Hi, I’m Darren, the Director of Play! Tennis. We are one of the largest sports communities in Singapore, and we believe that tennis is a sport for everyone. We welcome players of all backgrounds, age or abilities. Our tennis sessions are held throughout the week at various locations in Singapore, so you will definitely be able to find a session that fits your schedule. Our focus at Play! Tennis is on social interaction and enjoyment of the game. Our team strive their best to create a friendly environment so you will feel comfortable on the court. Come and join our community of over five thousand players. You can sign up for tennis lessons, social games, or just come hang out with us. Hi, my name is Soyeon and I’m from Korea. I like playing tennis because it’s a great cardio sport and I get to meet a lot of nice people… … because I’m just working hard and studying hard, and I needed something different to refresh myself so I chose tennis. I was a bit worried that tennis might be too competitive, but joining this group was fun. I got to meet good people, and there is a very supportive culture here. I love being active, and I like to meet new friends. Hi, I’m Vivi and I’m from Thailand. It’s nice to force yourself to get up early as you feel energetic to do other things all day! I have a lot of relatives who play tennis so picking up tennis allows me to play with them. Hi, I’m Shivon. I started to learn tennis because I wanted to keep fit with my beloved friend here. Hello, I’m Jia Min. I took up tennis because we have our weekly sports sessions every Sunday with my friends. Yeah these sports sessions happen every week…. My name is Sabrina, and I’m from England. I really like playing tennis, as it gets you out and about, especially when there is such good weather here. My name is Henriette, and I’m from the UK. I like getting up on a Saturday morning, being outside, meeting up with friends and hitting the ball around. At first I only played tennis, because I was quite overweight, and I wanted to lose weight. Over the years, as I improved, I just started developing a passion for the sport. I usually just enjoy hitting with my friends and having a laugh.

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  1. Play! Tennis has a wonderful and friendly culture that welcomes everyone, I really enjoyed being in Play! Tennis social community. Can’t wait for the next tennis session!!

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