Did it go out? I feel like it just went out. there it is (X2) Whats up guys! I’m back out here again with my good friend, Matt pat from game theory. yep! Wet Wild and ready to science! we are down here with an experiment requested by TripleTrouble who wants to know what if you mix thermite with water and try to Light it off. Great question it also is a question that I was looking to answer, how could Mario throw fireballs, Underwater for a scientific thing I’ve been wondering about for a while, so today We’re killing two birds with one stone to make this happen I went on Amazon or some of these colored tennis balls And the idea is we’re going to mix up a fresh batch of thermite use an improvised funnel to fill these balls up light them Off with a sparkler and run a number of tests and hopefully not get arrested on a public beach along the way. Tell us again Matt, What is your interested in actually seeing a thermite ball burn underwater? when it comes to video games, Mario’s fireball ability and how we want to fire balls underwater is probably one of videogames’ weirdest Scientific myths right because fire and water in real life just don’t mix. So is there a way Today that we can prove that you can light a fire under water. And this is really interesting thought because we know that the thermite itself burns around 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit Water seems to extinguish every fire that we put into it, right? So what happens when the two extremes mix and furthermore if you wet thermite in Advance? Can you even get it to let off at all what I’m wondering here? Matt is once we’ve packed the thermite into a tennis ball It’s going to be confined does that mean it’s going to just burn normally or do you think it’s going to explode? I think it’s going to burn normally that’s my prediction, but there’s only one way to find out. I think so. So let’s go mix up a batch of thermite pour these things in and throw in some sparklers getting ready to let up. create some Underwater Fireballs. Mario eat Your heart out. *Epic Chemical Mixing MONTAGE!!!* So just a quick update here guys, We’ve finished mixing up three parts of rust powder with one part of aluminum powder to create our thermite. I’m thinking we’ve got three different experiments here We’ve got the one where we just fill it up with thermite and light it off to see how it reacts when it’s dry The second experiment we’re going to Soak it to see how it reacts when it’s wet yep, and for our grand finale We’re going to fill one of these things up light it on fire And then drop it into a fish tank full of water to see how this stuff reacts completely submerged. Hopefully thus creating our underwater fireball. let’s put it to test and see if we can make it work. I’m a scale of danger from one to ten, what would you put this at? I’m going to put this up there to solid ten. wow! This is dangerous that is that is some quality youtube science thing going on! That’s why we’re doing on a public beach with lifeguard supervision. *Ball cutting for thermite* Hoo, resilient. *pop* Yeah, there we go. That’s a satisfying pop. *showcasing ball* Cool *Cutting cup for funnel* Got it! there’s our improvised funnel for the win. *Stuffing cup top into ball for funnel mechanics* Oh that’s cute that looks pretty cute (his name is steve.) Look at that good job, Matt. You know what it looks like as an improvised Badminton birdie. Woo! Oh, we got a built-in scoop. Woow. Now, we just take it in I’m thinking. yeah. Okay, that’s delicious. Yeah, that’s going to be super safe. There’s quite a bit in there It’s almost almost filled to the top. that is loaded up there. There we go. There’s one ball. Set that down We may as well pack the other ones while we’re here. Matt Pat is a natural thermite grenade maker. Let’s let’s not spread the word about that one too widely Jeff we don’t want to get put on any watch lists. *laughter* *balls with fireworks in the thermite for ignition* All right here. We go guys experiment number one. This is our dry thermite We’re putting this to the test just to see how it reacts in an environment that we understand right? It’s kind of the control of this experiment. So we know that this is going to light up, We just want to see how big is. There it goes, run away. *Running from the dangerous grenade ball of thermite* *waiting* *Thermite ignites, causing it to become a fountain of fire* Little bit of smoke, right? *Tons of black smoke* There we go. I was wondering if it actually pick up. *buries ball with sand for maximum effect of extinguishing effect* Now you’re just going to bury that with sand to get rid of the smoke. come check this out. So just throwing in a little bit of sand there to kind of help cool it down, but if we dig that back out, we’re going to find, A hot pile of Molten iron. Oh and apparently a part of a quesadilla. look at that right there. Incredible this is what’s left of our tennis ball. That’s our tennis ball in that molten iron? That right there has molten iron in itt Wow, it’s covered in slag and the Molten iron is like buried on the inside like a gem. Incredible so let’s talk about what just happened there Matpat. Please do! So at first I didn’t think that Sparkler was going to light it off. It went below the line of the tennis ball, and it seemed to fizzle out yeah, and just when all hope was lost… SPEW!! Right it will erupted back up and just for a brief moment in time would say about one or two seconds it was spraying almost like a fireworks spray a fireworks fountain, Of sparks about five or six thousand degrees Fahrenheit. in your direction in my direction right in my general Direction. Now that was incredible because it looks the tennis ball itself is pretty much disintegrated. if you feel that even five minutes later You can see this is quite warm. wow it is Super hot. It’s got an interesting texture to it. A lot of its burned away. And you could see the tennis ball burning into a billow of black smoke. Yeah, you can even smell it. You can still smell the like burning rubber yeah, yeah. So to put out the fire the only thing we can do really is pour sand on top that extinguish the fire. But you can see when we dug this back up we had a glowing piece of iron. Sitting on top of our pile of sand which even right now is extremely extremely hot yeah. You can you could actually hear the like sand popping off of it. So yeah digging down here a little bit more, I don’t know. What if this is from us, but there’s another piece right there. another piece right there. This sand right here feels incredibly hot. at least some parts. Yeah. I feel like oh roll right down here I felt it right here. It’s like you hit hot pop. Yeah, where there’s little little layers of heat yeah, and you can smell that as I dig into the sand. Whooo yeah you can. So we are love the smell of thermite in the afternoon. We are cleaning the beaches leave the beach How you found it. Only mild people leave it. Don’t leave your thermite behind yeah geez guys come on. This is the remnants of our Mara Fireball in open air. right so I think the next thing is to light it off and submerge it in water And see what kind of a difference that makes. Let’s do that next. See if I was a koopa, I would totally be afraid of that. I’m not a Koopa, I’m a human. I’m totally afraid of that, so. legitimate weapon option good job Mario good job! *thumbs up* *submerges ball trying to get the thermite wet* I say that’s pretty wet. Oh yeah. That’s as wet as it gets. Right just like wet sand. Actually, it’s kind of resilient like it’s not really soaking in a whole lot. Scoop that let it sit in there a little bit longer, okay? So here you go guys experiment number two will wet thermite light off We soak this in an aquarium full of water until it’s about as thoroughly Constituted with water as they can get it almost looks like a red mud at this point So we’re sticking our sparkler set it down the sand light it and run away. Run away as best as we can yes. *Running in the background but camera stays close for a good look* Nothing. It looks like that just went out. Yeah just went out. I didn’t see anything nothing. I mean that’s kind of what I expected. It would have to dry out the water first and the amount of energy it takes to actually Vaporize the water it is a lot more than one of these sparklers can deliver. exactly. so theoretically Like in order to light off wet thermite you’d have to Dry it out with heat which in turn just defeats the purpose Right because that was the beginning of then it’s no longer wet. Yeah, and then it’s no longer Wet thermite which was what we were setting out to prove. that’s right. All right guys This is the big kahuna of the grand finale. We have this tennis ball that we’re going to light it is dry So we know that it’s going to go off right and just does it start sparking. I’m going to drop that down into our Do I really want to drop it or should I suspend it for some kind of string? I think you could suspend it from a string body like you’re literally Holding a bowl of thermite in your hand as it’s about to go off. Although although the purpose of experiments to see if Wets thermite will burn And so once we know that it’s burning if we drop it and it continues to burn it’ll prove that point. I mean, I’ll prove the point but that says nothing about the safety and security of your hand, right. Yeah, well I am willing to put my hands on the line for you today. We’re going to take this ball We’re going to light it off until we see Sparks starting to fly I’m going to drop it in the aquarium, and we will observe whether or not it continues to burn. *Matt Patt really thinks he’s nuts at this point* I mean while you’re testing it in the process if you do it that way you are testing whether or not like a mario type figure could throw a ball like this. and this is Important information to know this is let’s put it to the test these are the most important questions that video gamers since the 80s needed To know whoo, all right get pumped you’re a braver man than I. *Experiment with the ball getting submerged underwater while it’s lit* Moment of truth! *more waiting* *flinches* Is the thermite- Wait for it. It’s getting close. Did it go out? I feel like it just went out. Becarefu- There it is X2! *shocked squel* Oh my god… Whoa! Look at that. Wow wow careful careful where you kneel down careful? Ho ho ho. (Santa?) That was amazing! Oh, my goodness guys. Did you just literally witness what happened there? I stood like I thought it had gone out me too, and then as soon as you like turn It towards you it just lights up. I thought it starts sparking that’s when I know the thermite was going in full force Yeah, dropped it into the water and it did not go out. No it did not go in fact I almost think it like the reaction Accelerated. you can see that burning underwater as dirty as this water is you could see it burning. Yeah Absolutely, and then the tennis ball floated to the top and continued to burn where I quickly try to submerge it with a stick. Right yeah the ball. I think the ball itself was one of the things I wasn’t expecting I thought loaded with that mixture of metallic powders that it would definitely sink to the bottom. yeah, but no it kept it afloat the entire time so you just had this like bubbling burning mass of thermite at the surface of The water. underwater, right I’ve got one more should we light that off just for fun. I think so! Of course! 😀 It’s action time yeah here comes the calm before the storm right there it is OH! There we go, whoo So what we’ve learned for this experiment is that wet thermite itself will not ignite It actually takes a substantial amount of heat to vaporize the water before it will light off, but once it actually is lit *dab* It’s very very difficult to extinguish. it will not go out Even under water, it will continue to burn. so when the fireball travel as far as we see Mario’s throw them under water no probably not but for Short-range combat, Underwater thermite fireball definitely a viable option. but you saw it here on the beaches of California, Underwater thermite fireballs absolutely a Scientific fact and of course a huge shout-out to TripleTrouble for leaving this suggestion in the comments below and go ahead and check Your YouTube inbox because we are sending you 25 bucks! CHACHIIIING! But remember that’s just a theory. a random theory. thanks for watching. There’s the b-roll action for you. Oh look at this! We got our balls back. Whoo! Geez and there’s actually iron inside look at this. Oh wow it’s also worth noting the aquarium is actually cracked is it yeah, oh No way the heat from the burning thermite actually cracked the aquarium.. Hey guys one more thing. Let’s go ahead and show our friend Matt pat some love by clicking this little button down in the right hand corner. that will subscribe you to game theorists where we just posted a new video on Pokemon fire swirled in real life so go check out their video leave a comment that you came from the king of random, I’ll see you there.

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