It smells like nothing. Can you believe it, guys? Let’s talk about why climbing shoes smell. It is because over time the sweat from the
feet makes climbing shoes warm and humid, which creates an environment for bacterial
growth, and these bacteria produce chemicals that cause the bad smell. There are a few common ways to slow down the
development of the smell. For example, instead of buying a cheap pair
of Evolve shoes, spend extra 100 dollars to buy a better pair of La Sportiva shoes, or
make the effort to put the shoes outdoors regularly to get some cold natural air flow
to reduce the warmth and humidity. However, if you just started climbing, you
might not be willing to spend money on a pair of high-end La Sportiva shoes. If you make the effort to put the shoes outside
of your door 3 times a week, I guarantee you will forget to bring them to the gym sometimes. Today I discovered a way to completely get
rid of the smell. One thing I like about being a YouTuber is
companies and startups with innovative new products will reach out to me and say: “Hey,
I have this awesome new product that can solve one of your problems in your life and make
you happier, so can you give it a try and see if it works for you? And if it works for you, can you show it to more
people for us?” Some products didn’t really work when I
tried them, and some products try to solve a problem that is not even a problem, and some products
did a phenomenal job on solving an actual problem, and these products are the ones that
deserve to be known by more people. The company called OdorKlenz sent me a bottle
of odor eliminating powder, claiming it can completely remove the smell on climbing shoes
instantly. On top of that, they told me it’s non-toxic
and safe to use around your family and pets because it’s made from safe earth minerals. It does not function like a perfume to cover
the shoe smell with another kind of smell. It neutralizes the chemicals produced by the
bacteria and reduces the humidity of the shoe. It’s not a type of masking agents, baking
soda, carbon and enzymes, either. My reaction was that sounds too good to
be true. I used to work at the school gym and the spray
we used to remove the smell from the rental shoes are far from achieving this kind of
results, but you know what? The OdorKlenz odor eliminating powder actually
works as it claims. So now we are going to verify how bad my shoes
smell. (Coughing). OK, it smells really bad as I imagined. Alright. Now we will verify whether OdorKlenz can remove
the smell. Alright, okay, so we just need to open this thing. Pour the powder inside the shoe. Pour in different direction, and we will kind
of shake it around like this. Alright and at the very end we will get rid
of the powder just like that. Okay, now supposedly OdorKlenz will remove the
smell just like magic. Now I am really excited to see whether that’s
the actual case. OK. (Sniffing) It smells like nothing; can you
believe it, guys? Now we gotta make a video, man. Thanks for watching. Check out the video description for the link
to buy the OdorKlenz odor eliminating powder. Also be sure to use the promo code Geek15
to get 15% off your purchase. I highly recommend you to try it out. The price is very reasonable and they have
a 30-day money back guarantee. As always, make sure to like and subscribe. See you in the next video.

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Dennis Veasley

39 thoughts on “Making Climbing Shoes Smell Like NEW! (Not an exaggeration!)”

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  2. I think it's great that you're taking on sponsored products. However, I believe that this video could've been a little more objective.

    For example, you could've compared multiple methods for removing odor from climbing shoes and performed a blind before-after smell test with 2-3 volunteers (using their own shoes), rating on a scale from 1-10. Not very scientific, but still better than just assuming this product is better than DIY solutions that can be done with standard cleaning supplies.

  3. Smells like a good idea. :)- You reminded me of my time in Japan last month that I smelled no stinky shoes or feet? Unusual that they washed their feet (in sinks for feet) after the session-kinda weird, but cool. Last year, I also remembered I rotated my shoes, but most importantly, read the "manufacturer's shoe care". Periodically cleaning, storage in mesh bags, open air (in my car with window down), etc. People might also consider what they are eating has impact on "sweat smell"? Great video, as always. Thank you.

  4. Funny you just released this video. My shoes started to stink over the last couple of weeks so I had to clean them.

    I went for a slightly longer process though. Hand wash with warm water and a soft brush. That god rid of any actual dirt. Then I used a cleaning gel. After that, I just sprayed them with a footwear odour eliminator to make them smell nice, rather than just clean.

  5. Normally I would avoid sponsored products because of all the negative things we see everywhere. However, I am going to buy a small bottle to try it out because I want to trust your judgement. I hope this will work out well!

  6. You should get someone else to confirm it works man, I don't think too many people will just take your word for it even though you're a good guy.

    I will be looking into this product though 😎

    Also, make sure you put a notice if it's a sponsored video, YouTube is pretty big on it.

  7. Way to shame evolv in the first twenty seconds of the video. They have more expensive, higher quality shoes with an antimicrobial liner. I've had a pair of Oracles for 3 months and they have no odor thanks to their Agion lining. La Sportiva isn't the high quality climbing shoe brand anymore. Paul Robinson was climbing in evolv shoes in one of your training videos too. smh

  8. Geek Climber, I've always enjoyed your content, and I genuinely get excited when you post new videos, but this feels like a cheap bait and switch tactic to sell a product. This video seriously played out like an infomercial.

  9. Haha i love the rip at evolv. On principle I never buy them even if it's nice/expensive. La sportiva, butora, 5.10 always

  10. i don't know why people are hating you. I guess if you wanted to satisfy them, you'd have to make it more scientific; set up an experiment with multiple theories on the internet on how to remove odors from the shoes and show the results of each one. thereby you are exploring all options and showing why odorklenz is better

  11. Haha. I totally didn't expect this. I thought 'this dude is going to give some good information again!'. Anyway you are trustworthy so this must be nice product!

  12. Just put some 99% isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle and spray your shoes down every few days.

    The alcohol kills all the bacteria and it's dirt cheap.

  13. lol, though I strongly agree with the comment below, i.e. this content is objective, I got to say, YOU ARE ADORABLE!!!!!!! Can I friend you on Instagram or facebook or WeChat or any other social media?????

  14. For some reason, every pair of Scarpa shoe I buy reeks! It's so true, not one pair of La Sportiva shoes I have ever bought have smelled.

  15. Quick tipp for people not wanting to buy something !
    Let your shoes dry out after climbing in a cold enviroment and also take them off between routes, since Clostridies need water in order to produce butanic acid, which is the component of your sweet that smells bad, so by taking away the water and sometimes sterilizing your shoes you get rid of any smell and even prevent it from forming.

  16. Congrats on getting sponsors for your videos!

    I have no problem watching sponsored videos, because I understand that it is how YouTubers are supported monetarily. However, just in the future, I would prefer to have the sponsorship stated outright at the start (many YouTubers will say "This video is sponsored by…" at the beginning or put #ad in the title). Since I don't check the description box until the end of the video, I was surprised by this video's sponsorship and it was a bit off-putting. Stating the sponsorship in a more obvious manner will make me more likely to watch the video, because I gain a sense of trust and transparency from the creator.

    Good luck and keep making awesome videos; I love your content!

  17. It is a known problem that boulder shoes smell bad after some time. Nonetheless the viewers cannot confirm that your shoes did smell or did not smell after you applied the product. IMO you could just be a little more transparent and simply tell that we have no idea about the smell. Additionally less exaggeration could be more informative and would make your product review more credible. It is no problem at all that you want to introduce your viewers to some new products but it shouldn't be an ad but much more a neutral review.

  18. Honestly I could care less about selling out. As long as you get sponsors, I'm happy . Also I was looking for something to remove this awful odor. thanks for the video bud.

  19. Jokes on me. It's summer in Japan and so the humidity does nothing for my shoes when leaving them outside. I think they made them smell worse.

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