as we enter the end of summer, there is a lot of competition that
Aces may not be able to beat. For a score, I’m going to give Mario Tennis
Aces somewhere around a 6.5 out of 10.

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  1. You have grown so much! Been here since the Skyrim, keep going!!!!! Such a great video! So weird you haven’t gotten at least 100k subs, your videos are so good.

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  3. basically confirmed my fears for this game, well damn lol

    of feedback, your presentations is top notch. everything is properly structured while being visually appealing 😀

  4. I am gonna wait on picking this up since I still need to pick up splatoon and Xenoblade chronicles 2. I need more money lol

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