– So I wanted…I thought
it would be a good idea for Jennifer
to come here to Amsterdam to fully be able
to like make amends and say everything
that’s fully happened. Whenever Tammy’s in the room, you know it overshadows
like what she’s trying to say. So I felt like it would be
a good opportunity for her to fully lay it out
without any distractions. – Damn that was a long ass
flight for that. I’m still mad at Jen because
I was trying to be a friend to a person that
I thought was a friend. But she was using me
to try to take Evelyn down. She put me in the middle
of some (bleep) that I had nothing to do with.
And she did it on purpose. You told me that I needed to say
whatever I needed to say you gave me the information to do whatever I wanted
to do with it. And I feel like it’s a situation
where I respect you and I always stay loyal to you but I feel like why
am I being loyal to someone that don’t give a shit about me? – First of all, Tammy wanted
you to (bleep) bring that (bleep) up. – So, now you’re putting it off
on Tammy. – I am not (bleep)
putting it off on Tammy. I’m telling you that Tammy
was telling me certain (bleep). Okay that I was trying
to give you a heads up about. – So all of this
came from Tammy now? – No, I’m talking about
when Tammy was like… – So all the (bleep)
you told me came from Tammy? Is that what you’re saying? – I have no idea what Malaysia’s
whole thing with me is. It’s like you just keep
getting madder and madder. But sure getting mad
at the wrong person. I’m telling you
that Tammy wanted you to say certain (bleep)
to Evelyn. – Girl, you are a con artist.
– I’m sorry you feel that way. – No you’re not sorry
that you felt like that. And now I know that you are
a manipulative bitch. You’re a bitch.
– You can feel however you want. – Jen is denying everything.
She’s even blaming things on Tammy
who is a million miles away. It’s like girl
you are still lying. It just shows
that your opportunist and your opportunity
has shipped. I’m not about
to sit here with her. I don’t want to have no drinks
with her it ain’t fun time. Because I feel like
you’re full of (bleep), and I gave nothing
but genuine friendship. – I know Malyasia. I can see she’s angry.
She’s not going to listen. And all I’m thinking
is Jen don’t speak. If you know what’s good for you,
you won’t say (bleep). – Well I feel the same way.
– No you do not feel the same way because you have nothing
but cash money bull (bleep) to say about me. You try to throw
under digs on the side when you can’t look me
in my face and talk (bleep). And that’s some bull (bleep). You have a friend and you’re
sitting right next to her and you have so much (bleep) to say about her and her
whole entire (bleep) life. Because that’s not
what a real friend do. – Listen we both done (bleep) to each other
and we’ve talk about that. – Did you?
– Yeah we have. – So y’all laid it out
on the table? She know everything
that you said about her? – We agreed that we were just
going to (bleep) move forward. We both agree we both did
(bleep) that was wrong. – Evelyn did you agree
that you were moving forward? – We had conversations months
ago like you know look we may have said certain things,
we’re going to move on. But I didn’t think like,
you know obviously when the whole thing
with Shaunie’s ex came out that hit me
like a ton of bricks because that was like
shocking to me. Like anything that I’ve ever
said is stupid petty (bleep) like it’s never anything
to like try to ruin her life or her family or do you know
what I’m saying like it’s dumb (bleep)
superficial. – So do you want to hear it
or not?

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Malaysia Calls Out Jen for Being Manipulative ‘Sneak Peek’ | Basketball Wives”

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