Hey, I’m Grump I’m not so Grump and we’re the Game Grumps D: Hello and welcome back to – oh shit, we get a rematch against Chain Chomp but not against whoever Chain Chomp’s partner was, I can’t remember. A: Uh, Rosalina? D: What? No, Rosalina’s who we just played. A: Daisy. D: Daisy, yes, I believe you’re right. A: We gotta fight Loogie now?! Fucking Lugo. D: Let’s do it. A: Ugh, Loogario. D: Lou Gehrig’s disease? A: Okay, okay, okay. A: Fuck yeah! D: Oh, that was gorgeous. A: You like that shit? D: I loved it. A: I’m a fucking master, bro. D: It’s like an angel. D: Oh, it’s – it’s – it shows the point in whatever colour the person who scored it wins. D: So like if you hit the winning shot, it glows pink, and if I do it, it’s green. I’m going up! A: WAH! D: Nice. A: Tilted! D: God, they are tilted. Everyone’s tilting. A: Dude, that fucking chain chomp. He’s the weak link. D: Is he really? A: Look at that, watch this. He flubs it. *Arin’s beautiful fart noises* A: Just hits Luigi right in the butt. D: Then he lies on his stupid side. A: Looking like a snack over here – what? D: Okay. It was a little… a little slow. A: I didn’t mean to do that. D: It’s okay. A: I pressed – I definitely pressed the wrong button D: Totally fine. A: I didn’t mean to… D: Check this out. D: Never mind, I can’t do it. A: I’m coming to the back. A: Look at you go. A: Ooh, you got so – you got some heavy action going on. Yo! D: YESS! A: Dude, my penis has never grown so large so quickly! D: (in Obama voice) I love it when they say, uh… Yes queen, slay. A: I love it too, man. D: Oh here it comes! A: Ohhh! A: Testies! D: One two thr – oh, this isn’t good. A: Testies testies. D: Jesus. D: Oh, it was out! A: Nice. What a fucking idiot. D: You suck, Luigi. A: Dude, they’re both weak links. A: These guys blow, dude D: We’re doing – either that or we’re just getting better. A: Are we? D: Look, look at – look at that placement, dude. Look at that tasty placement. A: Dude yeah. D: Which I call tastement. A: Hey, man, when you’re synced A: You always wash everything. D: Oh, god. A: Everything comes out washed. D: Oh dear. That’s not good. A: Everything’s a wash? D: That was – A: What the hell! D: That was my fault for… D: Like not D: Distributing our – our bodies in the right way. A: I don’t think so. D: Like we should both – we should always be like on the opposite side, you know what I mean? A: Right. D: Whoops again, not good. Oh D: Yeah girl! A: *mimicking the announcer* SEX! D: Love it

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Mario Tennis Aces: Absolutely Riveting – PART 3 – Game Grumps”

  1. I keep picturing a gamegrumps animated where you see Toadette in like a leg cast and a wheel chair with Arin like "Take it easy on Toadette, she's crying" and Danny screaming "NO MERCY!!!!!"

  2. Yoshi later cornered Mario after the match in a dark alley and beat him to death with the same tennis racket for ruining his perfect championship. Don't mess with the Yosher.

  3. I'm surprised Dan didn't riff further on the announcer's "Six" sounding a lot more like "Sex."

    Also, SEX!

  4. When yall were playing doubles you had tie breaker rules on and when you went to the tournament it was on add scoring lol

  5. I still absolutely love that Chain Chomp is a character in this one. It's awesome!
    Thanks for the episode, Grumps!

  6. The boys are like "sorry guys this is clearly boring" but I'm sitting here loving it. Never underestimate how important the commentary is, the game is always secondary to me <3

  7. Im confused, doesnt the ball have to touch the ground before a player can hit it without penalty? Or am i getting my tennis rules mixed up with ping-pong again?

  8. Why is it that the game grumps have 4.6 million subscribers than yet average around 200,000 views a video?

  9. Omg yes! Dan is going to kick some fine ass in the upcoming levels, also hope afterwards they do a double with the hardest ai x3

  10. I'm surprised you haven't played the Splatoon Octo Expansion. Seems like it's be perfect for this show.

  11. so great to see Dan so excited about a game I've been hype about for a while now! and him being pretty good at it, too.

  12. Thank you so much for throwing shade at Dorkly, Arin.
    Bout time someone points out how repetitive and uncreative they are.

  13. "Dude, they're both weak links." umm this is MARIO Tennis Aces, not LOZ Tennis Aces- Link isn't even in this game GOD

  14. Between the dorkly call out and the mention of Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman, not sure which makes me happier

  15. 30 shorts about Mario sacrificing Yoshi for a higher jump over a large chasm, I wish Dorkly would do that. Dorkly barely has content, since now it seems all his channel does now is Nerd history, a minute of of playing a game with stupid conditions that takes away the fun, talking about some stupid podcast, and posting ads as videos, once advertising himself. No wonder Gumbino is becoming the #1 pixel video game animation Youtuber

  16. i fell asleep at the wheel in 2015 i rolled my car into a tree and gouged out chunks of flesh from my arms and hands and hit my elbow so hard it snapped my clavicle. I still have glass and wood chips in my arm that make me just want to cut my arm open. the scars itch and if i think about it too hard i have a panic attack. If youre even remotely exhausted dont drive. i should have died. the tree collapsed the roof of my car. the only reason im alive is that my seat back broke and reclined my torso so i was in the backseat and the steering wheel column pinned my legs so i couldnt flop around too much.

  17. Hey I'm grump, I'm not so grump, and, granted this is an overplayed bit, we still don't know how to make the intro not 3 times louder than the show!

  18. I think they should do this with Super Mega! Team Game Grumps vs Team Super Mega!

    Every like is a person who supports this idea.

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