– Excuse me. Hi, guys.
How are you? – Hi.
– Hi. – Hi, Dominique.
– Hey, babe. – If punk-ass Jen
and her friend Dominique is behind this game
of telephone, it best to end
right here in my face because the game of
telephone is over. Okay, so, Jennifer,
got a question for you. Did you ever say
my kids was dirty? – No, I never even heard that
in my life. – Okay, so you sure?
– Positive. – They said that you…
– Who said that? – Told her a bunch
of rumors about me, and she’s going around
and spreading them. – Me?
– Yeah. And I was trying
to figure out… – No, no, no, no. I would
never do no [bleep] like that. – You never was,
like, at a party, talking [bleep]
about me, about my– why I moved out of LA, nothing? – No, I never even knew
why you moved out of LA. – Oh, okay. – I would never say no [bleep]
like that, ever in life. – Okay, I’ma say this. So Jackie asked me
a bunch of stuff. She was like, “Oh, um, did you say this about
Malaysia? Did you say–” And I was like, “What?
I never even heard this stuff.” The first time I heard it was
when Jackie said something. – This is a test. It has to be. I have so many amazing things
going on in my life right now, and the thought of someone
so close to me betraying me is, like, unheard of. Oh, okay. Okay.
That’s what I wanted to know. I’m gonna go on back and…♪ ♪– What the [bleep]
just happened? – What the [bleep]? – I feel like she’s telling
the truth. – I–girl… we need to be asking Jackie, ’cause she’s the–
the common denominator. – Girl, this too much.
– [chuckles] Why am I always the one
that’s doing something shady? I’m trying to just
come have some fun at a skating party, and now I’m being accused
of something else? God damn, where the hell
does it end?♪ ♪– So, now we need
to find the restroom. – Oh, hey, Jackie! Jackie. Hi, Jackie.
How are you? – Hey, how are you? Hi.
– Hi, friend. Me and you need to talk.
– Oh, we sure the [bleep] do. – Yeah. – I don’t know who told who,
but I know it was y’all names. – Well, listen,
I didn’t say [bleep]. And I’m tired of people saying,
“Jennifer said something.” Jennifer ain’t said nothing. – You know, I came in, and the ladies had a lot to say. – Okay. What’d they say? – They said that my friend, Jackie Marie Christie, has been going around
spreading lies about me… – Are you kidding? – And talking about my children,
of all people. – Malaysia, now, you know
damn well that’s a damn lie. – Help me understand what the
[bleep] is going on right now. – They’re crazy,
and I have to use– – I need to see your eyes. – They’re crazy, and I have
to use the restroom, and you look [bleep] hilarious. I love it.
– No, no, no– – I’ma go to the restroom,
and then I’ma deal with it. Where’s the bathroom? – This is not a [bleep]
joking matter. This is not a [bleep]
joking matter. – Malaysia, I’ma tell you
right now… – I don’t give a [bleep], bitch.
Put your [bleep] hands down. – You better get out of my face. I understand what you’re doing, but you’re making a
mother[bleep] drastic mistake. I told you they’re
[bleep] lying. – What?
– They’re [bleep] lying. They’re [bleep] lying.
They’re [bleep] lying. They’re lying through
their mother[bleep] teeth. They [bleep] lying.
– They’re lying? – They [bleep] lying.
– They’re lying? – They [bleep] lying. – I’ve been having your back
no matter what, and you going to
[bleep] do this to me, the person that has
been here for you? – Listen, listen, listen, they need Jackie Christie,
so let me give it to them. [indistinct chatter] – You ain’t gonna do that
to my mother[bleep] friend, I’ma tell you that. [overlapping yelling] – Malaysia obviously
has lost her mind. She knows, the [bleep],
you don’t come for me.♪ ♪I’m not!

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