[Music] Madison good to have you here first of all I have to ask you we just saw you practicing a little bit of guitar but it was left-handed you play with your right hand explain us please why when I was little when he’s little I when I was like three okay therefore thankfully I did everything left-handed and I used to play the guitar and it was left-handed and for some reason somehow I got switched to right-handed and now I do everything right handed but could somebody tell you to switch because Angie I mean Angie cover you know why she plays left hand and she’s right-handed because she just like a mirror she did what the opponent did it was her father you know and then she she because he was right-handed and then she said okay then this is my said how was it with you did somebody told you or someone just switched hands yeah what I was writing so I used to write left-handed when I was little and I would call a left-handed and then someone put it in my right hand instead yeah we know I’ve been right-handed everybody tells me and we see that issues you’re a fashion girl and I heard this story that with a fashion it started a little bit with a little like Miss Venus Williams when you watched her can you tell us please in this store because I like it for I guess I was four I walked into my parents bedroom and Venus was playing and TV on TV at Wimbledon and I didn’t care about the tennis I just cared about the tennis dress yeah and I wanted one so I decided to play tennis for the outfits okay and we just had a nice quote from you that you said I also play tennis because of the money anything is it really a big dream from the former girl that you say okay then I can buy you know what I ever want or how is it with money in the sports honestly it’s not really about the money with me that was kind of just my sarcasm okay yeah it’s obviously I get to do what I love as my career and that’s an obvious bonus but I do very much enjoy winning and holding trophies and it’s been a dream of mine forever to be number one in the world and in tournaments and Grand Slams so that’s why they tell us what a last word because that’s exactly what we wish for you thanks a lot thank you [Music]

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